A white cat waits by a food bowl.
A white cat waits by a food bowl.

We’re Feeding Cats Wrong — Ditch the Cat Food Bowls and Change the Schedules

Feeding cats twice a day from cat food bowls alongside other pets may cause behavioral issues. Here’s a few suggestions for feeding cats differently.

Surprisingly, how you feed your cat may be just as important as what you feed him in terms of his overall health and behavior. And, a revolution is underway led by leading veterinarians to feeding your cat’s innate needs by losing the cat food bowls and forgoing a twice-a-day meal serving schedule. Below, we review just some of the mistakes we make when feeding cats — and how to feed cats, the right way! 

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feeding cats
Newsflash: Feeding your cat from a traditional cat food bowl could be giving him behavior issues. Photography by yevgeniy11;dmitrij skorobogatov/Shutterstock.

1. Don’t Feed Your Cat Alongside Other Cats and Dogs

You may unintentionally be depriving your cat of being his true self by plopping down a bowl filled with kibble in the morning and at night. Lining up a row of bowls for your three or more cats may be causing more harm than realized. Same goes for feeding your cat with your dogs.

“Although your cat may coexist beautifully in your home with your other cats and your dogs, eating for a cat is a vulnerable time,” said Elizabeth Bales, VMD, a veterinarian at the Red Lion Veterinary Hospital in New Castle, Delaware. “Keep in mind that cats are solitary hunters and predators. They want to hunt and eat alone. They are also prey and do their best to hide any signs of stress or weakness.”

Veterinarians are seeing the impact environmental stress plays on a cat’s health. A stressed cat is at risk for obesity, “scarf and barf” incidents, skin diseases and urinary tract infections.

2. Change How Much You Feed Your Cat — and When

“Cats need small, frequent portion-controlled meals each day, and they need to interact with their ‘prey,’” she said. “It is normal cat behavior to take one to three bites equaling about 30 calories and walking away. It is a misconception that this is being finicky. When we fill a bowl of highly palatable food, some cats can overindulge. That leads to what we refer to as ‘scarf and barf.’ That’s because the stomach is only the size of a Ping-Pong ball and can only hold so much food at one time.”

3. Feeding Cats From Cat Food Bowls Can Actually Cause Behavioral Issues

Dr. Bales would come out of feline lectures at veterinary conferences armed with information on the link between feeding and behavior/medical issues. Like her peers, she felt frustrated as to how to use that knowledge to better the lives of indoor cats.

“The No. 1 cause of death in cats is euthanasia, and the No. 1 cause of euthanasia is cats being surrendered to shelters, predominately because of behavior problems,” she said. “We now know about the need for environmental enrichment, and giving cats back their natural feeding behaviors in the home is a great start.”

Dr. Bales is a key player in the growing “catvocate” movement committed to providing safe, healthy and engaging lives for indoor cats. She is educating pet parents, shelter groups and pet professionals about supporting a cat’s “seeking circuit” mentality to hunt for food, play with the food, “kill” it and then eat it. During this circuit, the brain releases dopamine, which heightens a cat’s arousal and triggers a feeling of happy anticipation rewarded by finding and eating the found food.

She points to a recent Norwegian study published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery that concluded that cats want to be in charge of their feeding schedule.

“Cats spend 60 to 80 percent of their waking hours looking for prey,” she said. “We are depriving our indoor cats of their innate need to hunt and catch their prey by feeding them in bowls.”

4. Feeding Cats Without Cat Food Bowls Taps Into Their Instincts

This concern has led her to create the NoBowl Feeding System, oval-shaped plastic molds designed to mimic the body of prey. It allows you to pour measured kibble into two openings. These molds are fitted in outer cloth wraps to stimulate the tactile feel of prey for a cat to grab, claw and use his teeth on.

“This is not my science. This is my solution,” said Dr. Bales, who relied on a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to create and launch her product late last year.

Start by placing these kibble-filled faux mice on a floor in a closed room. Once your cat discovers how to swat or bite to get the kibble, gradually increase the challenge by hiding these easy-to-clean NoBowls for him to find. Dr. Bales’ cat, Carlos, can now find the faux mouse inside a hidden shoebox with a lid. 

This piece was originally published in 2017.

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430 thoughts on “We’re Feeding Cats Wrong — Ditch the Cat Food Bowls and Change the Schedules”

  1. Sarah Fitzpatrick

    My cats were on kibble and wet canned food until I discovered that one of them was diabetic. We went cold turkey off the kibble and now they only get a low carb pate. I was able to completely reverse my cat’s diabetes in a matter of a couple weeks and no, neither of them are close to overweight.

  2. Sounds like my two, they choose when and where they want to eat and what, they have a choice of four different wet foods and three dry. Spoilt yes but so what and I do throw away quite a bit of wet food – I don’t leave it out.

  3. My two Devon Rex kittens struggle to keep weight on, they have a sort of structure in that they get me up at 5 am and may or may not then eat a teaspoon of kibble and half a pouch of wet. When I get home in the afternoon I they come to me when they are hungry and I give them as much as they want- usually 3 or 4 small meals across the evening last meal about 9.30 unless on a Saturday when I am up later. They will be 1 year old next week and weigh about 3.4lbs, the boy is smaller than his sister and weighs less.

  4. Cats need wet food every day. It should be their primary food.
    A cat’s kidneys need the moisture. Their bladders need it too.
    The amount of water they drink isn’t enough.
    Preventing kidney disease in cats is much better than the heartbreak you go through when you have to stick them with a needle every day to administer subcutaneous fluids, because their kidneys are failing.
    Please give your cats wet food.

  5. You you cannot “Feed cats wrong” because “wrong” is adjective it should be “wrongly”

  6. I am caring for six cats that I feed separately. Lumps of wet food on flat dishes. It’s funny watching them eat from each other’s dish. They go back and forth forth for an hour or two until the food is gone. Same with dry food, Several bowls in different locations. I knew they preferred to nibble, but I didn’t know how small their stomachs were. Interesting.

  7. Garry Montgomery

    Where is common sense in this debate? Cats and dogs don’t eat corn, peas, potatoes or grains. They eat meat and organs and need water.
    Chopped liver (raw or lightly cooked) with some of the blood is an ideal food for them. And sure, you have to prepare it for them. But aren’t they your family? Would you let your human children survive on bread, candy and coca cola? Oops! Of course, some of you do!

    1. My 5 month old is a little neuro challenged..she eats cantaloupe and mashed, baked carrots. One likes Post Grapenuts! Two like lean, baked, pork roast and baked chicken! My little challenged one absolutely will not eat kibbles..wonder about health issues.

      1. Be careful and make sure it’s in moderation, a lot of fruit and carrots even sweet potatoes have a lot of natural sugars and its not good for them. Their bodies don’t process sugar the way ours do.

    2. I hope that’s not all you are feeding. Chicken liver has alot of fat and are filtering organs in animals and humans.
      Therefore a constant diet is not very good for your dog or cat, or even you. Obesity also results from just feeding this. Not sure where you got this advise, but ask a professional.

    3. Jona Denz-Hamilton

      Cats do not subsist on meat alone. Veggies and greens are a natural part of their diet. My cats are old and have developed kidney issues so increased veggies is important as they enter their 20s.

      1. Felines of all kind do not need veggies. I have fed my cats a diet of 90% muscle meat with fat and bone and 10% organ meat on a daily basis and had them live into there twenties. I learned about raw meat diet from a cat breeder who also showed her cats. Her oldest cat ate this way and lived to be 27 years old at the time I knew her.

  8. “Feeding Cats From Cat Food Bowls Can Actually Cause Behavioral Issues.” This is utter nonsense! What else are they going to eat from. Are you going to make your cat(s) eat off the floor? I don’t THINK so! A domesticated cat’s hunting drive is satisfied through play, not from feeding method.

    “Don’t Feed Your Cat Alongside Other Cats and Dogs.” Also nonsense. I’ve often seen cats eating alongside each other. Dogs? I don’t know. This is the way to feed your cat(s): Wet or grain-free or raw food — NO dry food, except as a training treat — every four to five hours, and NO free feeding (leaving food out at all times for them to nibble on whenever they want.) And always make sure your cat(s) have plenty of water to drink at all times.

    1. Well number 1 my cat for 13 years has always had a constant supply of fresh food and she picks when she needs it. She eats both wet and dry, prawns for a treat once or twice a week. She also eats out of her bowls and always has done. My cat is my baby and will be treated like any of my family. Number 2 whoever this is, is an absolute idiot and I wouldn’t put my cat in her care for 5 minutes

    2. Thank you!
      I came so close to losing this little challenged one.I have a friend that did not graduate from vet school as she knew she would never be able to euthanize an animal…she graciously helped me trough the net and her friend helped me with behavior..blood, sweat and tears later and on her way to good health, I started them on St. George Nano Silver.
      You should see her now!
      It is good for us too..on it you don’t get sick..10 years and counting since given a death sentence.

    3. Domestic&Feral cats are very social animals contrary to belief. Right up there with lions, the only reason they don’t hunt together is because their prey isn’t large enough to require it. If a feral cat kills more then it can eat it’ll bring the leftovers back to the colony to share, so I agree that feeding side by side probably isn’t an issue at all unless the cats don’t get along. A lot of cats are social eaters and won’t eat without company, one of mine included.

    4. Maybe that’s the way YOU feed your cat. Mine gets dry food everyday, plenty of water and wet food once a week and on special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc.). He is a happy healthy kitten. I leave the dry food out for him and refill his dish when it gets low.
      The important thing is to make sure your cat is getting the proper nutrition out of his food. Check with your veterinarian to see what your cats needs are. Then shop for the food that will fulfill those needs. Remember, your cat may get bored with eating the same food after a while, so be sure to mix it up once in a while. When changing from one dry food to another, mix the new food with the old one, slowly increasing the new one until your cat is getting only the new one.

