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Meet Lili, a Christmas-Eyed, Mitten-Pawed Cat Who Has Overcome Cancer

What makes a cat "Christmas-eyed?" Read the story of our Monday Miracle Lili to find out.

 |  Dec 16th 2013  |   0 Contributions

'Tis the season to celebrate family and friends, joy and warmth, and yes, even a couple of miracles.

Lili is a perfect Monday Miracle for the season because she has what her human friend calls "Christmas eyes" -- Lili's eyes shine red and green when the camera flash reflects off her retinas, hence her "Christmas eyes." But there's more: Her human friend calls her polydactyl toes her "mitten paws." So basically Lili is totally ready for the holidays! She should be the new mascot of Christmas or something. Instead of Santa bringing you presents it will be little Lili coming down your chimney.

See? She has Christmas eyes!

And big floppy mitten paws!

Only not so fast! Lil recently lost one of her legs to a type of cancer that developed there, and removing it was better than the other option: euthanizing her. Her surgery was just this month, but Lili is recovering well.

Lili before surgery.

Lil's stitches look worse than they are -- she's actually healing up quite nicely!

Get well soon, Lili!

However, amputation is still a big deal for a 15-year-old kitty! Lili was adopted by her human friend from the Humane Society when the kitty was two years old. Prior to adoption, Lili had been a stray -- imagine how much harder her life would have been had she not found her current home! We're happy Lili the Christmas-eyed, mitten-pawed kitty has a forever home!

All photos via Lili's Facebook page -- go check it out and wish her a happy holidays and a speedy recovery from Catster.

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