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I have been fighting a ringworm outbreak with my barn cats. They have been getting treated?

Ringworm Advice for outdoor only cats baths not possible.

ASKED BY Member 1134502 on 10/6/12
TAGGED ringworm, treatment, outdooronly IN Health & Wellness

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Is it possible that medication for my kitten's ringworm is making her sick a few days after she finished it?

She was 3 months old when she started meds and is 4 months old now. I can't remember the name of the medication, but it was about $50, smelled and…

ASKED BY Member 1122973 on 7/28/12
TAGGED vomit, ringworm IN Kittens

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What are the symptoms of ringworm in a cat?

My indoor only cat has some bald spots on her stomache and they look like a rash. Shes been scrathing her ears and getting sores from scratching…

ASKED BY Member 1083289 on 1/9/12
TAGGED ringworm, allergies, fleas IN Allergies

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My cat has scabs on her back and tail. Hair is scarse on those areas?

My cat has scabs on her back and tail. She is itchy. It is not fleas. There is no flea in her body, not in my house. Can it be ringworm or chiggers…

ASKED BY Member 1024253 on 12/7/11
TAGGED skinconditions, cats, ringworm, chiggers, scabs, back, tail IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my kitten has a bald spot and slight scabbing?

I got a kitten from a friend just a little under two weeks ago, she was originally picked up as a stray and is only about eight or nine weeks old. All…

ASKED BY Member 1072498 on 11/22/11
TAGGED baldspotscabscabsscabbingmangefleasringwormkitteninfection IN Skin Problems

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