  9. Interesting reading all of the differing views on diets, dry food absolutely nots etc.
    My 13 year old house cat, always been healthy active, had been fed both wet and dry food her whole life.
    Suddenly a little over a year ago she got severely constipated a couple of times. After that it was never normal again.
    The vet suggested using Miralax, or metamucil. Meralax is literally what is in antifreeze, and she would not touch food with any fiber adding.
    She will eat no human food what so ever. Not chicken, not fish, nothing. It comes out of a can or a bag or she doesn’t eat it. No pumpkin, tried all of it.
    After the better part of a year and reading, I bought Iams fiber dry food and hair ball food and would give her a little bit of those a few times a day. That is the only thing that has worked. She was avoiding the litter box because it was so painful. She would go in and out and cry.
    I will advocate dry food if it works for your cat. My cat was sick without it. She won’t over eat. Never has.

  10. I have read a lot about this method of feeding and would be all for it except for the fact my cat is a bit overweight (and obviously unexcersized – we live in an apt), so is currently on a wet food (grain free) only diet. It’s almost a vicious circle – if she can lose enough weight to get her on this diet, then on this diet she will lose weight kinda thing). Any suggestions on using the hunt concept with wet food, or with to help transitioning from one to the other? Thank you !!!

    1. Dawn R Stitzer

      This bunch of crap I raised and showed cats and kittens and had dogs theybdo not like eating alone. And its the food . Some food has ash wood chips and corn that baf for pets. Use earth born of authority with prohbtic twice day. I even give a,little nost for snacj

    2. An all canned wet food diet will indeed make your cat a fatty. That’s insane to give just wet food. Recipe for disaster IMO. Tooth decay and a walking watermelon and aoon unable to walk like that internet famous cat who needed water aerobics to lose weight.
      Also fixed cats (which should be every cat) gain weight after surgery until there “hormones” Regulate then slim back down. Feed the right food and theyll be fine. And by right food im not talking crappy meow mix or kit n kaboodles. They need real protein based food. Not the corn meal junk they sell tons of. Better food is a bit more pricey but i wouldn’t feed my kids over processed fake food so i sire wont my cat either. Also fresh water daily! Not water that sits in an auto feeder. That gets slimy after while. Fresh water is always better.

      1. Isn’t it all about portions though? Giving a cat an all wet food diet but the right amount per day (counting calories) would give the same result as the same calrie intake from dry.

  11. Janine Boguslawski

    Yes id be afraid with things as they are these days. One of my cats lived to be 27! My others down the line close to 20. Id give them treats veggies whatever made them happy. But. the most importa thing to give them is love.

    1. My cat eats in a rather boring method, apparently. Who knew. He has a huge bowl of food plus fresh ice water in a crockery bowl daily. He never runs out and eats as he wants. He may also nibble from the dogs bowls as he wishes. He is also given copius amounts of love, toys everywhere and a covered catio. Meh. He’s happy and spoiled.

        1. Annamarieortega

          I give my cat Ice Cube every time I change her water she licked the Ice Cube’s it’s so cute she loves them and now you’re telling me that Ice Cube’s ice water is not good for her I’ve had her since she was five weeks old and now she’s five years she’s never been sick she was fixed at three months old and she’s never been outside had worms and got rid of them I love my cat her name is Lola

        2. If you’re going to make a statement like this, cite sources that support what you are saying. Did a veterinarian tell you this? Did you read it on a credible website? If you “heard it somewhere,” that’s not good enough. There are a lot of stupid people talking nonsense in the world.

        3. Not true! Ice water is fine! Vet said so! Have been doing so for my cats all their lives w/ no problem whatsoever!

    2. We humans have a propensity to over complicate issues and over engineer solutions. Cats have an extraordinary ability to adapt to different environments and living conditions. The success of feral cat populations is testimony to that fact. They will hunt, scavenge, or beg for food and thrive regardless of how they obtained their nourishment. The vast majority of cats can enjoy long and happy lives if they are provided adequate food and good human interaction. The two most important factors in nourishment are that it comes from a reliable source and that your cat will eat it. Beyond that, it’s a matter of understanding your cats individual eating habits and preferences. There is no one size fits all solution no matter how good they may look on paper. And so long as they get a reasonable amount of exercise through fun, interesting playtime with their owners, they will be fine not having to “hunt” for their food.

      1. I agree. I have 4 indoor cats. Wet food morning and night dry all day. They tell me when and where they want it. Time and places change with each meal.

    3. Absolutely!! I don’t buy into all these “intricate gadgets”. Cats have been around for centuries,perfectly happy and satisfied eating out of food bowls..

      1. I have 7 indoor rescued cats. 4 female 3 males. I never had this situation before and honestly this is a lot to handle. I feed on a large tray on which I put the dry food a Purina Beyond product on it all the way around and inside I put another dry food Meow Mix that they like. This way they have fun and variety. I pick it up in the evenings and we fast until morning. I watch them all to keep track. We don’t have ongoing vet bills. Oldest is 13. I’m still here at 81.

          1. In my experience cats pick the food up with their mouths and drop it in on the floor to eat so for those cats who do this there’s not much point in a raised bowl! I can see why it would benefit an old cat though. I have decided to try raw feeding.

        1. Do you have any suggestions for helping me transition my 2 indoor/outdoor cats to being indoors all the time? We are moving to a diff house & they will not be familiar with anything………I don’t want them to get lost outside. They will have a screened in porch……….but it will still be a total change…….IF I can make myself stick to it………any suggestions would be appreciated……….

          1. By all means, be sure you keep them locked in the house for at least three to five days with the potty box toys food water etc that way they will get familiar with the new house. If you don’t keep them locked up long enough, they’ll try to go back to the old place.

          2. I have moved my indoor/outdoor cat a bunch and she loves being outside a bit and always manages to slowly get accustomed to the new places. But of course I don’t know if all cats can do this but she always comes home. :)

    4. cats are obligate carnivors. That means they eat meat and only tiny amounts of anything else – just like a lion or a tiger. feeding them non-meat foods with any regularity or in large quantities is ungodly bad for them.

    5. I agree I feed him about 8 times a day with a full toublespoon of wet food. He’s gas a good dried food available all the time. He is fit and happy at 6 years old. Seems to love to play at 2 or 3 in the morning. When he hears the birds at 4 AM. Bangs my head for food. He is a very happy cat.

      1. I do the same! Dry food and their water fountain with only Spring Water out 24/7 and wet food every 6-8 hours, whenever my mommy female comes over to me, sits down and stares..Then I know it’s food time! Over abundance of toys, treats and more love and attention than anything..

    6. I would like to know more details about how you feed your cats bcs I want mine to live long long life…My Father used to feed his cats with fresh lake fish and raw chicken liver and they lived over 20, but my does not like any “human” food…only ready cats stuff.

    7. Antoinette St John

      My kitten is 8 weeks old had her since 3 weeks the mother left her kittens under my porch and went out came back but then disappeared. I gathered the six and bottle fed them until I could find neighbors to help. All of them have homes indoor. I kept Bella oh how she lives me we are inseparable her choice. I only give her 2 tablespoons of wet food with dry. When I eat she rather eat eggs and oatmeal farina yogurt at night when I take my pills only teaspoon. I’m I doing this right never raised a kitten. I never had a kitten. Teaching her tricks and she loves her toys.
      Suggestion please is the crystal litter better than clay? Please any advice. I do have 2 tiny dogs one plays with her the other pounces at her my protector. Should I worry she doesn’t hurt Bella. Suggestions??? I am homebound since April 1 for Covid. She does like walking on leash. Thank you

  12. For a minute it was going to say to just take a hand full of dry food and throw it in the floor….cat will have to “hunt” each piece….lol… I just put a bowl of food on the dryer and whoever wants to eat can go in and eat…i also have two in the kitchen…. Only behavior 8ssues is with the 8week old kittens and the momma cat..because she isn’t fixed…and in heat again..!

    1. I have an issue somewhat similar. I have 8 cats..7 rescues that I ended up keeping in the family. So one of them is a stray unfixed female. She’s so weird. Its like she never was shown love or how to play. I know shes not very old from experience but she’s trying. So I have 2 other females and they attack her.,scare her so bad I had to make her a place in my b.r . Today I let them all in because they seem to feel like my bedroom is paradise and she stood so still. :( . I’m hoping vets open up soon..very soon…because sleeping with a headset in when shes in heat .. Not cool.

      1. Geneva Shipman

        #1 get her spayed
        #2 my cat has No claws, I adopted him. He’s a big boy and has been terrified of my daughter’s 3 Females( everyone is fixed). A couple months ago, I decided it was time to leave my door open. Took a minute, but everyone is coming around. I have things where he can get up high and away plus he knows he’s totally safe with me. He actually got brave enough to chase one out of the room the other day. Of course, she chased him right back in here. It’s good to see how he is progressing. We live in my room as I am very I’ll.
        He seems much happier. He used to worry that they would get in here, now he goes out in the hall and Meows hen I open the door, as if to say” I’m up” lol

        1. I have 8 cats of different ages. 3 are over 3 years. Two of little over 2 and other 3 are just one year old. Recently one of them have given birth to 3 kitten. Looking at that all of the small ones had some changes in behaviour and suddenly in the next morning I found one of the little ones is found missing. She was very playful and always remained alongside me. Normally she doesn’t go out. Even after 4th day she has not returned and I am afraid whether she will be coming back or not.

      2. Not sure when you got the stray but I have had a similar issue. All rescue kitties with one living outside for 6 months. It has taken her two and a half years to adjust. Other girls pick on her while my sole male cat has friended her. Give it time!

        1. Cheryl Follansbee

          I use to have 9 cats, 7 were feral. I found them when they were infants. The ‘mom’ knew I took them & cried for them right outside my door for 2 or 3 days. They were the sweetest & very tame. I hope your little girl is soon accepted into the cat colony. It’s so nice that your boy cat has befriended her! It’s a win win! ????

