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10 Things That Indicate I Have Become a Crazy Cat Lady

Everyone chews their cats' food and feeds it to them by mouth, right? Show of hands? Anyone?

 |  Jul 1st 2013  |   16 Contributions

In many ways I defy the definition of a cat lady. For one, I only have three cats -- any bona fide cat lady knows that child's play. Also, I'm married, though I know many crazy cat ladies are married. But after combing through some of my stranger habits, I'm starting to believe I could not only join the crazy cat-lady train, I could be the conductor. Here are 10 things that might put me there. 

1. I appreciate cat-themed fashion

From T-shirts to delicate gold rings, if it has a cat on it, I want it. 

How could I possibly resist this sweet-faced tee?

2. I take my cats out in a stroller

Since two of my lovies were outside cats before they met me, I try to give them as much fresh air as possible. The stroller was a last resort after leash training didn't work.

I love when people look in expecting to see a baby and get a furry little cat face instead.

3. I married a fellow cat lover

I could never love someone who didn't love my cats.

He becomes even cuter with a cat on his head.

4. I shop for cat couture

Not that they would ever wear it, but I can't help browsing cute outfits for my little girls.

I love this schoolgirl cat outfit.

5. Even my puzzles are cat themed

Everyone knows a cat lady loves her puzzles, especially when they're cat-themed.

Clearly I had help.

6. Nothing grosses me out when it comes to my cats

I've caught cat puke in my hand, cleaned black gunk from my cats' ears, and emptied litter boxes more times than I care to count. A cat mom can't have a weak stomach.

What? You don't do this?

7. I occasionally "mama bird" my cats

Remember when everyone freaked out because Alicia Silverstone admitted she chewed up her son's food and spit it into his mouth? I'm guilty of the same thing, but with my cats. 

Ok I admit it: I was slightly drunk when this photo was taken.

8. I took my three cats on a cross-country road trip

Well, technically we were moving from Texas to New York, but it was quite the feat.

Not the safest place for a cat, but you try telling them to stay in a crate for 27 hours.

9. There isn't always room in the bed for my husband

But you try kicking out these sweet faces.

They love their mama.

10. I write for Catster!

Because really, does it get more cat lady than that?

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