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Photos of 10 Cats in Awkward Situations

These goofy cats are trying to play it cool -- but we know what they're really thinking.

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 7th 2013

One of the things we love about cats is the way they always brush themselves off after an embarrassing accident (like not landing on all fours) and act like they totally meant to do it. Despite their cool, detached demeanor (they were into apathy way before it was a thing in the ’90s), we have to wonder what a cat’s inner monologue is really saying.

Here are 10 cats in awkward situations — and what they think about them:

“Oh man, I thought this was a bag. It’s a jacket sleeve. What are they gonna say? ‘The cat’s out of the jacket sleeve?’ Doesn’t have the same ring.”

“Darn it! Crawled into the wrong box again! I just pooped on a dinosaur and changed the course of world history forever! I need to remember to wear my glasses when I have a midnight movement.”

“How do I tell this mouse that he’s going to be on the menu later and not on my head?”

“Mittens is going to be miffed when he realizes I ate all the catnip. Maybe he won’t notice. Do you think he’ll notice? I feel a little funny.”

“I know there’s a perfectly shallow dish of water next to my food bowl, but I’m addicted to the thrill of sticking my head in a glass to get the sweet, sweet drops of perfection at the bottom of it. Maybe I’ll get stuck and maybe I won’t — I’m addicted to the rush!”

“Please don’t tell my cat wife I am cheating on her with a shoe. (Please don’t tell the dog the shoe is cheating on him with a cat.)”

“Well, you said it was a SCRAPbook!”

“Please don’t tell anyone I don’t actually know anything about global politics. I mean, I spell cheeseburger like “cheezburger.” No one should have given me the keys to the tank — I don’t even have thumbs!”

“He may look stuffed, but he’s a tiger in the sack ÔǪ because he is a sack. Of stuff.”

“Oh man, my human is going to be so bummed when I tell her I quit the swim team.”

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