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Cats Battle for the Adorability Championship on Cute-Fight

The website aims to dispel the belief that every cat is the cutest in the world.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 13th 2012

Have you and your friends ever wondered what would happen if you pitted your cats against one another? No, not in a violent sort of way, but in a “I bet my cat is cuter than your cat” sort of way. But how do you settle a fight like that? Everyone believes his or her cat is the cutest. Maybe it’s time to bring in an unbiased eye.

That eyes is Cute-Fight. You provide a profile for your kitty, and Cute-Fight provides the arena for your pet to duke it out (cutely) against other critters to see who is the cutest. Your pet’s profile and photos are presented to voters alongside those of a competitor. The voter decides which is the cutest critter, and the winner ascends to the next round. You can win virtual trophies and bragging rights, and maybe even make some new friends.

However, a quick perusal through the site leads us to one conclusion: All of the animals are just too adorable for words. Cute-Fight isn’t limited to kitties … we found a tarantula! Fortunately it was just on the computer screen and not crawling in our bathroom, so it was totally cute.

Ready to find out who the reigning king or queen of cute is? Enter Cute-Fight!