Behind the Scenes of “Cat Diaries”


Hey evrybody, Skeezix heer.

Last yeer I pawticipated in a pawsome project ware 25 cats were selected frum acrost the country to take video footage of what we do all day long. I was one of the 25 cats chosen. We were called “Repurrters,” wich I think is pretty clever.

We got to strap Eyenimal Pet Video Cameras
around our neks and walk around and show what we do all day long. My footage was what yoo wood call “sub-par.” Cuz the week we had to film the Food Lady wuzn’t home, and the camra kept falling off my collar so there were like 65 hours of footage of our seeling. Not exactly gripping fare unless yer an art house cat hoo likes moovies with no action and lots of subtitles.

But, I did git my name in the credits. And my best frend Milo got to star in the movie! His mom is the fabulous and byootiful Kira Kuck hoo I got to meet in New Yawk last yeer. You mite also rekugnize the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.

The movie premiere was held in Hollywood in December, and they just releesed the “Making of…” short wich was abowt five times as long as the original moovie. Yoo need that kind of stuff win yer going to releese a DVD.

Anyway, here’s the “Making of ‘Cat Diaries'” — don’t furget to watch for my name in the credits!

In a reader? Click here to watch this grate video.

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