5 Facts About The Gray Tabby Cat

Have a gray tabby cat in your life or considering adopting one? We look at some of the fun facts associated with gray tabbies.

A gray tabby cat with green eyes close up.
A gray tabby cat with green eyes close up. Photography © MassimoCattaneo | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Of all the cats in the world of felines, the gray tabby cat is arguably one of the best-dressed kitties around. Gray tabbies sport that striking “M” on their foreheads like crowns. Remember — tabby is not a breed of cat, it’s a reference to a most recognizable coat pattern. The striped tabby motif appears on almost every type of cat from the ubiquitous Domestic Shorthair to the rarer Scottish Fold. Let’s learn some fun facts about the gray tabby cat!

A gray tabby cat with attitude close up.
Is he a gray — or grey — tabby cat? Photography © bebuntoon | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

1. Two Spellings and 50-Plus Shades of Gray

Is it gray tabby cat or grey tabby cat? According to Merriam-Webster, both spellings are correct for these two adjectives. Gray is the more popular spelling in the United States while grey is more prevalent in England. One mark of distinction for this fabulous feline is that Valspar has an interior paint color called Tabby Cat Gray! Gray is sometimes also referred to as blue — but let’s not split hairs.

2. Eye Colors

A gray tabby cat might have a variety of eye colors. And tabbies are also known to have brick red or gray pads on their paws. Genetics determine those tabby nose colors … but cat parents should know that cat noses can change color!

3. The Genes Behind a Gray Tabby Cat

Male cats get their coloring from their mother’s genes while female cats get a gene from each of their parents. Unlike orange tabby cats, gray tabbies can be found in both sexes equally. Tabby is considered a dominant trait, so it’s not surprising that the stripy tabby pattern is not only featured across breeds but also many members of community cat colonies boast the striking design.

The tabby stripes are also believed to be the best for camouflage. This strategic coat helped Felis catus survive on their own before becoming indispensable to the humble human. In fact, many of our house cat’s closest wild relatives hew to their tabby patterns. Lynx, the sand cat, Pallas’s cat and the Scottish wild cat are just a few whose appearance looks much like our domestic cat … but they’re best suited to hunt real prey, not catnip toys. And tabby is the coat of the “first” domesticated cats — the African wild cat, the Asiatic wild cat and the European wild cat. So, it only seems fitting that the tabby pattern is linked to the same genetics that give cheetahs their spots!

Timmy the gray tabby cat.
Timmy the gray tabby cat. Photography by Denise LeBeau.

4. A Gray Tabby Cat Makes a Good Housemate

As tabby patterns are prevalent across feline breeds, many community cats (a.k.a. feral cats) boast tabby coats. While there are some true feral felines who prefer to eschew human contact, many youngsters are friendlier to people. Or they simply come around because yummy food and a chin scratch feels pretty good. Partnerships between community cat caregivers and local shelters help save more cats’ lives. Through these partnerships, kittens get adopted into loving homes. Especially tabbies! I got to meet a sweet gray tabby cat named Timmy who represents all that’s wonderful about these partnerships and the stripy, tiny ghost tigers they rescue.

Timmy was accepted into the North Fork Animal Welfare League’s kitten program through a community cat caregiver. Its kitten room has a range of very friendly to extremely shy residents. Packing special salmon treats, I went into the room to see who could be plied with delicious goodies. Some kittens climbed right on my lap. Others would only accept a treat if it was tossed a safe distance away. But then there was Timmy, a gray tabby cat.

On his own, Timothy came up to my hand and sniffed cautiously. Within 30 seconds he was cheek rubbing my fingers with gusto. Then the unabashed kitty was head butting me like we were old friends. The Timster didn’t take any treats but continued to display affectionate behavior toward me, this invading stranger! Of the dozen or so kittens, Timmy was by far the friendliest and the only feline solely interested in human contact, and uninterested in soliciting fishy rewards. He’s not the first gray tabby cat that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with — I’d say they are among the most warm and loving cats around.

5. The Bottom Line on Gray Tabbies

Whether they’re from purebred origins or plucked off the streets, on the hunt for food or on the hunt for new friends, gray tabby cats have personalities that are as distinctive as their coats. They’re beautiful creatures on the outside and unique souls on the inside. It’s hard not to fall for a gray tabby cat. Adopting one, or two, gray tabbies is a surefire way to ensure there is a lot of love in your future.

