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birthday boy

May 2nd 2013 3:27 pm
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yesterday was my BIRTHDAY! I see that I got some prezzzies, and will look at them later today. Momma & The Dad went away for a couple days, and got back yesterday. Momma was a little busy catching up work messages. She did remember my special day though! I got an excellent massage. ( I highly recommend them, you feel like a kitten again) I yowled around the house for an hour just because I could, and I got some extra treats. I even got to use the new door mat to scratch - it is quite scratcheriffic too. I sure do not feel like I am 5 already. I still act like a baby kitty sometimes. I even got fish flavor food for dinner, which I hardly ever get. Smitty got some too, since his birthday was Tuesday & Momma & The Dad were not here - we celebrated both yesterday. Smitty was not happy though, but he was still mad that he had his tooth out & has to take icky medicine. Momma says that every birthday with me is special, because of the heart disease I have, some kitties do not get to be with their families even this long. I feel great & am happy. I go this month to see my cardiologist for my annual ultrasound & exam. I hope the news is as good as last year. Things improved last time, so I really think it will still be good! Momma wants to have me around for many many more years! Thank you for thinking of me, and I will get back to everyone shortly!

PURRS! Tiggie


tank mews

April 23rd 2013 5:06 pm
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thanks for the diary congrats! Yipe it is raining again today, but so far no more water..whew! Mom is heading over to update Smitty's diary


We love you Earth!

April 22nd 2013 12:02 pm
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Happy Earth Day everyone. If each one of us does one little thing each day, it can make a difference. Unplug an item, recycle that magazine, use a nice refillable water bottle, these are all things that are easy to do, and will help our planet. We use cardboard scratchers that can be recycled. Heck you can make one with an extra box.
It is awful to think about all of the garbage that will be going to the landfills from this flood. But when you must toss out everything, and there is mold all over - it is hard to recycle those things.

Take a moment, look up at the sky - sniff the air & listen to a birdie - it is a beautiful place we live in.

Peace, love & recycle my friends. Happy Earth Day!


April 20th 2013 3:31 pm
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The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of rubber, their bottoms are made out of springs! THey're bouncy trouncy, bouncy, trouncy fun fun fun fun fun! The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is...getting to see my friends! We have missed you! The bad rain messed up my basement, but I have been the brave explorer & wandering around while Mom is changing out towels to hold back the seeping. Oh and there are dry areas where she has stuff stacked, so I have places to climb & explore. I go nest month for my heart checkup. can you believe I will be 5 years old? Mom still remembers the day I decided to come live here like yesterday. It has been a sad week between the bombings, and Texas & the rain here in Chicago-land. We are lucky - even though Mom & The Dad were up all night for 2 days with the shopvacs & throwing blankets down to keep the water contained - there are those with feet of water in their basements. It is all perspective. Can't wait to start catching up on everyone too. Maizy is good, Felix is pretty good, and poor Smitty has to have surgery - but hopefully it should be ok. Well, off to start looking at diaries & the forums to see whats what! BOUNCY TROUNCY Tigman!


It's Me!!!

April 5th 2013 2:04 pm
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heeeeyyyyyyahowdy! we are back! internet still is a litterbox deposit, but we are changing companies. Mom's eyeballs have not fallen out & are still in her head & we are ready to rock!
This weekend is gonna be catch-up & post pics n stuff. We missed everyone so much - and thought of our special buds alot. We hope this finds you all well & happy!



March 13th 2013 3:35 pm
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Hey all - we are here, just been swamped. Be back really soon in the next few days!!! Plus internet has not been playing nice - HISS



February 18th 2013 4:28 pm
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wow thanks all for the candies & Valentine's pretties. Mom did not get on Valentine's Day - her & The Dad went to the RV show in Rosemont to look at campers & stuff. She says it was fun & some of them were even nicer than our kitchen (and more expensive too!) there was one for more than 3 hundred thousand dollars!! they got some ideas though, cuz the ol popup is on it's last legs (it's a 1973!) anyways - Mom wants to look at all our gifites & see what everyone has been up to, so in the next day or so we will be back with updates & a couple o pics. purrs


HEEEYYY and whew!!