      3. They should still be doing spays at your vet’s. Ours is drop off only, but they are at least still doing them. You should check with your vet or a clinic.

    2. Why do you not have her spayed? ????‍♀️ Surely, you don’t want that many kittens, and it’s hard on her. Not criticizing you. At all. Just a thought…

  13. There are no minerals in Distilled water & animals & humans need minerals. Minerals are very important!
    I have filter water in my house or use Spring Water but Not Distilled

  14. Nancy J. Smith

    I feed my three cats wet food, and I feed them on plates, not bowls. I also try to feed them apart from each other so they can eat alone. I do however put their dry food in wide open bowls, and they eat this Hills Prescription dry food after they eat their wet food. I feed them wet food twice a day, and at night they get dry food. They also get a lot of water. I keep two medium sized metal bowls of water out for the cats to make sure they get plenty of water. I change their water every day, and they drink distilled water, not tap. So they are getting plenty of good water.

    1. Spring water has minerals and my family and cats grew up on it! Spring water is available everywhere. The thin clear containers donot leave any plastic taste either…????????❤????????

      1. Plastic gives off a substance a lot of cats are allergic to and can cause cat acne,I recommend glas bowls and just change the water soon as its dirty..

        1. My cat had pimples all over chin until I finally realized it was the plastic bowl she was eating from causing the acne. When I switched to a ceramic bowl, her pimples all cleared up!

          1. I feed my cats dry food in a huge fruit bowl. It’s usually lasts a week….but if it doesnt they let me know! They nibble whenever they wish. I keep it on top of the spare freezer out of the dogs reach. They are happy.

        2. I would suggest to change water everyday. Why do you wait for it to get dirty? And how does that happen?

    2. I only have one very INTELLIGENT kitty. I feed him when he comes and asks. He doesn’t always ask at the same time and sometimes he may ask Only once but mostly twice. He comes to my husband or I and asks when he is ready to eat. He gets mostly hard food but as a treat a soft food or broth a few times a week we may throw in.
      He has two water bowls that continuously flow with water and will not drink from anything but!!! He will dump a bowl over if we try to give him water in it while washing his machines.
      He eats from a small square plate and refuses a bowl. He doesn’t like the depth issue I guess. He refuses a bowl.
      He is a good boy and when I do pour food in the plate if it happens to fall out or pop out we sing “CLEAN UP CLEAN UP EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE, CLEAN UP CLEAN UP GRAB A PARTNER DO YOUR SHARE!” And as I do the singing and picking up the food that may have flown away from his plate he cleans the food up off of the floor before continuing to the plate to eat the food there. He does make sure the spill is cleared before continuing. He normally comes to either of us morning or latest lunch depending on what time he last ate the day before. He never over eats. When he gets his broth or soft food he will leave it halfway full of he feels it’s enough and will either come back later or I will cover it and put in fridge like leftovers for tomorrow. He is super sweet and speaks. You can here in his tone if he answers no or yes and normally we can get a please if he really wants something we have. He loves to smell everything we eat and I always welcome anything I have for him to try on his own spoon. As long as he is patient and waits his turns. He will sit at my foot and wait until I show him what I have. If he likes the smell he will try it but if he doesn’t like the taste he makes his no (meep) and goes on his way. Of course he would never try something that would harm him. He is my heart.
      He has never meowed a full meow since we have had him and simply makes more of a “meep” noise. He cuts out the “ow”in meow.
      He sleeps in the bed with my husband and I and always when laying with us must be touching a part of me with his foot or laying on my leg. He loves to spoon and if he wants something and you are napping he will put his wet nose in your face and when you open your eyes there is a kitty looking into your eyes nose to nose.
      I have had many cats in my day and raised 2+him on my own without my parents helping. We had atleast 5 as I was growing up but never had a kitty quite like him. His back legs literally hop while his front runs. He races you up and down the stairs and always gives me a head start.
      He stays wrapped around your legs and talks incessantly about anything. If you are speaking to him he is to you and sometimes it’s vice versa he starts the conversation.
      I do have a 4.5lb chihuahua that he adores and takes super care of. They play he helps him up the stairs. They do not eat together and they shockingly enough don’t like each other’s food.
      My chihuahua is SUPWR SMART TOO so it gets a little strange around here sometimes.

      1. Sorry but All Kibble is nothing but a convenient Killer FACT!!!!
        If one knows anything about Cats & Dogs at all & has done ACTUAL RESEARCH especially Vets..A Vet who actually cares & knows what they are doing will promote & support RAW never KIBBLE!!!!
        Cats & Dogs need a RAW DIET to be Healthy & live the long life Nature intended!!! RAW MEAT…MEATY RAW BONES..NEVER NEVER COOKED BONES!!!! …HEART…ORGANS…Oils for OMEGAS like Salmon Oil & PROBIOTICS for Gut since not catching fresh kill & eating whole prey…Purified Water not Tap…REAL VITAMINS & MINERALS…NOT KIBBLE!!!
        Do the Research lots of Research…Also always research & update periodically incase new info is shared & Remember it must be Balanced & Done correctly & try a Holistic Vet who promotes & supports RAW Diet NOT Kibble & Save your Furbabys Life????

        1. Raw diets that are produced by continuous manufacturing equipment, that become likely unsanitary, that process foods, including meats, which can transfer all kinds of bacteria to your pet….I think not. You’re rolling the dice on your raw diets and your animals life. Don’t buy into the hype.

          1. Janine Boguslawski

            Yes id be afraid with things as they are these days. One of my cats lived to be 27! My others down the line close to 20. Id give them treats veggies whatever made them happy. But. the most importa thing to give them is love.

          2. Cats in the wild eat raw. That is their natural diet. See the truth about pet food website to learn about commercial pet food industry. I buy from small companies that commit to using human grade meat.

          3. Raw diets are superior nutrition for cats. You can make or huy from small companies that provide human grade meats. See the truth about pet food website for more information.

          4. Stacey-Jo Marine

            Usually people providing raw food for their pets make it themselves from home. My cats eat mostly a raw food but I am not hysterical about this. This morning for example, the cood had not defrosted, so I opened a can of grain free food and they loved it for a change. They also get treats once or twice a day (ae have grain free kibble that we use or greenies) or sometimes I give them a third meal. Feeding them homemade raw food allows me to never feel guilty abput overfeeding or wondering if they are healthy. I use Dr Lisa Pierson’s diet. I usually make the food once a month and it takes me about 90 minutes from set up to cleaned up. Check it out. It may not be for everyone but my cats love it. My 3 cats are all rescues (we literally took them from the street) and I often think about what their lives were like and what they ate before they had a home. I am sure they ate garbage and terrible things. These cats are survivor and I love papmering them. #nothype #truth

          5. Yes. Tried raw…very slowly incorporated on my cats diet. She got so I’ll, diarrhea for a week…$500 vet bill…never going to raw food again.

          6. Manufacturing equipment? Like my grinder? There IS no manufacturing equipment. Use good meats (chicken, cornish hen, rabbit, etc.) with hearts and liver, and remove some of the bone so the phosphorous ratio doesn’t get too high. Please research what sorts of bacteria cats can “pick up”…. they do not have the intestinal tract of a human. Yes, you ARE rolling the dice when you feed your feline ANY commercially manufactured food…. so why do you? Convenience? More like “expensive” and many times harmful. BTW, I have dehydrated some of my raw recipe (Excaliber) and my cat eats that as a treat or when traveling. Obligate carnivore. It’s not difficult….. Just feed them meat and bones and organs that YOU grind or chop up. Then, wow! Amazing! No rolling dice. (And, please, stop with the legumes, grains, veggies which appeal only to us….. look up “Obligate carnivore”.) For those whose kitties got diarrhea, that is so unusual. You may want to check exactly WHAT you fed. My cat only had diarrhea when NOT on raw. Go to felinenutrition for all the information (and case studies) wanted. Obligate carnivore. Just remember that.

        2. My babies (a cat and a dog) get canned food, never raw and occasionally some kibble…they are both 16 years old and very playful.

          1. I use distilled in coffee pot. Pot lasts forever. My cats won’t eat organ meat raw either. They push it to side and just eat dry food. I bought a lot of organ meat just for them and they leave it.

        3. Sorry but always have fed my cats kibble as you call it and a good kibble. My cats have lived to 19 and 20. Current cats are 13 and 11. I have had no problems with any of my cats having kibble or dry food. They also get fresh tap water each day.

        4. Sorry, but I’m 76 and had cats all my life. All of them lived to be anywhere from 17 to 22, with each having a unique personality. I currently have three neutered males. They stay in at night and go out in the daytime if they want to. One is a great hunter and leaves me dead mouse trophies or bird feathers. The other two just play at hunting. I’ve raised all my cats on dry cat food and tap water. Each one has their own ceramic/crockery dish in their own areas. They’re all happy and healthy. I do lots of flower gardening and they love to keep me company. I’ve had dogs too but cats are my favorites. Love and attention are very important things to them.

      2. Sounds like a fun and loving house hold to live in. Pets do give so much love, that’s God’s grace he put them here. Enjoy their company. You have made me smile just reading you letter. Thank you.❤️

      3. I have a wonderful smart cat that is 13, he has a liver disease and is dying. This is the most awful part of having a pet.

      4. Jeanette Stevens

        I believe I have found my kitty Tinka’s twin, as well as my own!! ???? Reading your post felt as if I were reading my own experiences practically! Lol is your kitty a maine coon or coon mix perhaps? It kind of sounds this way to me, but I may be biased as my Tinka is and a lot of her characteristics sound so familiar with yours. :) You and your husband are incredible fur humans! Great job.