Tell us: Do you have a gray tabby? What is he or she like?

Featured photograph: MassimoCattaneo | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

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  1. I thought the vets didn’t declawe anymore as it was equivalent to removing half a finger on a human and very painfu.

    1. I don't know if none of them do it here in the US, but when I lived in England, it was illegal there because it's considered animal cruelty.

  2. I adopted my grey tabby male from the pound when he was 3 yrs old. Not immediately super friendly it took him weeks to be comfortable enough with my 7 yr old daughter and myself to not flinch at at the slightest sound such as that from a freezer bag (I use these when cleaning his litter). Told initially he dislikes being picked up but loves tummy rub. Picking him up has his patience level to about 10 seconds now, there is always face/body rubbing on legs endlessly as well as all our furniture which by now must WREAK of his scent, the “holding hands” as I put it as after the rub he will always keep body contact with us or object with his tail as if he doesn’t want to let go yet and after almost 10 months trust has developed to now fully rolling onto his back while getting a pat now exposing all of his vulnerability and allowing the full chin to lower tummy rub!!!! I do wonder what the first 3 yrs of his life were like because he is still very much on edge, sudden movements by us or outside things will put him in defence mode in a split second. My repetitive words “it’s alright, it’s alright” has slowly become language he understands for what it means. Putting our faces close to his or body is still pretty much a no no but we are happy he no longer instantly freaks and disappear when a kiss from one of us lands on his head or back because it was clear this form of attention he was unfamiliar. Poor baby!!

    1. I'm reading your story and I wanted to reach out mainly to help maybe put your mind at ease , I have a beautiful silver tabby boy ,named Charlie. He was a tiny kitten when I bought him last year at 12 weeks old and is a gorgeous big 1 year old now.(he turned 1 in March) He boasts beautiful markings and is very vocal!! He loves his 'tower' which is a tall scratch post with a little den and round sort seat at top which is a little small for him now but he loves squeezing in the small seat thing and curls up asleep, even though he has radiator bed (which he never uses!) And beds and plenty of toys ( his favourites are chasing laser light and run along toys. ) he is very active and has his daily burst of 'madness' chasing up and down like a mentalist for an half hour. He is fed on whiskas gravy Tins and sainsburys nutrional tins also he always has whiskas nugget dry biscuits in a separate bowl. I give him the occasional treats and as a special meal tuna or chicken from time to time . Due to living on the top floor in a block of flats he is an indoor cat although I have tried to walk him on a lead he isn't to keen. My reason to reply to you though is because although Charlie is soooooo affectionate and loving with me , following me around the whole flat , allows me to pick him up and places his paws either side of my shoulders clinging to me like he's hugging me and brushing his nose on mine like a kiss and purrs very loud . When I sit down he climbs all over me marching and purring and lovessssss being smoothed , however when anyone comes round even regularly he runs for his life literally climbs the wall in fear and hides away right inside behind the upper part of my sofa and will jump or run away at the slightest noise, but he has been loved and cared fir his his whole life and loves Me to bits but acts like he has been mistreated round other people (obviously as I said he is spoilt and loved dearly , I think it's just in his nature because it is usually just me and him and its quietish!)

  3. I have a gray tabby name High Ball. Bought him at just 2 months old. He loved and played with everyone very much but I made a big mistake when I had him declawed (front). He seemed afraid of everyone for weeks after that. Now he only goes to me and nobody else. He’s very, very affectionate to me 24/7 but hates anytime there’s another person in sight. It’s sort of funny, but somewhat upsetting in a way.

  4. I have a grey and white tabby cat and he has green eyes. He loves dog treats and is spoiled. We got him from our grandma. We got his sister too. His sister is Little grey and is a darker grey with even darker tabby markings. They love each other.

  5. We just got a little gray cat from our neighbor, she is about 3-5 weeks old. I didn’t get her back story. I don’t know where her birth mother is or why she got separated from her. I didn’t ask questions, just grabbed her and ran. She is such a good cat. I have only had her 2 days but she is already using the litter box and sleeps all night. We are older and don’t have any other cats or dogs so I think she likes it here. I have a neighborhood library, it isn’t a public library and I can’t wait to show her that part of the house. Such a blessing to welcome her to our home. We named her Elizabeth.

