Behold These Cats Enjoying the Christmas Wrapping Aftermath


Everyone loves getting presents for Christmas, but for our distinguished feline friends, the real joy of the season comes with the unwrapping aftermath. What more could a grateful little cat wish for but a living room floor filled with discarded wrapping paper, colorful ribbons and fanciful pieces of string to gallivant around with?

Consider this your photo-based guide to understanding a cat’s take on the best time of the holiday season.

All of the wrapping papers!

Image via Instagram.

The look on the face of this luxurious long-haired feline lets you know that he has stumbled across a real deal Christmas miracle. Paper-based shenanigans are a must.

Think smart

Image via Instagram.

This savvy kitty has used the unruly mess of a Christmas morning present giving session to find a secret refuge spot. A sneaky undercover nap will most certainly ensue.

Ribbon life

Image via Instagram.

Our tuxedo pal here knows full well that the most coveted prize in any present wrapping situation is the ribbon. Here he’s snagged a festive colored sample that will provide him with many hours of fun and games. Also, he appears to have Christmas-themed clawpaint. I will not be the moral judge of that particular social etiquette dilemma for the ages.

A cruel and unusual punishment

Image via Instagram.

Do not taunt your cats by teasing them with cat-themed wrapping paper. Repeat, do not taunt your cats by teasing them with cat-themed wrapping paper that you know is just going to leave them conflicted. Remember, visions of genocide are not cool.

A last ditch attempt

Image via Instagram.

You’ve got to admire the plucky chops on this ginger tabby, as he attempts a last minute wrapping sabotage attack on a tardy present giver. Alas, it will be all in vain and lessons will not be learned.

It’s crinkle time

Image via Instagram.

As my own cat Mimosa will attest, the best paper for a cat to run up and frolic in is that cheap, basic, almost see-through gift wrap. It’s all about the crinkle sound it makes as you bomb into it — as our determined ginger friend here knows full well.

Cat in a bag!

Image via Instagram.

And now for my next number, I’d like to return to the classics, perhaps the most famous classic in all the world of cats… Yep, this seasonally-colored white fluffball is a master of cat in a bag, that revered cousin to cat in a box.

There’s always one…

Image via Instagram.

It’s not so much the fact that this refined-looking kitty has gotten himself into a packaging mishap — it’s the studious look on his face that says, “I am in full and total control of what just unfurled. Do not doubt me.”

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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