    3. I feed my cats the save way. Except I’ve changed their water bowls to stainless steel. Fresher taste and no leeching into the water from tin or aluminum. I also give feline lax and uri-ease everyday. I put a little on my finger or the tile floor and they lick it up. I know they won’t eat it in their food. This method works for us. I don’t feed a lot of hard food…I don’t free-feed them/leave the bowl down. They seem happy and look very healthy. – Jill

      1. Erin Wainwright

        What is feline lax & uri ease I take it a laxative & urine med. what is the reason for this.

      2. I had a sweet and very active 14 year old orange tortoise female named Zipper who came down with breast cancer. I opted for surgery because I felt Zipper deserved her chance. As soon as her incision began to heal another breast erupted and I tried to buy her a little Time with antibiotics and pain med. She stopped eating and just layed around and I realized she was suffering and I was selfish so I took her and had her euthanized I stayed in the room with her while it was done and her last sight was to look me in the eyes and I told her it’s all right Zipper. If anyne who reads this ever has to face the same it is a losing battle. Euthanize the cat don’t let her suffer

    4. Deborah Montanaro

      I am a cat owner. I used to have 2 at one point. I just adopted a 9 yr old. I love your style. I always did the same when I had more then one cat. Good for you.

    5. Distilled water lacks the minerals that every living thing needs. It can cause minerals to be leached from the body causing many types of health issues. This is not okay for you or your cats.

    6. There are no minerals in Distilled water & animals & humans need minerals too. Minerals are very important!
      I have filter water in my house or use Spring Water but Not Distilled …

    7. Lorna Ratcliffe

      I do everything apart from water out the tap the same as me change it daily. Cats drink dirty water outside so no need for bottles . East Lothian has great water

    8. I wouldn’t put water in metal bowls as a biofilm can surface that metal causing e-coli, staph, etc., rather stainless steel which does not do harm to your cats or ceramic with a lead free glaze on it. Metal can leach out toxins as some cats will lick the side of the bowl to get water, versus straight into the bowl. You have be careful with ceramic as well, because ceramic can have lead in it which can detrimental problems with eating or drinking water from it.

    9. Patrice E Kerstetter

      Oh please don’t let me annoy you but it’s a big no-no on the distilled water. I would ask your vet but I know bottled or filtered water is what you should be giving. The distilled water is not for drinking. Some people use it to flush out stuff (I actually looked it up. Distilled water has no value what so ever.

  15. I have 3 kitties that are siblings. 2 males and one female. They are fed a raw diet twice a day. Frozen patties (Vital Essentials) that I thaw out and portion. I have the feeder mice and have used them for Vital Essentials freeze dried nibs which are similar in form to kibble but they are much healthier. It is very difficult to make sure each cat is getting their fair share because one is an alpha cat and it is 2 boys against 1 girl. How would I do this in my situation? I can’t stand around and watch them and play referee during their hunting/feeding time.

    1. Hi. I’ve been in Animal Rescue for 15 yrs and have never heard of anyone giving their cars feeder mice. Yuck!! Do u feed them alive or dead? Why wouldn’t u see them normal dry food, I leave dry out all day for them to nibble all day and wet twice. Fee

      1. Pretty sure he means the faux mice talked about in the article… He says he puts freeze dried nibs into them.

      2. Most people feed there cats cat food or biscuits… not cars hope you learn after was it 15 years? Of animal rescue not to feed your cat cars!!! EVER

    2. This mice feeding is disguisting. Ourdoor cats like to chace play with and catch mice. It is good rodent control. Indoor cats can play with fake mice and have some of the same fun and exercise. The freeze dried mice serve no purpose. Cat food is nutritionally complete. I can only pray this lunicy doesnt catch on in any fasion–like raw food and grain free diets have. (I work in a very large veterinary referral service with over 20 doctors. None condone this), and am sure it would be no different with dead mice. Get your veterinary advice from veterinarians(what a concept)not the internet or breeders.

  16. It’s OK to use kibble as a treat food for cats, but they shouldn’t eat kibble as their regular diet. “Wet food is good, grain-free is better, raw is best.” ~Jackson Galaxy

    1. So now we have that bird thing going. If cats killed as many birds as claim there wouldn’t be a bird left on the planet by now. If you have one cat or you have a situation were you can control the space available to more than one cat you could certainly feed them that way. But if you have competition and cats on special diets that’s not feasible. Oh yes and I forgot ants!!! Would like to forget them.

    2. Barbara Warner

      Grain free is a misconception though..grain free does not mean carb free..taking out corn and replacing it with another carb heavy ingredient does not get the cat back to a meat only diet as god intended them to have. Someone needs to publish a real carb analysis of all these so called grain free labeled foods so the consumer has the true story. In my estimation all pet foods should be required to disclose the carb, fiber, and sugar count just as is required on human food labels!!

      1. I agree, even the so called holistic food such as Blue buffalo. It still has plants in their food. Cats in the wild would get a small amount of plant material depending on how much food is left in the stomach of the victim. All the cat food I see has lot of plants in it. I also have a cat with kidney disease. Hill’s science diet (which I pay $55 for a 8.5lb bag) has as it main ingredient Brewer’s rice. I know the protein level needs to be reduced but Brewer’s rice. No meat at all in the bag. They’re such a rip off.


    1. After having gone through many of the problems that cats have with other cats, dumping food into a bowl, etc., And severe obesity, I had to do something. It took a while to figure out giving my cat her hunt back. I have a measurement from my bet how much she needs to eat. I grab about a third of a cup of top grade kibble and toss it around the room. (No carpets! Hardwood floors and slate). My 8-year-old cat runs, jumps, hunts with great enthusiasm, that she didn’t do before. She then gets her wet food on a very wide, shallow bowl and cleans up. She gets this combo at least twice a day. Ok, I can do this as I work at home. But try a kibble toss, after a bit of training so that your cat gets it.

      1. My home shelters eight cats and two dogs (all 10 rescues) so I’m not in agreement with scattering food around the house. Heavens! What a mess! the dogs would eat all the kibble up before the kitties had a chance. AND I wouldn’t be able to monitor who’s eating what and how much. I’ve cared for 21 cats in 34 years and all have lived to a healthy age at healthy weight. I place both wet and dry kibble at 4 different places in the house so there’s no threatening situations. Perhaps if one has a 1-2 kitty household the scattering method would be entertaining, but not practical for some of us.

  18. Raylondra Hulsizer

    Thank you for reminding everyone that it’s a natural behavior for cats ????. And a lot of other animals, also.

  19. My neighbor’s cat brought me a dead mouse and left it front of my door. I felt so honored lol sometimes I leave some water for him so he likes me I guess. He is so happy roaming around and killing mouse and birds and yes he eats them.

    1. Christine Cotton

      Cats kill about 2 billion birds every year. Bird populations are declining because of pesticides and other environmental issues. Cats should NEVER be allowed outdoors to freely kill innocent animals. It’s irresponsible of owners.

      1. Only reason why he leaves you gifts is he feels you are not able to fend for yourself and must provide for you .
        Sadly sorry this isnt a compliment from the cat.

        1. You cannot say with certainty what the cat’s motives are for bringing a mouse to their doorstep! To claim you do and even correct someone else is pretty stupid.

      2. Go after the pesticide people, not our cats that are just doing what is natural. My cat is an incredible hunter and proudly brings them home.

        1. Yes my cat is a good Hunter I live out in the country and I’m not going to make him stay inside just because you think it’s inhumane for my cat Birds it is inhumane not to let them do what they do naturally thank you

      3. @ Christine Cotton.
        So, Mother Nature got it wrong huh? Or..wow..if you are a creationist..then I guess it was God who got it wrong. Frightening. All those carnivores running around eating birds and bunny rabbits…shame. Though I will agree about the environmental issues because poison kills indiscriminately..but animal predators Work in harmony with nature to preserve species by culling the herd.

        1. Who the heck picks arguement on a news feed. Its called an opinion. Everyone has one and I dont think there is always a correct answer. Having your cat indoor or outdoor is owners preference. Its whether you have your pet spayed or neutered. Think smarter not harder.

          1. There are no minerals in Distilled water & animals & humans need minerals too. Minerals are very important!
            I have filter water in my house or use Spring Water but Not Distilled

        2. Our cats are not wild animals, they have been domesticated and we bred them to be like this. The cats you find on the street are feral domesticated cats and are an invasive species. Humans added cats to ecosystems that worked without them, they do not work in harmony. It’s not ‘as nature intended’ so it has nothing to do with mother nature

      4. It’s as natural for a cat to hunt as it is for us to eat! I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life

        1. I agree with Jean also.

          Good puzzles are great! We don’t feed dry food to our cats since it’s about as anti- species appropriate as feeding them salami. So feeding puzzles are not available for canned or raw food feeders.

      5. Keeping cats in the house all the time is cruel,and as far as the bird hunting\eating goes,it’s the circle of life…

        1. So sorry, but it is cruel to allow your furry family friends to go outside, where they are stalked by predators, and killed by cars speeding by your house. This is a battle of opinions that cannot be won. I’ll keep my cats indoors and enjoy them for many years, and you let your cats roam. I’ve been there and done that in my younger years when I didn’t know better. I’ll never allow my cats outside ever again. I love them too much. At least I hope you have neutered them.

          1. Agreed, Linda. Animals are, as you say, killed by cars, or worse, maimed for life. They are also, as you say, stalked by both predators including human predators who steal them and abuse them in their home. They are also stolen to be sold to laboratories for $25 a head where they are tortured, oftentimes to death, or worse, sometimes for years, because after the experiment, they are “recycled” (made well again for the next experiment. This is why dogs should NEVER be left alone in a yard, and why dogs & cats should NEVER be “let” outdoors alone. “Take” them for a walk with a harness and leash.). Wise-up, people. The Town of Mayberry is long-gone.

          2. oh, and has anyone ever heard of cats (and dogs) being poisoned because they keep defalcating on someone’s lawn? Yea, it’s just so great to let them roam outside unattended at the mercy of every nut out there. Call me any name you want, it doesn’t change the facts, and here’s hoping you don’t learn the hard truth the hard way.

