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Light Up Your Life with Kikkerland’s Black Cat Flashlight

Add a little flair to your nighttime walks with this sleek LED catlight.

Holly Tse  |  Nov 1st 2012

We’re purring with excitement to shine a spotlight on our latest find, a rechargeable cat flashlight from Kikkerland Design. With Kikkerland’s focus on ingenious items that combine form, function, and delight, this LED flashlight will surely brighten your day and night.

You’ll never need to buy batteries for this flashlight, because it contains a permanent rechargeable battery. Simply slide a button to expose the manual hand-crank inside the cat’s body and then give it a few squeezes to light up the room.

When you turn the flashlight on, the cat’s eyes light up to illuminate a path in the dark. Two ultrabright LED bulbs ensure that you’ll see in the dark almost as well as your kitty can.