    1. I have a gray tabby her name is tiny I got her from my brother friends she was sleeping in my room with me I take her out for walks with a leash now she sleeps in front of my brothers bedroom door and I’m trying to find out why this is happening

  6. Kathleen Wainwright

    Yes, we took on a gray tabby and boy is she spoiled rotten like when dad gets home ???? she’s on the back closed in porch waiting for her brushing! He is not allowed to do anything else till he gets her brushing. Her name is Asia and loved so very much. At first dad wasn’t down with another cat ???? but now I know if she’s missing I better be too that’s how much she has changed his mind. I’m a ???? lover of all kinds.

  7. I have a Grey Tabby named Snow Monkey. He is 10 years old and when he was a kitten he was more like a snow leopard so I called him Snowy but he also likes to sit on my shoulders. That is how he became Snow Monkey. He was a stray in my apartment with his mother Liger whom I lost to feline leukemia. He is my baby boy.

  8. My grey tabby named Silver was a barn kitten I rescued. He is now 7 years old and tailless thanks to a car accident before he was even one year old. His personality though is a little stuck up. He doesn’t like a lot of attention, spooks easy, and is content doing his own thing. Beautiful short haired coat and always points his ears straight up. He has a lot of attitude.

  9. My grey girl is very unique as she was born alone, no other siblings at all, just one kitten. She came between two full litters , one of four one of five so there was no complicating issue which makes her very unique. I have had her since day one she is now 10. Her name is Special K because she truly is special. I have never had a bond with an animal like I do with this one. She has these Jade colored eyes that at certain times look just like those old indiglo watches where the whole face lights up green. Her eyes look just like that. This cat has been the most loyal creature i have ever seen. She plays fetch, she never wakes me up except once when her water dish got knocked over. She will lay next to me with just a paw touching me so she knows if I get up. She will lay down on top of my cellphone or my keys or wallet as if to hide them preventing me from leaving. She has gotten right in between girlfriends of mine and I and she always jumps in my lap when someone comes over. I guess I’m owned, and not the owner. When the day comes that i have to let go of her I am never going to be the same.

    1. Bless you and Special K Mark, enjoy every wonderful day together :) PS I have a soon to be 14 year old wonderful Silver Chinchilla Persian, so I know how those escalating years feel xx

  10. My story started a few years ago when a female feral tabby adopted us. We would feed her and could get within a foot of her but she was untouchable. She had 5 kittens that were also fearful of us. Most left including mom over time but she came back two years later pregnant again. This time she had a mix solid black with white paws, other colors and tabbies. I named the black one Boots,. Neuro had a problem with his neck. He was injured in a cat fight in the middle of the night. He was more tan tabby than anything. There were others in that ‘batch” but only the males were friendly. Something came in the middle of the night and chased them all off and never saw them again. Boots, Neuro and his siblings were here for almost 2 years. They slept in carriers in winter and on a swing in summer. Two of the female tabbies had 3 kittens each, but they died, one set in the trunk of our car! We didn’t know it until the awful smell of death. I still couldn’t get near any of the females except one. She was a smokey gray. Got her fixed and had her in the house. She was loving but 2 weeks later she died. Then along came another batch of kittens from the two females. One crawled under the porch before it’s eyes were opened and couldn’t find it’s way out. We couldn’t do anything about it and mom didn’t do anything either. Sad to hear it cry for mom for 3 days, then nothing. i was so upset. I tried to get help from the different rescue places to no avail. Again, something came one night and next morning not a single kitten to be found. Last year, another litter that I could get near. Fearless (because he wasn’t afraid of anything) had black/dark brown color with circles of gold and a strip of gold down both sides of his spine. Wags was so friendly even my husband fell for her. She wagged her tail like a dog when she was happy. I forget the others. One night, the same thing happened.. Four days later, Fearless and Wags along with a couple others came back. Wags was very distraught, meowing like crazy and clinging to my leg. I thought nothing of it , just thought she was so happy to see me and kept petting her (she was very small) . i never saw her again and I feel like she was really needing help and I was too stupid to know it. I cry every time I think of her and how I could’ve helped. Fearless is still around. Some days he’s friendly, some days he’s not. One female does not come near up (there are 2 at the end of the property that don’t come near us, and one gray that had a litter of 4. She is now at the point to hissing at them when she’s around. Still can’t get near the kittens but trusting me more. Momcat kept the kittens under the porch like her mom but no more lost. Still no help from rescues because they are dealing with hoarders. I’m disabled and can barely walk, can’t get down to their level and can’t sit on the floor of the porch. I stay awake almost all night now because I don’t want to see any more cats hurt. So far, I’ve had a family of raccoons come to eat their food (I now bring it in at night), 3 possums, and a huge feral male who I think is killing or chasing all the cats away. I don’t know what else would do it. Sorry for such length but we’ve gone through so much with cats in at least 5 years.

