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Blacky Is the Only One-Eyed Wheelchair Cat in New Zealand

He lost an eye, then some mobility, but Blacky has an awesome set of wheels and an attitude.

 |  Aug 12th 2013  |   1 Contribution

No one is perfect, all right? Especially Blacky the cat. Blacky has only one eye after a ruptured ulcer. Then, a few years after Blacky lost his eye, he lost mobility in his rear legs when he was hit by a car and his spine was damaged. Then, after developing blockage in his bladder, Blacky lost his "male bits."

So you may be wondering what's left of Blacky.

Apparently he is a Raiders fan.

The answer is: The best parts of Blacky remain with us. Just take one look at this handsome little tuxedo and it's obvious that he's got enough spirit and sass to make up for everything he is lacking. Seriously! Look at him! He wears stylish little hats and rocks his wheelchair like a badass.

Well, he does have two wheels, so a motorcycle jacket is totally appropriate.

Speaking of which, according to his Facebook page, Blacky is the only cat with a wheelchair in New Zealand and he's been featured in the news not once, but three times. And, when you think about it, you see lots of dogs in wheelchairs, but not so many cats. You might even say that Blacky's "imperfections" are what make him so unique. 

No one is perfect, but Blacky makes his "imperfections" look easy. Blacky makes being a one-eyed paralyzed rock star look easy, which is totally inspiring.

And Blacky the cat loves to give back. Check out his Facebook page, where he regularly features a Fan of the Week. Tell him Catster sent you!

Photos via Blacky's Facebook page

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