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“Cash Cats” Are Showing Off Mad Money on Instagram

The new social media photo trend is to pose your cat with stacks upon stacks of currency.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Nov 18th 2015

“Money, money, money / Always sunny / In the rich cat’s world.” Okay, so that’s not entirely how the ABBA song goes, but the message is the same: If you find yourself possessing cash in abundance, you might as well go around flaunting it and showcasing your status to the world. It’s a stance that cats have certainly embraced — at least if the flush felines on the Cash Cats Instagram feed are anything to go by.

In the interests of gauche taste and crass consumerism, here are the best pictures of cats showing off their cash.

Feel rich, look rich

fashion killa #cashcats @reneeferriell

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

When fanning your cash, it’s imperative to sport a gold collar and sunglasses.

Invest overseas

#cashcats @habichtorama

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

This capitalist cow cat is flush with Brazilian currency. Just don’t ask about the source of his stash, okay?

Wild for the night

yung stunna #cashcats @globalevan

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

This young kitten has his stacks of singles all ready for a wild night down at the local after-hours strip club. Don’t judge.

Happiness is …

#cashcats @foudufafa

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

Money can’t buy you love — but even this grumpy tabby knows that you can fashion an exceptionally comforting blanket out of a pile of Canadian bills.

Making cash money

ain't my birthday but i got my name on dat cake ?? #cashcats @ladymir

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

I’d like to think this cocky black cat is homaging Busy Bee’s iconic turn in the old school hip-hop movie Wild Style, but I suspect the truth is that he’s just splashing his cash on the bed to show off. Kittens these days have no sense of history.

The godfather

all i do is ? #cashcats @poody_cat

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

This luxurious long-haired chap is very serious when it comes to his cash. Either that or he’s just seen his monthly grooming bill.

A frugal start

errbody at the bank actin friendly #cashcats @frivalice

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

This impish kitten may not have much in the way of funds, but he’s certainly starting out with the right mentality: Guard your savings at all costs.

The obligatory 30 Rock quote

rich kitteh in the building #cashcats @minneapolisliz

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

“Why are you wearing a tux?”

“It’s after 6 o’clock, Lemon. What am I, a farmer?”

Safety deposit

schemin on the lo #cashcats @globalevan

A photo posted by cashcats (@cashcats) on

Applaud this cat’s wise approach: Sometimes the safest way to guard your stash is to hide in your stash.

Check out the Cash Cats Instagram account for more pictures of felines with access to far too many funds.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.