why is my cat peeing everywhere?

I have two male kittens that are litter box trained. Recently we noticed that oliver keeps peeing in corners of the house. Why is he doing this. We have three litter boxes for the cats to use. He will do number 2 in the box but not number one. It seems like the other cat uses one box for two and the other for one. Do i need to get another box for him to use.

Asked by Member 1087969 on Jan 28th 2012 in Kittens
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FIRST of all you MUST check with your dr & make sure NEITHER one of them are SICK! If the vet check is ok, then you know it's just a box problem.

I had an apartment where ONE spot no matter WHAT I did, my one cat kept going there! (In the middle of my dining room carpet! There MUST have been an animal lived there before us that went THERE!!) So I simply bought a cheap liniolum and rolled it down, with the furniture on it worked GREAT no prob anymore!

TRY to find a box ONLY EACH ONE of them will USE!!

My daughter had this very same problem with her cats. The HUGE male pooped on the floor. The tiny female urinated right NEXT to the box. They TRIED 5/6 different kinds of boxes.

What they FINIALLY had to do is get one of those clear plastic big flat blanket boxes and use IT for an uncovered litter box.

Her husband is not happy with that BUT it STOPPED the cats problem with using ANY litter box! This was our vets suggestion and it WORKED!!

Best wishes, Loves Jazzmine

Jazzmine answered on 2/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer