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bye to our friend

June 5th 2013 3:32 pm
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We lost one of our goody friends, Charlie. He got sick very fast, and he tried real hard to stay with his family, but he just got so very tired. We know he did not want to leave, but sometimes as much as we want to stay, we cannot. He only got to be in his very own home for a year after being on the mean streets for so long - it sure is not fair. Fly free and get them birdies dear Charlie. You will be missed so very much.


why thanks!

June 2nd 2013 6:22 pm
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thanks for the DDP! Momma & The Dad went camping this weekend, and Nana watched over us. Sad to say that we take complete advantage of her when Momma is gone. But I don't think she minds that Nana spoils us when she is gone. Felix gets his stitches out tomorrow. Apparently he jumped off the lower level of the cat tree while Nana was on the phone & she could not get to him fast enough to help him down first. She is so very upset that happened. But Momma had a thick blanket on the floor right there just in case,so that is actually what he jumped on & it was not that far. Mom is worried though because his leg looks a little swollen - it could be how it heals though too. But the vet will see it & take an xray. She gave him 1/2 doase of the tramadol on his ear, but he was licking his lips alot. He did eat some, and stopped doing it. Not sure whether to continue giving it to him or not...
Anyways it is getting to ne snack time around here, so meow at ya laterz!


my brudder

May 25th 2013 4:56 pm
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Momma brought Felix home today. He smells funny, and looks strange - he gots a naked leg! And he has the cone of shame...I had one when I had a catheter in my boy part...eeehhhh don't wanna think bout that any more. I wanna go in the bedroom but Momma says "no Tig, you watch the door" maybe I can see him tomorrow...


Felix vet

May 21st 2013 11:29 am
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For those that are my pals, but not Felix's yet, there is an update on his diary - dr is Fri


my little brudder

May 18th 2013 12:58 pm
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Please keep my little brudder Felix in your purrs. He is facing some major surgeries, you can read all about it in his diary. We all have our paws crossed for him.



May 15th 2013 3:57 pm
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Me & of course my Momma say thank you for the pretty flowers for Mother's Day. Momma had a good one too - my human brother came here for dinner, and The Dad's Momma came here & The Dad's niece, and of course Momma & Nana. They made some small filet mignons for the moms, and some tasty grilled salmon. Momma baked a cake for dessert. Everyone laughed & chatted & smiled.
We finally have INTERNET that works!!! boy was the other company tapdancing when Momma called to cancel. She even said to the guy "why didn't you make all these offers before since I am such a loyal customer, or when I called 4 TIMES to complain?" This new one is almost as fast as a mousie on the run!

And guess what? Our human sister that lives 3000 miles away in Seattle is coming home TOMORROW for a few days! Momma is dancing around she is so happy. She has not seen her since New Years Eve.

Party time around here! We probably will not be on until like Monday, cause every available second will be spent with her!


sending lovely wishes

May 11th 2013 5:19 pm
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Gotta do this quick, while the stupid internet works. We was supposed to get the new one today, but somehow they said we wasn't scheduled! Momma was mad, but it will be on Tuesday instead. It has been out most of today. It is the phone line outside, and they just will not fix it!

Anyways, me and Maizy, and Smitty and Felix all want to wish all you Mommas out there a very HAPPY MEOWMA'S DAY! whether your babies is human or gots 4 legs, or wings - you are all special Mommas!

I wanna thank my Momma for rescuing us all, and for how hard she tries to make sure we all get our medicines and yummy food in just the right amounts, so we don't get all porky, and for getting us kitty grass salad to munch on & them treats I really like. And knowing the spot by my ear that I like to be scritched the bestest. Oh and for washing my blankie & making sure to give it to me when it is all warm from the dryer...I loves you Momma! we all do....and our Nana too!


birthday boy

May 2nd 2013 3:27 pm
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yesterday was my BIRTHDAY! I see that I got some prezzzies, and will look at them later today. Momma & The Dad went away for a couple days, and got back yesterday. Momma was a little busy catching up work messages. She did remember my special day though! I got an excellent massage. ( I highly recommend them, you feel like a kitten again) I yowled around the house for an hour just because I could, and I got some extra treats. I even got to use the new door mat to scratch - it is quite scratcheriffic too. I sure do not feel like I am 5 already. I still act like a baby kitty sometimes. I even got fish flavor food for dinner, which I hardly ever get. Smitty got some too, since his birthday was Tuesday & Momma & The Dad were not here - we celebrated both yesterday. Smitty was not happy though, but he was still mad that he had his tooth out & has to take icky medicine. Momma says that every birthday with me is special, because of the heart disease I have, some kitties do not get to be with their families even this long. I feel great & am happy. I go this month to see my cardiologist for my annual ultrasound & exam. I hope the news is as good as last year. Things improved last time, so I really think it will still be good! Momma wants to have me around for many many more years! Thank you for thinking of me, and I will get back to everyone shortly!

PURRS! Tiggie


tank mews

April 23rd 2013 5:06 pm
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thanks for the diary congrats! Yipe it is raining again today, but so far no more water..whew! Mom is heading over to update Smitty's diary


We love you Earth!

April 22nd 2013 12:02 pm
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Happy Earth Day everyone. If each one of us does one little thing each day, it can make a difference. Unplug an item, recycle that magazine, use a nice refillable water bottle, these are all things that are easy to do, and will help our planet. We use cardboard scratchers that can be recycled. Heck you can make one with an extra box.
It is awful to think about all of the garbage that will be going to the landfills from this flood. But when you must toss out everything, and there is mold all over - it is hard to recycle those things.

Take a moment, look up at the sky - sniff the air & listen to a birdie - it is a beautiful place we live in.

Peace, love & recycle my friends. Happy Earth Day!

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