    1. You might also have coyotes and owls. There are so many predators that cats are not safe outside. I am a major advocate for cats being indoor only. If you have another cat that has kittens, take them to the humane society. You can usually give them up for a small fee. Kittens are easily adopted. If you can’t afford that, try looking for groups that TNR. Many local vets will often have specific days that they do charitable neutering in an effort to combat the homeless pets in the area, and claim it as a tax deduction. I understand being disabled, as I am as well. My heart is failing, so I understand that, I really do. In my younger years, I wish I knew then what I know now, as I could have helped many more live longer lives. My own cats have always been indoor only, but I had a neighbor that got 3 females that weren’t fixed. He didn’t want to pay for it. At some point there were so many homeless cats, despite the abundant predators in our area (I owned horses, so a rather rural area) that I myself and a local kid managed to collect all the cats and kittens still alive. The neighbor no longer wanted them, as their population became burdensome. I contacted my vet and she told me I could bring them in on her charity day to have all 10 fixed. I paid about half less then normal, as I didn’t want to use up all their resources when it could be better served to those who can’t afford it. They were all fixed and I brought them back to the neighbor, because he no longer had to worry about population control. I wish beyond measure I’d have taken them to the aspca or tried to find them homes myself instead, because within 5 months all perished to predators. I felt terrible. As they say, when you know better you do better. The fact that those cats died for me to learn that eats at me, some 10 years later, because I’ve always been against letting cats outside. Barn cats were forbidden at my property for that very reason. Hopefully a neighbor kid can help you catch the homeless cats and kittens if they reappear, or get stuck under the deck, so a future generation won’t meet what has been happening to the others at night.

    2. If you lived in South East London area Celia Hammond would have rescued the ferrel kittens and the parent cats neutered them and rehomed every one that could be settled, if not the organisation provides ferrel cats to farms where they are fed and sheltered and used to keep the mice and rats away

  11. I enjoyed reading this. I had a gray tabby years ago. Now I have 2 gray cats…one that has long fur and the other short fur. They also have Maine Coon in them. What a combination!

  12. Butters a gray tabby with white paws has such a personality! He is very vocal announcing he’s around! He is a very loyal family member. He catches birds alive and brings them to me. I’ve let go of 3 birds outside so far. The last was a magpie what a noisy bird! Anyways he’s a good buddy and a good watch cat. He gets bored sometimes and I thought about getting him a puppy but I don’t know?

  13. My Tinker is a character-and-a-half! He’s so slick and silvery, he reminds me of a fish. When he first wandered on to our deck January 2018, he seemed to me to be a small adult, but he kept growing. And GROWING. His head is immense and he’s pushing past 15 lbs. He’s a bit mischievous with the other 7 cats, except for crippled Keeper kitty — he respects her and never does too much “investigating” around her.

  14. From a screaming, fearful little bundle of fur, trapped in the neighbor’s garage, to my most loving thirteen year old Amadeus, I cannot say enough kind things about him. He adapts to and adopts other arriving strays, ultimately being Big Brother to them, he is one of the best!

  15. I have 3 adorable grey tabbies (Gandalf, Tabitha and Sophie) and they indeed have very different, unique personalities, but all are quite loving and precious!