February 13th 2013 2:12 pm
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We have been lurking around, not a whole bunch & just have not posted diary entries. Mom has been having some issues with her eyeballs mol. It is called computer vision syndrome, and can cause your eyes to be burny & blurry & stuff. There was a light on the desk that while it helps with paperwork, was causing eye strain from the reflection & the screen. So we were not on as much & avoiding any bright white backgrounds. She is working on the monitor height & lighting to improve this.
So consequently, none of us were able to seek out Valentines like we did last year. :( I feel bad for Felix, as this is his first Valentine's Day, but next year will be better we hope.
In a good note, we caught Inky (she is Felix's momcat) and got her in for TNR spay today. Luckily, as they said she was in heat (she already had 2 litters since May) When we got most of the colony in the fall & rescued Felix, she had disappeared, and Mom thought something bad happened. Turns out that she had another litter. She brought them into the backyard in January. Sadly we found one of her kittens dead, and The Dad buried her. The other one, the LAST one to get fixed is still so scaredy, not sure how we will catch it. Heck Inky walked right into the trap while Mom held it open & tossed chicken in there! So once little Bunny is caught, that will make a bakers's dozen that have been spayed/neutered, with 4 of them getting adopted (1 being our sweet Felix). Mom is pretty proud of this!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL OUR FRIENDS! you are all our "sweethearts"

ps Maizy sends Zekie much love! xoxo


can it be true?

January 8th 2013 8:49 pm
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dare I say it...Mom did not feel me up for a while, so that she would know for sure, but it seems that the lump on my leg iiissss outttaa theeeere!
She says she will check every few days, but whew. Things are quiet, although I am still rather keyed up. Mom has been taking me out on my leash every night to stroll the yard, but it is cold, so I make 1 stroll around & back inside. If any of the feral colony is out there, I chase after them, so maybe that is why I am rather revved up. Mom has been a little bit sad the past couple days, so I think I will go & snuggly by her & give her a dose of Tigger-luvs (it's the best medicine around).
purrs my friends


New Year

January 3rd 2013 10:12 am
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Thanks to all my friends for the well wishes & the congrats. We did no t even know about it, as Mom was not on the computer much while human sister was here from Seattle. Mom wanted to spend every second possible with her! Mom checked my leg last night, and it seems like the lump is much smaller. Hopefully it is not just wishful thinking. It has to be GONE by the end of the month. Mom is doing all the end of the year junk for work, but next week should be a bit better to catch up with everything here!
Has anyone taken Duralactin or Welactin or Dasuquin? Looking at that stuff for my arthritis - mom doesn't want to do shots yet if possible. And NO MORE other shots for me. Mom says NOPE
I have been a bit geared up the past few days, and even with the Feliway I have sprayed a couple times. Mom doesn't know why - Felix is long neutered, and the outside kitties are all spayed or neutered. How would we know if there was some "boy tissue" left in there? The spray does not smell really strong - it gets cleaned up asap & sprayed with Nature's Miracle - Mom loves that stuff. She is going to finally order a calm collar through IBD Kitties - maybe that will help. But other than that - it has been nice. Mom will be moving her office upstairs into the human brother's room - since he moved out on his own. It will be a pain, but she says she will be glad to get out of "the dungeon" where her office has been for 15 years. So that means a move for our baskets too. But I can sit in the window so that will be good! Then Nana is gonna set up her painting art station where Momma's desk was, so she will have a little studio she can enjoy. Win Win Win situation!
Here's to a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year with some found fortune for all. We surely all deserve some happiness after the sadness in 2012. Purrs & Peace my pals!
& the rest of the Kitty Quartet : Maizy, Smitty & Felix

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