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An Instagram Guide to Bringing Your Cat to the Beach

These seaside pictures show cats surfing, finding impromptu litter boxes, and sporting shades.

 |  Aug 6th 2014  |   0 Contributions

Bringing your cat to the beach can be a social nightmare, with the normal rules about taking your favorite feline out in public no longer seeming to applying once summer hits its peak. But never fear! Here's a handy Instagram-sourced roundup of experienced beach kitties, which you can call on to guide you through the tricksy world of beachfront feline etiquette.

Heads up: If it looks like a portable litter box, it'll be used as a portable litter box.

No matter how hard you try, seashells will never make for a comfortable pillow.

Correct use of a surfboard is imperative for maximum leisure time.

Pair your Hawaiian wreath with a studious glare for an uproarious beachfront reaction.

A sandy sunset is best enjoyed from a reclined vantage.

Chasing after a flying disc is a foolish folly fit for canines and humans only.

Remember, there are no rights and wrongs when it comes to beach fashion. Be bold.


The Brazilian kitty wax will always turn heads.

Laugh with us:

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