  16. IKR?
    we just adopted a little grey tabby from my brother Mike.
    My husband and I have fallen in love with her,
    Her name is Mishi, and she is spoiled rotten!
    Omg. I love her like a child. and she is so intelligent, and playful, and she has blown my mind, as far as cat goes!
    Wow! She’s so intuitive. , and she just knows, she is precious !
    Charlotte n.c

  17. We recently adopted a gray tabby kitten, about 6 months old. Jimi is an incredibly energetic cat who loves to play. But, when he tires out a bit, he enjoys curling up on the nearest human and getting scratched, especially his belly. While I have been working from home, Jimi has spent a good bit of time napping on my desk by the window. We took him to our daughter’s house a couple of weeks ago for the weekend. He traveled great in the car and was very sociable while we were there. So far Jimi is just a good all-around cat!

  18. My gray tabby is named Chester and I have had him since he was just a few months old. He is the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever had. He gets excited when I come home and starts meowing for me before I even unlock the front door. He loves laying on me so I can give him head scratches and kneads his claws and has the loudest, best purr. He doesn’t come downstairs because of the dogs, but will meow nonstop until I come back upstairs. He is so attached to me! I love my Chester!!!!!!!

  19. I have a 13 year old gray tabby cat. I have had her since she was five weeks old. Her name is Miss Joy. She is absolutely the sweetest cat you would ever want to meet! When she was young, she would stick her paws underneath the bedroom door to let us know it’s time to get up. Now, she is always on the bathroom counter when I am getting ready for the day or ending my day. She rubs her head up against me, and tries to climb my legs with her paws! She’s much more interested in being loved and being held and then she is in eating food. She loves people so much. I could not imagine life without her. She is actually more like a dog when it comes to affection. And she’s very beautiful. I have never been closer to an animal in my life!

    1. My grey tabby has a orange undercoat and black foot pads. He’s the most relentless animal I’ve ever had. He simply will not give up. Very possessive of me and very jealous. Leo I live him so

  20. I adopted a grey cat which I named Angus McGrey since he looks like the typical Scottish Wild Cat. I have had him since he was a month-old cub and he’s always been pretty active and affectionate, although, he sometimes displays his wild traits when he climbs up my back while I’m eating and then jumps onto the dining table. I tried to discipline him by throwing a bit of water to him but he loves water! Among his siblings he is the biggest, he’s almost three months and weights a bit more than three pounds. When he likes someone, he obeys to the command ‘besito’ (kiss in Spanish).

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  22. We rescued a feral cat in May. Only 5 pounds we had no idea she was pregnant. She had a litter of 5. 3 boys 2 girls. We kept Grey Goose he is a trip. He knocks over cups on a daily and loves to watch me bathe. He even puts his paws in. We kept 2 of the other kittens. The other 2 have very interesting fur markings. Burnt orange, black, cream and the 2 have orange tannish eyes. They are so fun. We kept their mommy. She is moody but was just spayed.

    1. That’s a moving story indeed! It’s quite an advantage when cats aren’t afraid of water, which will save you a lot of time and scratches when bathing them. Good luck with the kittens!

  23. I have a gray male Tabby named Tiger. He is very affectionate and looks just like the one in your picture. He has the sweetest little face and loves to be in the middle of everything. Love him bunches ❣️

  24. Oh do i have a Tabby….he’s absolutely one of a kind. His name is Toby and he is a little over a year now. I adopted Toby and he has been such an amazing and interesting addition to our family. He’s quite the character and he knows what he wants when he wants it and will give me the hardest time until he gets it. Not to mention that he likes to be in the middle of everything…especially when im SWEEPING AND MOPPING….he’ll lay right in the middle of the floor. Dont know what life would be without the little, or should i say big guy…he has an appitite.

    1. Sounds like our male Bubba Cat or Kitty depending what mood he’s in. Also if you try to ignore him he will bite just enough for us to feel it gets harder if you still try to ignore. He wants his bowl full when ever he eats. In cat language he talks back plainly.

    1. I recently adopted a grey tabby cat. He was a stray but was the friendliest kitten in the world. I named him Greyjoy (from game of thrones) and he’s incredibly affectionate, follows me around the apartment, vocal, fiesty, and a pur machine. Also loves to play, be fed snacks (especially fish) and to be petted! He’s a ball of energy and thus a handful but has added a little more sweetness to my life.

