7 Cats Who Are Totally Prepared for Record Store Day


Record Store Day is Saturday (April 22), and participating shops are planning special sales and in-store concerts, promising lots of fun for customers. This is the day when collectors open their wallets for vintage and rare vinyl, and lovers of all music genres thumb through stacks of records to find those special pressings they’ve wanted for ages.

Why wouldn’t cats enjoy Record Store Day? Of course they would. Here are seven such cats who are ready to drop the needle on some fresh tunes.

1. Newbie

"This is the sweetest setup in town."
“This is the sweetest setup in town.” Photo via Flickr

The newbie has some records (mostly passed down from his older brother), and he’s ready to add to his burgeoning collection. He can’t wait until the Sunday after Record Store Day, when he will invite his friends over to indulge in some nip and listen to his latest acquisitions on his sweet, homemade sound system. He swears by the turntable-underneath-the-plastic-chair setup because the “the acoustics are totally dope.”

2. Vintage collector

"I can't believe how much I spent on this. So worth it."
“I can’t believe how much I spent on this. So worth it.” Photo via Flickr

Nothing thrills the vintage collector quite like Record Store Day. He saves his spare change in a jar all year and then blows it all on rare, discounted vinyl. He loves Gladys Knight and the Pips, as well as some Doris Day, but he has recently begun expanding his collection of Disney 45s. He’s especially atingle when he finds something from a soundtrack that features Disney princesses. He particularly identifies with Sleeping Beauty.

3. Skate punk

"Ahhh -- the soothing sound of Rancid."
“Ahhh — the soothing sound of Rancid.” Photo via Flickr

Skate punk likes to sit back and fill his ears with the likes of Black Flag and Minor Threat after shredding all afternoon on his board. On this year’s Record Store Day, he hopes to find an Offspring album to add to his collection. He’d have bought it sooner, but his brother had just been neutered and he didn’t want to trigger him.

4. DJ

"They're gonna love these jams on the dance floor."
“They’re gonna love these jams on the dance floor.” Photo via Flickr

DJ has a reminder for Record Store Day set to go off weeks in advance of the sacred date. He can’t wait to run his paws through the stacks of vinyl, looking for the perfect selections to add to his potential EDM mixes. He wishes the day would happen twice a year, though, because his albums get quite the workout and must be replaced often. This wear and tear has become less frequent since he began wearing nail caps to gigs.

5. Jazz connoisseur

"I'm hungry for more Jelly Roll."
“I’m hungry for more Jelly Roll.” Photo via Flickr

There are certain cool cats who can’t get enough jazz. The connoisseur lives for the musty smell of vintage jazz albums, and he likes to show off his knowledge of the greats from the early 1900s. This year he’s looking to round out his collection of Jelly Roll Morton albums. Sure, he likes ragtime, but he’s also a fan of jelly.

6. Sad ex-boyfriend

"There will never be enough Record Store Days to soothe my pain."
“There will never be enough Record Store Days to soothe my pain.” Photo via DeviantArt

Sad ex-boyfriend will spend this year fully replacing his boxes of records that his girlfriend took after the breakup. She refuses to return his precious vinyl and — right in front of him — scratched his 45 of David Bowie’s “Cat People,” then tossed it in his general direction. He tried to play it after the traumatic episode, but it sounded like a cat in heat, and that was bothersome to him on so many levels.

7. Early bird

"Just try and move me."
“Just try and move me.” Photo via Flickr

Some cats are record collectors, and some are record collectors. Much like the voracious shoppers who line up hours — or even days — before Black Friday hits, the early bird often camps out inside the record store, anxiously awaiting the exciting day. He mostly sleeps the time away but does his best to snooze with one eye open. Last year, he was sleeping so soundly that he napped all the way through Record Store Day. To avoid making that mistake again, he’s carefully placed all his desired selections into one crate and then plans to sleep on top of that crate. He doesn’t care if the shopkeeper might catch him and toss him out on his tail — he says it’s totally worth it.

What kind of records would your cat shop for on Record Store Day? Tell us in the comments!

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