Sylvester the Cat Dies at 17

 |  Oct 4th 2008  |   8 Contributions

Sylvester, a cat who decided to hit the road for one last big adventure earlier this year, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 17.

Sylvester made headlines earlier this summer when he disappeared from his Myrtle Beach, SC home on June 15, and was found on Aug 22 in a parking lot in Montreal, 1700 km away.


Owner Janet Nease believes Sylvester was lured by the smell of barbeque at a nearby campground, and hitched a ride with a vacationing Quebec family. When word got out of Sylvester's plight, donations flooded in from across Canada for Sylvester's vet bills, and to ensure that Nease and Sylvester could be reunited. A Montreal woman drove Nease all the way to New Jersey where Nease and Sylvester hitched a ride home with friends.


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