          3. Agreed, Linda. Animals are, as you say, killed by cars, or worse, maimed for life. They are also, as you say, stalked by predators, including human predators who steal them and abuse them in their home, and are even stolen to be sold to laboratories for $25 a head where they suffer burning, freezing, starving, crushing, blinding, beating, poisoning, electroshocking, and mutilation, all without pain killers (because measuring pain is part of the experiment), oftentimes to death, or worse, sometimes for years, because after the experiment, if they survive, they are “recycled” (made well again for the next experiment. This is why dogs should NEVER be left alone in a yard, and why dogs & cats should NEVER be “let” outdoors alone. “Take” them for a walk with a harness and leash.). And has anyone ever heard of people who poison animals who defecate on their lawn? The dangers out there to pets are endless. Wise-up, people. The Town of Mayberry is long-gone.

        2. Tina Hite, NO!! Keeping cats indoors all the time is the OPPOSITE of cruel! It’s the HUMANE thing to do! (Did you know that the average lifespan for a cat that’s allowed to roam freely outdoors is about HALF that of an indoor cat? About seven years as opposed to 15-16 years for an indoor cat.) If you want your cat to go outdoors, train it to walk on a harness and leash. If you REALLY love your cat, DON’T let it roam!

          1. I have had indoor and outdoor cats…one was eaten by a dog, two just disappeared…so my 3 now are indoor only and will be forever! I buy them toys (they keep hiding them lol) So that’s my opinion….

      6. Omg you are so …. ( pick a word do many fit )

        Hmmm lets this forgets…felines are ANIMALS too. Birds are the number cause of INFLUENZA and cats killing birds rodents is part of natural order. Cats being killed by larger predators also normal birds arent as interactive and have personified as are dogs.

        Man first saw their benefits dogs as guards and hunters cats as RODENT PROTECTION guardians of granaries. Thus domestication.. we have changed 80% of house cat behaviours lazily leaving out food bowls setting patterns etc… BUT…TO ABRUPTLY STOP the bowl habit and FEEDIND TIMES after years of it is DETRIMENTAL…. CATS CREATE HUGE AMOUNTS OF STOMACH ACID TO DEAL W Tiny animal BONES… when food is regular the ACID IS TOO… IF THE ROUTINE IS gone…. the ACID CAUSES LIQUID HEAVES so dont buy all the new age BS either …. we have CHANGED CATS. The hunting behaviour is FUN and more easily and blindingly dealt w PLAYING W YOUR COMPANION. toss the mouse CATSCPLAY FETCH same as dropping live prey as a GIFT… OLDER cars even still enjoy WAND TOYS though for less time as young ones.

        1. Ignore the psycho babble. As much as they have declined western cultures having REAL CHILDREN ..they are ANIMALS
        2.CAT STRESS increases when their OWNERS are SICK. OWNERS are STRESSED and OWNERS routines drastically change. Dont blame the food or the cat… they DO BOND you are part of their pride group afteral and they sense OUR STRESSES.


      7. The percentage of Birds killed by cats is almost unmeasurable it is so small. The decline in bird populations is more related to the loss of habitat and pesticide pollution.

      8. This is how nature works, hun. It’s called natural selection. There is no such thing as “innocent animals”. They have no conscience, thus are not able to make moral decisions. They are neither innocent nor corrupt. Birds kill their own fair share of “innocent animals” as well.
        Birds will evolve to become more resistant to pesticides and “other environmental issues” and even undergo changes to be a more difficult target for cats to kill.
        Biology knows what it is doing and will always correct itself. There is no need to be going around spouting this demonizing, misinformed garbage around the internet.

      9. Are you kidding me? That is called the circle of life. Perhaps the pesticides should cease and the natural survival instincts of animals shold be left alone. Maybe you should take in a Disney Movie now and again.

      10. Laura Pittington

        I agree. You can fill your indoor cat’s life with opportunities to hunt and play without making birds prey of a natural hunter and having no predators to hunt him.

      11. Your hunting cat is also in danger from bird loving neighbors who don’t appreciate it killing the birds they are feeding.


        And you shouldn’t be allowed to procreate … humans polute more,kill more, waste more and blame everthing on something or somebody else.
        Meow THAT junior …

      13. in nz can you beleave we still use 1080 ,we are killing our deer our beatiful keas pigs dogs eels fish as it falls in the water horses etc our council owns the posion conflict of intrest

      14. This really has to be the silliest thing I’ve heard , you CAN NOT keep Cats indoors it’s natural for them to hunt just as birds kill and hunt beetles,Bees,Worms .
        Has nothing to do with being a irresponsible owner , it’s responsible to allow your Cat to be a Cat .
        Maybe you should be vetting the stop of pesticides which are used on products and crops to feed You also maybe this would have a dramatic effect on the bird population and insect may I add.
        I just find this comment very double standard and irresponsible itself.

      15. Before you spread the myth regarding cats killing billions of birds, please do your research. While, yes, cats do kill some birds, please note that his huge number was originally put out by a highly discredited study by questionable authors at the Smithsonian. Please don’t continue the scapegoating of cats when, as you state, pesticides, insect population loss, habitat loss, power lines, wind turbines, and high rise building deaths all contribute more in total to the large number of bird deaths.

    2. We had a small female indoor outdoor cat who lived to 14, who was a great hunter. One fall day she deposited an entire family of mice, 7 in all big down to small and lined them up by the door. She made a racket till I fussed over her treasure. Late in the day I chucked them into the woods. She caterwalled and scolded me and brought them all back. When my husband came home I told him he better make a fuss over her before touching them. We left them alone till the next morning . The display was tossed without incident.

      1. Lol! That’s cute i woulda squealed and hopped around like i needed 2 use the bathroom seeing that. My 2 cats leave their kill of dead birds and dead rats near my home all the time… I know what it is for but my goodness just don’t bring them so close ????

        1. Can grown cats fend for themselves, 5 days out of the week, if they are outside, and food is available? My schedule just changed, and i feed my cat in secret. She is a great hunter. Worried.no one can take care of her for me, and i dont have my own place yet, so icant bring her inside, and i cant leave food outside for her cause racoons will eat it, then prey on her. Lookin for a solution with limited resources.

  20. Be done with the canned and dry ! Feed a raw diet, when done correctly ie correct meat to bone to secreting organ ratio they won’t look back. Mine have never been healthier or happier

    1. I’d love to feed my cat raw and cooked meat, if not totally , at least from time to time. Unfortunately, she won’t ANYTHING at all, other than kibbles. I’ve tried all brands of wet food, expensive ones and cheap ones, meaty ones, pate, soups… I’ve tried meat (cooked and raw), but she doesn’t even taste it. The previous cat we had (she lived 19 years) had a mixed diet, with dry and wet cat food, but also a generous amount of meat. She was an only, indoor cat, as is our new one, which is not even 2 years old, there’s no competition for food. She drinks water and we give her the kibbles in few rations over the day, but if she’s hungry and her bowl is empty she’ll tell us. I’ve tried stopping her kibbles during the day and gave her wet food with dry in the evening to have over night, and after only few days (when I thought it worked and she’s got into the new routine) she stopped using the litter, but with lots of visits in there. We took her to the vet and (without them even knowing about the food change issue yet) they said that there’s no UTI or any other problems other than a mental blockage because she got stressed by something. After an anti-inflammatory injection and few days back on her food routine, she’ll her normal happy self. So, how can I give her wet food? I’ve noticed that she only licks the gravy out of the runnier types and even though I tried mashing the morsels, she won’t eat it at all. I’ve also even tried to make some broth for her myself but she’s not interested. The food is at room temp and I’ve tried (as recommended somewhere) to even heat it a tiny bit. I feel like I’ve no choice other than to feed her dry food. I’m choosing the more expensive ones, with no wheat and as much specified meat as possible.

  21. Marianne Wagner

    Not sure if I sent. Note dry food usually is high n carbs which translate to higher sugar. Also not good for kidneys. Dry food doesn’t always list the carb count. Even the two that say low carb. Better off with can and sprinkle a little kibble into it.

      1. Canned food is definitely not as bad. Where did you get this information? It more closely reflects a cat’s food in the wild. It contains much more water then dry. There’s also a huge variety of canned foods, Ziwi Peak for example. I encourage you to do some research.

        1. Be done with the canned and dry ! Feed a raw diet, when done correctly ie correct meat to bone to secreting organ ratio they won’t look back. Mine have never been healthier or happier

        2. I have a problem with y cat. Tink keeps piggy biting his fur then pulling his fur out in clumps but he only does this at meal times if he doesn’t get fed at the regular times? He only does it to me and never to my partner? If I’m out he doesn’t bother doing it? He’s been doing it for about a year now and he’s 8 years he is wormed and fled e

          1. Do you brush him regular I do mine daily only takes a few minutes stops for balls dust mites and other debris…

        1. Christopher Chavez

          I know what works 4 my 12yr. D buddy (jon Wayne) he llets me know when an where he wants yo eat. He walks over an sits with his back to me. He dies on the patio 2 .
          Whats new is he likes lactaid milk . Only a spoon full

          1. My Elvis does the same thing. He shows me where he wants to eat, and it’s always far away from the other two cats

          2. Both my cat’s show me where they want to eat away from the other.
            I feed them raw, kibble and soft. Stefan one of my cats brings in his prey live, so he can play with it later. He brought in a Merganza duck totally unharmed one day. That was a messy one to clean up, pooped from one end of the room to the other and hid under the stairs till I got him. He bit me too, released him into the water and away he went…..

  22. Cats are carnivores, therefore my cats eat raw food. This would never work for me as they do not eat kibble., you have to be very careful when feeding your cats raw meats.
    I do feed them frequently but still from flat bowls . Any other suggestions?

    1. I hope you’re using appropriate supplements! I’m astounded by how many people kill their cats on raw food diets because they aren’t including a source of calcium and other required nutrients.

