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We Might Need This Cat Tunnel Sofa in Our Lives

It's true: Now you can turn your couch into the ultimate cat condo!

 |  Aug 8th 2012  |   9 Contributions

So, you've already decorated your living room according to your cat's color palette and the potted plant in the corner is actually a litter box in disguise. What's your home missing now? A cat-friendly couch! After studying cat behavior and doing research on feline affinities, Korean designer Seungji Mun has come up with the ultimate human-cat furniture.

Seungji Mun plans his masterpiece after extensive research.

With built-in cat-sized tunnels, this sofa lets you and your cat sit together while it entertains some of your cat's wilder behaviors. As you watch your favorite TV show, your favorite feline can stalk through the tunnel and then pop out to bite you on the elbow. Fun!

This Cat Tunnel Sofa in its beginning stage.

The completed dream.

The furniture -- which is called This Cat Tunnel Sofa -- is intended to forge a bridge of communication between cats and humans by allowing them to be closer to each other than ever before. Oh, sure, your cat could just cuddle in your lap, but what cat was ever satisfied with just one option? With This Cat Tunnel Sofa, kitties can seamlessly go from cuddling love bugs to ferocious bug hunters in the blink of an eye.

Someone Photoshop a cat poking her head out at the bottom!

No word on whether the couch is actually available for sale (so put away your wallets!). But if you could, would you get a sofa like this for your home?

Via SFist, photos via Mun's website


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