  25. My grey tabby was a very young feral kitten probably born in a wooded area near my condo in the Boston suburbs. He was fearful, a biter and covered with dirt and fleas. Well, nine years later he is still our very best friend. Ready to hear the kicker?…..I am severely allergic to cats and have always known so. I just couldn’t turn him away. I have been taking cat allergy shots for years now.

    1. My four year old, silver-gray tabby, Ashes, was an abused FERAL kitten I rescued, fostered and adopted.
      UNFORTUNATELY he still bites sometimes.
      I figured out when he comes in the room and picks a fight, like an abusive husband, his needs are NOT being met. (Water bowl needs fresh water, too many lumps in the cat box, he can’t lay next to me because of papers all over the sofa, etc.)
      But he is also a very loving lap cat. He sleeps between the sheets with me, (which is rare for most cats), he sleeps cradled in my arm like a human baby.
      He just wants to be close all the time.
      He is my joy, my heart, even if he has to “chunk me” to remind me to change his box.
      His great loving qualities, far out weigh his negative ones.
      Note: I am terminally ill and he is my emotional support cat. I question, “Who saved who?” If not for Ashes, I would have given up…

  26. I love a fiesty kid and I love a FIESTY cat. I have 5 cats and have had many in the past. My favorites have been grey tabby. Before I ever began researching the subject I realized that I saw common personalities in cats according to color. My black cats are so loving, my grey tabbys fiesty and fun. My orange tabbys loving but more aloof. A solid white green eyed girl could have cared less if I were even around. Calicos aloof . But this is just my experience I’m sure there are those who disagree. I’ve wondered about pure breeds I’ve always rescued I’ve never had one . I was always a dog person I loved dogs and thought cats were too independent . I was wrong although they are less needy than a dog if you let a cat come to you eventually they are extremely loving and affectionate . I am now bi. Cats and dogs rule

  27. I just got a gray tabby and he is a sweetheart.I found him on the street with his brothers and sisters.The rest of them found homeshome and I kept him his name was lil bit but now tuna he is a playful kitten and loves to eat.

  28. My Gray tabby Precious adopted us she just came out of nowhere in our yard she was very vocal we started feeding her she would leave then come back later in the evening. It got cold one night we let her inside and we have had her ever since she’s really sweet and friendly and she listen and understands when I tell her to stop being naughty lol. I wasn’t really a cat person before her but she has captured my heart love her .

    1. We have a total of 3 cats ,2 all black, Benjamin and AnaBella, one a tiger pattern, our feral found Tiggie, and then we have MiMi. She is the sister of Benjamin and AnaBella, and the most shy but extremely loving. My husband has recently begun cpap treatment, and it slightly interpreted MiMiand his bedtime ritual. Before the Cpap, MiMi declared our bed, her turf, as my husband puts it, andvit most certainly is! But when Cpap began she was leery of all these tubes and mask on daddys face, so leery she decided to investigate. Fast forward to now, we climb in bed and my husband hooks up cpap. Presses start n lays down and here comes mommy MiMi. She begins by swatting gently the hose from machine to mask. Check. Then she sniffs all around daddy’s mask (leak checking), check. Then she gently taps the mask (ensuring a good fit) check. And CV finally after sniffing out the rest of his mask, she curls around into his left elongated arm n shes asleep in just a few, with her back feet nestled in daddy’s hand. I’ve owned quite a few cats in my life and I can honestly say MiMi is the most unique, extremely protective and loving, she is a true gem, with her piercing Copper eyes!!!! God bless all the tabbies, and these lil grey babies are especially special in their own cat way!

  29. my gray tabby is a great and really pretty cat she loves almost everyone in the world!
    She is really old she is now 14 years old. even though she can be hard to take care of i love her.

  30. My gray tabby is a sweet boy. He was tiny when we found him and 7 yrs later he is now a big old 17 pounds of love

    He loves to be cuddly on his terms. If I try to love on him he usually isn’t for it but he loves cuddling up on my lap or by me in bed. Loves being pet and always purring!

    Only rough thing is he has a touch of anxiety and started to peevon things when I was gone for too long. Now he’s on medication and doing a lot better though! I just feel terrible having to force a pill down his throat every night. But luckily he never holds a grudge ♥️

  31. We rescued a gray tabby kitten who was caked in mud and really really small. It was determined she was 5 weeks old and had barely opened her eyes. We cleaned her up fed her formula and food and she has grown i to a loving and faithful friend to our family. We love her so much.