      1. Get a grip what do you think they do in the wild get a barby they r hunters we love them but they are naturally born killers

      1. Why is raw meat bad for cats. If they kill a mouse, squirrel or bird they don’t start a fire and cook it they just eat it. I purchase raw meat for my cats from a pet food company that contains all the vitamins and nutrition they need. They are very healthy.

        1. I’ve never actually seen a cat eat a mouse. Not in a house. And if they do cuz they’re outside, they probably dnt have as long as of a life.

      2. cherie holmgren

        REally? I have never seen my kitties cook their meat…are they hiding a microwave or stove someplace?

          1. A feral cats life is short.It is not just what they eat because cats in the wild have survived by catching and eating thier pray.The increase in people,cars,housing and cruel people who get thier kicks by abusing them is a few reasons thier lives are short.

          2. Yes it does my cat called stu ate everything bar intestines lived until good age proper ninger

        1. If your cats are eating rats and mice and god knows what outside they are are at risk of getting poisoned or diseases. I have 6 cats all indoor, all get a selection of food every day dry, and 3/4 different kinds of wet food. All very healthy, in 10 year only 1 veterinary visit for an eye infection
          So I will stick to my feeding plan thank you. Take care and be safe .

        2. LOL. Two of my cats were outdoor cats. Out early in the morning, back with their breakfast, a mouse laying right outside my sliding door. Eats everything except small firm piece of mouse’s inureds??? No clue what it is. But I think cats get a lot of proper balance eating the mouse. They were happy & cleaned up their own mess.

      3. When you cook meat it de natures the proteins. Making it not nutritional for carnivores like cats who specialize in their diets. Cooked meat is a treat like a piece of chicken but raw is more important to diet for them.

  23. Have the vet check for Hyperthyroidism. My little cat was bones and fur, we didn’t know until the last year of her life that she was I’ll, just thought she was tiny. Ate and drank all the time but threw up all the time. It is NOT just hairballs, trust me and it is very hard on their body. It can be treated with a medicine put on the ear. Ask for that, didn’t know that and was given a liquid which I could never get in her. Her last day she couldn’t get her back legs up under herself, she dragged herself to the water, hadn’t eaten, was dragging herself to go under the couch. We took her to the vet, he said her back legs were like tissue paper, her little body had just burned itself up and the kindest thing I could do was put her to sleep. I held her for a bit before they put her to sleep and then sobbed like a baby holding a dead cat for about an hour. Do yourself and especially the cat a favor and have them run those tests. It’ll save both of you a lot of anguish and help the cat live a normal life. I learned too late that when the cat’s a bag of bones and vomiting all the time there IS a problem. Sorry for the length, just wanted to make it clear.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope you’re doing okay. It’s never easy to lose a pet. I’ve been where you are and I know how hard it is to hold them and watch them die. Sending good thoughts your way!

  24. LOL!! None of mine will eat anything they drop on the floor either!! And they all eat side by side in their various zones (three because I have ten). If I drop a piece of food on the floor they will look at it but NOPE. Now treats…that’s different. They’ll eat them off the floor all day. Go figure.

  25. I have ten kittehs. This idea unfortunately won’t work with the wide variety of personalities. I do have two puzzle toys out with food in them (one in the bedroom and one in the living room), but have noticed only about five of them show any interest and actually “coax” food out of them. There is also one declawed boi that I took in as a foster that sadly, physically cannot get the food out of the toys. And, the reality is, they get limited dry food anyway as I prefer to give them wet food (although still an issue as I have one that simply won’t touch it (she’s going to be 18 this year, and another that will only take like two licks–have found one she likes, but still, two licks).

    1. My cat always ate the bread and when she was a couple years old we told the vet and after blood work we found out she had hyperthyroidism. We gave her a tiny pill everyday. She lived to be 18.

    2. I adopted an 18 month old cat that had been declawed I thought she would never survive being outside. She chewed & pushed on the screens & would catch everything! She had a can of wet food a day & same amount of dry food & a bowl of water.
      I started to freak when she got out.
      She got out ALL the time ,always came home.
      She was 21 years when I put her to sleep. She was blind,deaf & had only 4 fang teeth left. She still got out & caught prey till the day she died.
      I am talking mice,voles,moles,snakes,squirrels & birds.

  26. I feed my 1 1/2 yr old kitten (and have since she was 8 weeks) 5 times a day. Four of those feedings are wet food to which I add filtered water and the last one (at bed time) known as “special dinner” is a very small serving of kibble. This is good for her teeth and it also signals that it is bed time. She eats, we play for about 15 min. We cuddle and then she craws into her bed and goes to sleep. Once a day she get 8 greenie treats in a puzzle box. She is now really good at getting them out and she loves!! this treat. She is a perfect weight, her coat is beautiful, and she is very happy.

  27. I had an older cat that was on the way out due to kidney issues and my vet advised a low protein wet diet. Dry was no good for his kidneys but neither was high levels of protein for an older cat with kidney disease. I kept him on wet fish based cat foods which is slightly lower in protein than the meat counterparts.

    1. Dry food does not harm the kidneys. The only reason vets recommend the wet version of renal diet food is because it helps provide more moisture. You can get the same effect by adding water to the dry food.

      1. Marianne Wagner

        Not sure if I sent. Note dry food usually is high n carbs which translate to higher sugar. Also not good for kidneys. Dry food doesn’t always list the carb count. Even the two that say low carb. Better off with can and sprinkle a little kibble into it.

  28. I totally agree w this comment. I feed ALL my cats inside and out side by side twice a day. Even the big tom cats outside that wonder the neighborhood come together to eat side by side every night. Then they go there seperate ways. I think it has given them a level of respect for one another. There is alot less fighting if any. And as for bowls thats is the best way to keep them out of the trash. Teach them to eat out of bowls. Much more sanitary. Cats like clean. My cats wouldnt eat off the floor if he was starving to death. Im just saying. Surely there are more important things to study and learn.

    1. 100% agreed. I have raised cats and even bottle feed many for 30 years. Eating side by side, sleeping together, even going over to eat from another’s bowl with no fighting. This is nonsense. Bowls are washed each day clean ones put down. They have no problem with this. Strays eat from bowls outside, they have never turned down a meal.

        1. My dad and my husband feed their cats people food so now when they eat I got a begging cat. It is irritating I grew up with a mom who feeds her little dogs from her plate. Eew gross .. So my hubs also gives him milk not cats milk cow and whipping cream and half and half. I tell him to stop he will harm him. And he has 4 different cat foods and likes to give him different everyday. I tell him it’s not good for his digestive. And he’s getting fat. He won’t listen good reason we don’t have kids together lol..

    2. My 10 cats receive their food in clean bowls. They take their food out of the bowls and put it on the floor to eat it. Two have to push it around with their paws first. They are constantly checking if the other bowls are better than theirs. All my cats have access to dry food and clean water 24/7 and they go outside when they want to. None are overweight.

  29. Pingback: How to Feed Cats: Are We Doing It Wrong? | playfeed

  30. This is just a money maker. As a vet, this dr. should know how bad kibble is for our pets and should not be making devices for kibble!

    I do agree cats do better if served their food away from each other. Wet food plus raw or only raw are what we should be feeding our pets. Please do your research!

    1. But not everyone can afford a raw diet for their animals. Some people can barely afford to feed themselves so kibble is sometimes more often than not, the only thing they can afford.

      1. Shannon Rutledge

        A very good brand of kibble with all the vitimens (grain free) is perfectly fine. Check the ingredients on the bag and avoid chicken or beef or fish by-products. Also try to avoid dry food with dye. Your fur baby will be fine! ????

        1. I used to buy my cat crave and he would get growths on his paws. I now buy him archania sp? And he has gotten no growths it is more expensive and I am on disability but his health is important. I wish I could feed him raw diet but that is a little out of my budget

          1. Add some warm water to the kibble inside a bowl until it has absorbed it.(soft kibble can also be smached with a fork with more added warm water to make like a pate ore gravy)
            I like to place a few kibbles around the house for them to find /hunt for.ore toss a few so they can run and catch them.

    2. Shannon Rutledge

      I don’t know your credentials but it is fine to add kibble to your cat’s diet. It plays a major role in keeping kitty’s teeth strong as well as doing a major job of keeping tarter/plaque from building up.
      Now for my comment on raw food. A cat (or dog) should NEVER) consume raw food, no matter how fancy the marketing. I almost killed my do by giving her a raw food diet (which I will not name) When I had to rush my dog to the ER Vet the diagnosis was ecoli. The vet learned I was feeding my dog a famous brand of raw dog food (sometimes treating her with Black Angus ground meat). The vet got so angry with me for “following a dangerous fad”. She asked me if I knew how long it had been in the distribution warehouse awaiting delivery to the stores. How long did it sit at the loading dock at the store? My dog’s Primary Care Vet said the exact thing when my dog went for a followup. PLEASE give up the raw food. Cook the ground meat til it is barely done. Boil chicken breasts or thighs. My dog loved sauteed calf liver (it is very inexpensive & very nutritious. Please don’t go the raw route. Ask your vet or Google “side effects of raw diet in cats or dogs”.

      1. Shannon Rutledge

        P.s. The vet knows my 3 cats also and told me if one of my kitties had eaten some of that batch of raw food, she would have died before I even knew she was sick. Cats need Taurine in their regular diet. Kitty won’t get Taurine in a raw food diet.

  31. I taught my 3 rescued cats to drink water by filling an empty Gatorade bottle w water & freezing it, then placing it into their water bowl. They began licking the condensation on the bottle. After a few weeks I removed the bottle, & altho confused at first they transitioned beautifully. Now they want to drink from the faucet lol. Good luck!

    1. Marianne Wagner

      Best not to freeze plastic as it can release BPA a synthetic estrogen into the water. These are hormone disruptors. Stick to filtered water. And never leave plastic bottles in a hot car or expose to sun. That does the same as freezing.

