5-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect


At five months in, your kitten is confident and displays her agility with grace and form as she scales curtains and hops atop high shelves with ease. At this stage, even if she’s already been spayed, your cat may display a high level of activity – vocalizing and running around late at night and the wee hours of the morn. Engage your kitten in playtimes spread throughout the day to tire her out if you plan on catching a full eight hours of sleep!

Here’s what you should be thinking about with a 5-month-old kitten:

┬╗ Teach Your Kitten to Love the Carrier in Six Steps
Your kitten’s carrier is an essential part of her life. Whether you’re taking her for a vet visit, traveling to visit your family or friends, or evacuating in an emergency, your kitten needs to learn to accept this form of transport. With the right carrier and a few simple steps, your kitten can learn to love her carrier. See our six-step program┬á┬╗

┬╗ Litter Box 101: How to Make Sure Your Kitten Uses His Toilet Properly
More people surrender their cats to animal shelters because of litter box issues than just about any other reason. The sad truth is that the vast majority of these people would not have felt they needed to give up their kitties if they had simply followed a few basic guidelines. Find out what they are over here »

┬╗ A Guide to Your Kitten’s Senses: Hearing
Did you know that the only creatures that can hear better than cats are bats and moths? They can differentiate between the sound of your car’s engine and any others, detect your unique footsteps, and even have distinct preferences for music. How does an animal that is born deaf become such a stand-out in the auditory world? Read on to learn more┬á┬╗

┬╗ Four Tips for Handling the “Kitten Crazies”
Your kitten is almost six months old now, and you’ve probably noticed that she’s gotten quite a bit more confident. She scales curtains with the agility of a professional rock climber, but she still cries for your help to get down again. What can you do to help her direct her energy away from destructive and distracting daredevil antics? Here are some things to try┬á┬╗

what to expect in the 6th month ┬╗

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