  32. My gray tabby is the sweetest kitty. Her name is Kiki and she’s about 7 years old. She hates to be held but loves to be petted lol She a total purring machine and in the two years I’ve owned her, she has never once growled or hissed! She’s been a good companion kitty to me. I love her…and it’s evident that the kitty loves me in return.

  33. My Brother bought home a gray tabbie as a kitten and it instantly took to my 8 year old daughter and she is 9 now ky can call bumper and she will come to her immediately and ky will give her commands to lay down, give mommy kisses bumper listen’s bumper will sleep on ky at night and protect her I tried to cover my daughter I have to give bumper a snack on the floor to cover my daughter and Pat the covers and tell bumper up she is a amazing cat.

  34. My Brother bought home a gray tabbie as a kitten and it instantly took to my 8 year old daughter and she is 9 now ky can call bumper and she will come to her immediately and ky will give her commands to lay down, give mommy kisses bumper listen’s bumper will sleep on ky at night and protect her I tried to cover my daughter I have to give bumper a snack on the floor to cover my daughter and Pat the covers and tell bumper up she is a amazing cat.

  35. My grey tabby is a monster. He does not like to be petted and will bite if you are near him. He will attack any visitors that come into our house.

    1. If you rescued him/her they might have been in an unforgettable encounter with humans, and/or might have an imbalance of hormones causing him/her to act out. maybe observe and acct on that. maybe you’ll find a way to be able to love on them and they wont be aggressive towards guests.

  36. I have a grey tabby Mia and she is so wonderful. She is very playful and always by our side. I am surprised at how well she listens and is very well behaved. She is more than I ever expected. So grateful to have her.

  37. My gray tabby Princess certainly doesn’t have any of the personality traits as mentioned in the article she is complete opposite of it to be honest with her humans and cat family alike.

  38. My first grey tabby adopted me when we were doing pet therapy together. He followed me everywhere but it was two and a half years before he sat on my lap. He was my best friend for 15 years. My second grey tabby was a Siamese cross and very vocal and bossy. Our current boy is extremely frightened of everything that moves. He hides all day then comes out late at night for head rubs and treats. We’ve had him for 6 weeks and he’s only been coming out for 10 days.

    What is it about grey tabbies? They are just so beautiful!

  39. My little gray tabbie Link is the sweetest snuggler I have ever had. He was dumped at the cat rescue because he was “too Loving”! I truly didn’t know there was such a thing! I think maybe they were idiots, LOL

  40. My grey tabby Sammie is a rescue and he is the sweetest, most loving cat I’ve ever had. He’s a big snuggler and lap cat and very smart. He’s wonderful.

    1. I agree . I was lucky to end up with one of those loving gray tabbies. He loves to be held and be on my lap. He is also a snugglet. He is friendly to others but I am his number one. He is a love-bug!

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  42. We have 2 gray tabbies, brothers, who we believe may have been born under our deck, or in our neighbors’ yard. Our neighbors, who had 3 cats, were able to capture 3 of the 5 kittens and so we took 2. Ziggy was our late dog’s best buddy, and now is my lap guy, and Marbles favors my husband’s lap. They are both indoor cats only since we took them in, and are @ 12 now, still giving us attention and socialization.

  43. My gray Tabby boy cat Loki is the definition of a “scaredy cat.” He is a rescue from a family who dropped him off at the shelter saying, “doesn’t get along with kids.” In my mind, that translates to these 3, 5, and 10 year old kids tortured him. I’ve had him a year and a half now and he is just starting to get over his skittishness.

  44. I have 3 best tabbies, 2 females and 1 male. Only one is really immediately friendly. The other two take time to warm up but are very loving after they get used to you.

  45. AS to your article on allergies, if you are allergic to your cat, bath it every few weeks until your allergy stops. I only had to bath mine once or twice.

    1. Mimi Kitty was the best kitty. She loved everyone. You pet her once and she was your friend for life. She loved baskets and boxes and woke me up at times by crawling under the covers and giving love nips. She thought we put up the Christmas tree just for her enjoyment and liked eating flowers…so no flowers in the home. She even was tolerant of other resident cats and a parade of fosters.. I sure miss her.

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