  32. So, I should do all this BS cus a bogus vet told me to? No, I’m not gonna start making my cats “hunt” for food. My cat isn’t depressed or showing any behavior issues at all. This whole article is rarted.

    1. Shannon Rutledge

      No says: you should supplement your cat’s diet! He/she may not get as many moles to fill his tummy, annd we definitely don’t want kitty going after the birds! ????

    2. Shannon Rutledge

      No says, I recently made a stupid reply to your comment cause I read it too fast. I read it that you were gonna start making your cat hunt. My brain did not process the “NOT”.
      Sorry bout that. ????

  33. Rebecca Burton

    My cat adopted me, so I don’t know her history for the first two years of her life. I do know that she vomits any and all food that is NOT dry cat food specifically for sensitive stomachs. How do I get her enough fluids so she doesn’t damage her kidneys?

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Please see a vet about this issue! These articles might provide some insight as well:

    2. No way she gets enough moisture on dry food.
      Urinary tracts & kidneys need wrt food.
      Try better wrt ones.
      Blue Buffalo Wild Delights can us what I use, & once a day Solid Gild Quail & pumpkin tiny crunchies.
      I add a tiny scoop of pre & probiotic powder once a day, & a few of the freeze dried protein pieces by Instinct, that I add a little water to before I put them ontop if their food like a sundae.
      Dry foods have something sprayed on them that is intentually addictive, not good.
      Cats are not healthy on a dry foid only diet.

      1. This sounds great! Going to try for my 2 Himalayan kitties. One has a “food allergy” and is on steroids. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Get the light wet canned food and give ur cat 1/3 can every day as a treat. Also get a pet fountain and put it somewhere other than where their food is.
      We use an auto feeder and feed 4 times a day plus the small wet food meal.

    4. Try a water fountain. Many cats love them. You just have to be meticulous about keeping them clean. They can grow mold and slime. Also, many cats love drinking from a dripping/running water faucet. You can find water faucet attachments that have the (no hands) sensor and will turn on automatically.

    5. Plenty of water bowls in quiet spots away from her food and litter trays. Also make sure she has at least 2 litter trays in quiet places to make sure she is comfortable going. Make sure you use a brand of litter she is comfortable with as well. I tried silicone out with my elderly cat and my vet thinks that is why they got a UTI- they didn’t e hoy the texture and stopped going when they needed too.
      Also dont worry too much about only giving them dry if it suits them and they are peeing ok. It’s much better for their teeth. Try the cat yoghurt treats every now and then to see if they enjoy and keep being used to a liquid texture (sometimes I mix them with some more water and put on a plate for my cats).

  34. Jasmines vet has her on special diet of Royal Canin Renal, and it is dry food. She told us to stop the wet food because it makes her gain weight. So we pay a lot for her food. So who do you listen to?

    1. It’s the opposite! Dry=carbs! That causes weight gain. She’s nuts!
      Royal Canin isn’t the best either.

      I use Blue Buffalo Wild Delights wet.

    2. Get acana cat food. They use human grade meat. One of the best foods out there. Will not feed my cat royal cabin look at the ingredients. First 3 ingredients. Bu products grain, they can’t process corn.

  35. While it makes sense on paper…we live in a busy world.
    Most of us just don’t have the time, nor inclination to attempt this method.

    Not to mention – wet food is generally better than dry anyway, are you going to cram clumps of wet food in those toys and then watch it fall out on your living room floor?

    If you have a bored or very picky eater – I can see this possibly triggering eating, but don’t create a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

  36. I feed dry food because it is expensive to feed canned food every meal. For me anyway. I also think maybe canned has no nutrients. Am I right or wrong? Tell me what kind of canned I need to get and what brand name dry for in between just to ‘bite ‘ thanks.

    1. Hi Dee,

      Thanks for reaching out! We suggest discussing your cat’s dietary needs with your cat so you can find a solution that’s best tailored to your kitty.

        1. it’s easy to see who to listen to if you understand there’s something called logic, which to me are the laws of the universe that govern all living things. things that will happen a certain way whether a human is there or not. you must be able to imagine if you were a cat. if you were a cat or any other cat, would you or they stalk, hunt and kill an ear of corn? or a pumpkin or head of lettuce? of course not. all of this information is there for one thing, to make the consumer say uh oh and run right out and buy their products. they all know exactly what food is best but they keep publishing articles like the dry wet debate. that is there to keep people guessing and not knowing what to believe. so using logic one should easily ascertain that dry food is no good. but here’s the thing. the wet food is no better. for not only animals, but for us too, food is packaged with the ability to sit on a shelf for a long time. what must they put in food to keep it from going thru the natural process of decomposing? the answer, nothing natural. they are interested in one thing, selling , and this has nothing to do with trying to keep us or our pets healthy. so the answer to the wet dry debate is neither. when faced with a question, we have a built in tool and an ability to think and it’s very easy to be misled. that’s why there’s logic. do your research and the best place i get information is from your fellow citizens and their experiences. read the reviews, comments, blogs and forums and use that to make your own decision based on your situation. good luck.

    2. Hi. Even the best dry food isnt good for cats ! I quit dry alltogethet recently after researching wet vs dry.
      I certainly understand the cost of cat food varies and the best can be very expensive. We have more than 3 cats.
      However one does the best they can.
      And any wet is so much better than dry.

      Just go online and read the dangers of feeding just dry cat food. They need high protein…not in dry. Dry is a major cause of serious health conditions like painful kidney and bladder.

      I hope this helps. I just want to share what i am constantly learning.

      For sure no meow mix or kittenkaboodles!

    3. That’s simply not true. Canned foot is heslthier. They get less carbs, more water and more nutrients than they do from dry.

    4. please DO NOT feed only dry food, I have 2 cats with crystals in urinary tract due to lack of moister in the food, because cats do not dring enough of water. feed wet food too, read the web. All the best. My kitty is in the hospital right now with the kidney problems, I
      was feeding only dry food, did not know that is very dangerous.

    5. Warning: Expensive solution about to follow!
      I have a multicat household. Some of my older cats (18-20 years old) started to die. One of them was on the brink — he suddenly became skin and bones — and I decided to experiment by pumping him with protein — ground chicken that I boil first to make broth, which cats love (no salt added but ok to throw a couple of carrots in), chicken liver, raw eggs mixed with a little bit of water, canned tuna. It worked. Within days he plumped up. His eyes are still a bit sunken but they’re brighter. He’s stronger and has more time left in him.
      I buy at whichever supermarket is having a sale but still, it’s become too expensive for me to keep this up on a daily basis because not only am I feeding him this diet, but the other cats have horned in and demand this too. The other issue is that I’ve had to cut back on what I feed myself!

    6. I get Blue Buffalo Wild Delights chicken & Turkey wet food. Once a day I put down a but of Solid Gold quail & pumpkin dry. It’s a lot more expensive dry food but it’s NEVER had a recall & it’s better.
      I love my Cats (3) so I’d rather spend more on their food & less on mine.
      Some furmoms are a bit selfish.
      My Cats are my world so it is worth it to me. I get pre & probiotic powder once a day & a bit of freeze dried Instinct protein pieces rehydrated with a litte water put ontop. I get them all on Amazon.

    7. I get Blue Buffalo Wild Delights chicken & Turkey wet food. Once a day I put down a but of Solid Gold quail & pumpkin dry. It’s a lot more expensive dry food but it’s NEVER had a recall & it’s better.
      I love my Cats (3) so I’d rather spend more on their food & less on mine.
      Some furmoms are a bit selfish.
      My Cats are my world so it is worth it to me. I get pre & probiotic powder once a day & a bit of freeze dried Instinct protein pieces rehydrated with a litte water put ontop. I get them all on Amazon.

    8. Any canned is better than dry, but I wouldn’t strictly feed the cheap canned regularly. Look for ingredients of real meat as the first few ingredients, not by products or meal. Avoid carageenan, veggies and fish as ingredients. Great references on Facebook are Feline Nutrition and Feline Lower Urinary Tract. I recently joined both pages and stopped feeding my cats dry food the day I joined. My cats like wet food so it was easy to stop them cold turkey.

    9. My cat is diabetic. I used to feed them, I have 2, Blue Buffalo dry food but the cat put him on canned Fancy Feast. My other cat was quite overweight. The diabetic cat went into remission and the overweight one has lost weight and looks great. But I’m with you. I wish I could go back to dry. It’s so much less expensive.

    10. Boil somechicken thights etc in some water untill done and give her some juice from that to drink you can safe portions. By freezing some
      (Nulo ,instinct)

    11. T r y these better once…
      Racheal ray: but only the- peak- variety
      They are more expensive but they have more protein and less fillers etc

      Most cheap brands are mostly grain

      1. Christina, I’m fairly sure these brands are made in Thailand or China where pet food is not regulated. I have 6 cats and I only buy Made in US cat and dog food. (I also have 1 dog).

  37. I am afraid I’ll have to rehome my kitty because of her constantly stealing our food. We cannot prepare or eat a meal in peace. I live in my daughters home and my kitty is really upsetting her. I have to find a solution, because it breaks my heart to think of losing her- I love her! I like the idea of the no-bowl feeding, but I would never feed her dry food- I suppose I can place small pieces of meat in it, but would it work with the raw and canned food? Any other suggestions to keep her from stealing our food and saving our sanity?

    1. Hi Naomi,

      Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. Some of these articles might help:

    2. Yes, she’s hungry! Cat’s only do this when their diet isn’t complete, the wet food alone isn’t enough to sustain her. Have you tried talking to a vet regarding diet? My friend’s cat use to steal food because they never fed the poor kitty, ended up hit by a car and killed.

      1. Oh my, that is SO sad. I’ll never understand why someone would want to have a pet and yet not take care of it. Feeding is care at its most basic level : ( Poor kitty.

