Bebe, a Kitten With Manx Syndrome, Finds a Home


Catster-Monday-Miracle-badge_37_0Earlier this year, Bebe the kitten found himself in a precarious situation. He was holed up in the Downey Animal Shelter in Los Angeles County with what appeared to be an injured tail. This bundle of fluff and fur also seemed to lack any control over his bowel and bladder movements — a combination that suggested a particularly sad ending.

Fortunately, the kind souls behind the Cats At The Studios rescue intervened and agreed to take him in. Now he’s found his forever home.

When Bebe arrived at the Cats At The Studios complex, the staff members were alarmed at his condition.

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“When he was delivered, we were shocked to see he had no tail and his tush area was so swollen,” reads a Facebook update from Cheri Appel Friedman back in May.

After three vets and a neurologist saw Bebe, it turned out he suffered from Manx Syndrome. In his case, the kitty was missing two of his vertebrae — which contributed to his toilet issues. In simple terms, the lack of nerve endings means he can’t feel when he needs to take a trip to the bathroom.


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“Most kittens like this are put to sleep,” explained Cheri. “I am sure a breeder dumped him so he didn’t have to pay the cost to euthanize, [just] thrown away like trash.”

The idea of Bebe living out a life on an outdoor farm was mooted (presumably to assist with his pooping process). But with his sweet demeanor and playful manner, staff at Cats At The Studios believed he would benefit from some up-close care and an indoor home. While Bebe can be a lot of work, diapers help his condition.


After filming a short flick about Bebe in a bid to help spread awareness of Manx Syndrome, the rescue group was inundated with requests to give the cat a permanent home. The kitten’s case was helped by footage of him bopping and hopping around with a real zest during playtime.


One of Bebe’s applicants was an Arizona woman with experience caring for Manx Syndrome kitties. After a period of intensive screening, it was decided that Bebe would live with her. He’s now there safely — and I’ll assume that regular bathroom breaks were scheduled as Bebe embarked on his trip from California to Arizona.

You can check out footage of Bebe in this video from The Pet Collective below.

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