    3. I have quite a few kitties in my home. We use a plastic squit bottle,we call it the squirt man. I have trained cats like this for 20 yrs or more. It works for all bad behavior. We just say squirt man and they get down. At first you have to squirt them. Don’t soak your kitty! All my cats are well behaved and never screamed at. my 19yr kitty old died last winter from old age. So I know what saying works. Good luck!

    4. If your cat is stealing food, there could be a medical issue, and if it isn’t medical, your vet should have the contact info of a cat behaviorist who can help you. Often times we unintentionally reinforce our cat’s bad behaviors without realizing it. But as far as medical issues go, my cat was doing the same thing, completely starving all the time because it turned out she had Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

    5. Oh No-rehome is uncertain future for your kitty! Confine your kitty to your bedroom during meals if it’s that upsetting. Please don’t make your cat pay w her future because of intolerant family attitudes. Confining is certainly more loving than discarding g her-she’s family & you love her-too much to ask you to do! Here’s to happier days!

    6. I’m having the same problem. I can’t even get the grocery’s in and there tearing into the bags eating stuff

    7. I feed my cats right before we eat or at the same time.. depends on what’s going on. It works out fine for us as they finish eating and go into groom routine followed by nap routine and by the time they’re ready for hunt, play and eat routines again, family dinner time is over.

    8. I have several cats. None of them do that because I don’t leave food setting out unattended in the first place!
      What are you doing? Leaving food out?
      No responsible person does that nor do they put things in the kitchen trash can that smells of food.
      Would you if rehomed your kids?
      My G_d!

      1. Leah, quite bluntly, stop being so judgmental.

        Every single one of your posts on this thread are spouting about apparently how great you are with your cats while admonishing those who differ from your preconceived notion of ‘correct’.

        You aren’t omnipotent, you aren’t all-knowing and quite frankly, you don’t know any of the people here in this thread or their situations enough to comment the way you are.

      2. My house is spotless especially the kitchen never leave food out and my cat still bothers me and Husband during meal times. Leah why do you think you need to reprimand when giving advice learn to give constructive criticism without being insulting. No responsible person does that nor do they put thing in the kitchen trash can that smells food…. How about if you are leaving food unattended, or throwing food in the kitchen trash can they can smell it. You sound bossy and insensitive. ugh…

  38. I have always fed my (now 6 yr old female) cat twice a day. I have just changed it to 3x daily, yet always have some dry food available to her along with treats (Temptations). The only real concern I have is that she will only eat cooked jumbo shrimp for her main course! I wash it off, cut it into tiny pieces and place it in a wide low-sided bowl. Maybe about once every 6 weeks she will eat wet canned cat food and she will only lick the juice/gravy. She does not like people food – cooked steak, cooked chicken, cooked fish. I am worried that she is not getting the nutrients that she needs. Any suggestions?

    1. If your cat only licks the gravy try buying the pate wet food and then stir it up with water. My cats also don’t like the meat chunks but will eat the pate this way.

      1. I thought my cats were just being picky because they also will not eat the chunky wet food, only the pate. If your cats are the same, then I’m guessing it’s really disgusting. Goodness only knows what rubbery junk the flakes/chunks are made out of : )

    2. Shannon Rutledge

      Hi Ruth Littlefield!! I have a shrimp eating cat also!! That is the only thing he will eat in the morning. He knows they are in that “big silver box” the refrig. I am trying to break his addiction by giving him shrimp every other morning. When he doesn’t get his shrimp, the only other thing he will eat is Tiki Tiki Mackerel in Calamari consume. Big chunks of makerel, some Calamari pieces all in a thick sauce. I find it’s cheaper at Chewy.com. There are other flavors too.

  39. Really stupid site ~ not coming back here! I ‘replied’ to a comment as indicated but my comment didn’t post under the appropriate person. Then, you can’t even delete your own comment. You would think they could afford a better and more efficient way of doing things! Not impressed!

    1. Hi there PJ,

      We are sorry to hear you experienced this technical issue. Please let us know what comment you need to be deleted and where you intended to comment so we can help you. If you have any specific suggestions for the future, please contact us directly through this link so we can better assist you:

      Do you need to connect with Catster?

    2. I don’t think people were coming here to be impressed they were coming to give and share advice. Y get so irritated over something so small. Jeez what do you do when you have a real problem.

  40. Thank you. I agree with everything you’ve said. Do NOT feed dry cat food. So, I’m not going to pay any much attention to the rest of what she says either. Although, I don’t have a problem with my 3 cats eating together.

    1. I thought this article was a bit strange. I’ve had cats all my life and I’ve always fed them together. They obviously are not fighting over one dead bird as they would in the wild: there is zero food insecurity at meal time with each cat getting their own bowl of food. I think the cats know this by now after their 50th or more meal together.

      As far as the mouse that you put dry food into, I would never feed my cats that garbage.

  41. Our 9-month-old 11.5 pound Maine Coon female Kitten eats a Hare-Today raw diet which is made up of pieces of chicken meat & rabbit meat, along with whole ground rabbit, including the fur & bones, whole ground pheasant including the bones & whole ground quail including the bones. She eats off of a flat 6 inch Corelle dish (we feel that this is the safest dish for a cat to eat off of), which is placed on top of a 5 inch high cat feeding table. Since she has very tall legs, this makes it easier for to eat her food without having to bend over which puts a lot of pressure on her back. Because of the raw diet, she has less stools, every 2 or 3 days and they are odorless. When cats eat a raw diet, all the nutrients from the the meat is utilized & absorbed by their system. No waste and they also get their water from the raw meat. Her fur is silky soft, no hairballs and she has a lean body with no fat. It is also better for their teeth because they chew on the the meat pieces.
    Commercial cat foods contains too many unnecessary ingredients which are really of no value for a cat and can hurt more than help.
    Be aware that some canned cat foods have carrageenan in them and this is really harmful to a cat’s intestines. It is also in human foods, like whipped cream, heavy cream, ice cream, frozen dinners, etc. We complained and had it removed from goat milk ice cream. The only almond milk that does not contain it, is Whole Foods 365 brand.
    We call dry food, “Death in a bag”.
    Now, we understand that people who care for and feed feral cats and cats in a shelter are fed dry and commercial food because they have no choice. But we have a choice and we choose a raw diet.

    1. Forgot to mention, that in addition she gets Natren Probiotics 3 times a week.
      She also eats small meals several times a day.

  42. Wow!! Cat Food schedule is very essential for every pet lover their cats. Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative article. I have gotten much information and You are inspiring me for cat food care. I’m sure most people can take notes from this article. One thing most people lack experience when feeding their pets. I have a baby cat and his name is Kitty. I hope your all information help me.

  43. So, I have 2 older females who used to eat side by side but I noticed that 1 was very uneasy and eating much less so I separated them. Now 1 eats high and 1 eats low. They get wet food in the morning and evening, and they seem to make it last 12 hours; they eat small amounts often. I also leave a small bowl of dry food out and they nibble on that at will; about 1 cup lasts a few days. My girls are 16 1/2 and in very good health.
    Now the other cat I care for is my Moms who is a 6 yo yellow tabby who is overweight. I have to manage his portions along with exercise. He too receives wet food twice a day, and a small amount of weight management dry for nibbling. Before I started this routine, we did have behavioral problems but since regulating his eating, the issues have all but disappeared.

  44. Annabel, now 14 still eats as in suggestion 2. She has a small amount of wet food goes away and later comes back for another small portion. Overnight she has her dry grain free food to nibble as she pleases and rarely eats all her 1/3 cup.

    My 2 cats are fed separately because Lulu 8 yrs has a different diet and would happily overeat each day. However Lulu will often eat about 2 tblspns and go back an hour or 2 later for the remaining tablespoon. Yes, she is plump but not overfed, hence the small amount of food she is given twice a day.

    My cats are in separate rooms for about an hour or more for their meals. However they will both steal the others food if they have the chance!

    I am retired so have time to care for my cats this way most days.

  45. Skimming the current comments, most agree on ditching the dry food. It was eliminated here several years ago (previously they were fed a combination of canned and dry food.) We have NO problem with eating side by side, but bowls can be placed away from the others if need be. We DO have some personality conflicts, really serious ones, so there are 3 “zones” – used screen doors to allow visual contact and air flow, but it keeps the fights from happening!

    That said, dry food IS the worst thing you can feed your cats. WATER WATER WATER!!! They need more in their food and dry food + water bowl DOES NOT SUFFICE. Kidney issues, bladder issues, bowel issues, and so much more can be attributed to a dry food diet. One young cat developed ideopathic hypercalcemia (urinary tract as well, no cause determined by testing) and rather than treat him with Fosamax as recommended (docs wanted ME to take it so I knew a lot about this drug and refused to give that to him), I found a respected endocrinologist online (Peterson) who said studies indicated changes in the dry food formulas were suspect. The elimination of dry started with him and his sister. It CLEARED UP the problem, and everyone else was taken off the dry food as a result. THAT cleared up bowel issues that several came with at 4 yo and it continued until the dry went away. Cleared up bowel issue in another as well. NEVER will feed dry to any cats again!! Other maladies are likely the result of dry food as well, but that’s another topic.

    As for dental issues someone mentioned – dry food does NOT prevent dental issues. In my research about this, studies indicate many feral cats have almost as much dental disease as many house cats. Brushing may help, but most of the cats here (currently 11) would need a second pair of hands to accomplish this. Some here have NO issues, others have some and the rest are not so good in the dental department. The dry food they ate prior did NOT help. As another person posted, vets are more involved in cat care now than back in the day and likely over time it has become more common to FIND the issues. Cats can hide their issues, so resorptive lesions can develop and destroy teeth, which will eventually fall out (but can cause other issues in the meantime!) Their ANNUAL exam should include checking the teeth – sometimes a minimal scaling in the office (no medication) can ward off the need for a full dental, but others just seem to be more prone to the problems. Dry food is NOT going to prevent the need for checking and treating dental disease, but could/most likely will lead to even more serious health issues.

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