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Cinco de Mayo

May 5th 2011 6:20 pm
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Mom made an awesome supper tonight. We had a chance to sample some of the ingredients and we proclaim it "Muy bien"! Mom made Southwest Pasta Skillet.
It has :
1 lb boneless skinless chicken cut into bite size pieces
1/2C Green Peppers
1 Jar of salsa (or a can of diced tomatoes)
1 Can rinsed and drained black beans (or 10 oz frozen corn)
1 tub (10 oz) Philadelphia Creme Cheese Sante Fe Blend Cooking Creme
2 C Hot Rotini pasta (cooked)
1 C Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese (we just used cheddar)

You cook the chicken and the peppers in a really big non-stick skillet (medium-hi, 6 or 7 minutes or till the chicken is done.
Add the salsa, black beans, cooking creme and stir 3 more minutes
Add the pasta (see you really do need the big skillet, Mom!) and 1/2 the cheese, stir till cheese is melted
Top with the remaining cheese. Remove from heat, cover and let stand till cheese is melted.


Back to Normal?

May 4th 2011 7:01 am
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Well, Aunt Anita has packed her bags and Mom is home and unpacked. Things are slowly getting back to normal...if things are ever really normal around here!
Mom had a great trip. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is really cool. She saw Johnny Cash's black boots and Michael Jackson's glove and so many cool things. She never got to the science museum because it took so long to see everything at the Hall of Fame.
She bowled pretty well but won't know the final results for a couple more weeks bacuse there are still a few more weekends to go in the tournament. Right now, they are second in team and around 8th in doubles. They will probably get bumped down a bit, but should still cash. Erie was neat. She went up really high in a lighthouse and toured a boat called the Brig Niagara...a replica of a boat used in the war of 1812. She was fortunate to get to see it as they were supposed to sail out on Saturday, but due to some problems they were still in port.
Back on the homefront...we behaved pretty well for Aunt Anita. She did indeed spoil us rotten with extra treats, table scraps, lots of attention and a lack of discipline. She admitted to Mom that I had some of my meals on the kitchen counter...she just couldn't yell at me! One of the benefits of being really cute and charming, I suppose.
A big thank you to all my frinds for the comments and presents for my diary pick. Individual "thank yous" will be coming shortly. You guys and gals are awesome friends.
Don't forget the Cinco de Mayo Party at my friend Zach's on Thursday night. Sounds like there will be plenty of food and drinks. His parties are always loads of fun. Hop to see you there!
Purrs, Skylar


Aunt Anita is coming!

April 27th 2011 6:22 am
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Mom is going away for a couple of days...way across the state and even to Ohio. Mom is going to Erie, PA for a bowling tournament but is going to Cleveland first to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Note to Tink...Mom promises to wave as she passes through Danville on 80) Even though I will miss her, I am very excited.
When Mom goes away...Aunt Anita comes to stay with us! She spoils us rotten! We get too mooch extra treats and more lovies and get away with stuff because she won't yell at us (unless we really get out of control). Aunt Anita likes to stay up late so we will have fun with our night-time crazies! She will also slip us some table food. (Mom does too, but Aunt Anita can sometimes be a bit more generous if you know what I mean!. She also likes to watch movies so we get to snuggle with her on the recliner...last time she was here she woke to find 20lbs of Rusty asleep on her chest! Aunt Anita has known us all our lives and us older cats adore her...the younger ones are still always a little nervous the first day she is here...its like they forget who she is...but then they warm up to her too.
Aunt Anita doesn't Catster, but Mom will take her tablet and update you from the hotels if there is anything big going on. We hope we don't miss any birthdays or special occassions while we are gone...we apologize in advance if we do.
My friends the bad storms continue...we had a big thunderstorm last night with wind and hail and loud rumbling thunder...there were not enough beds to hide under!!!! Stay safe....we worry for our friends who live in tornado areas. Purrs, Skylar


Oh Mom...where have you been?

April 20th 2011 7:07 am
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I need to gripe and complain. Mom where have you been? I am not getting the attention I so deserve! You have not added new photos or written in my diary for weeks.... What's up with that?!? You haven't let me visit all my Catster friends...I miss them! you say you can explain. better be good!

My, my... a big presentation for work.....(ok.. gotta work so you can bring home the tuna! Fair enough...but that was over on Monday)

Bowling tournaments. (hmmmm well okay cause you did good in them, got your name in the newspaper and won some money ????more cat treats, maybe?)

The new tablet computer. (Yeah its cool, but its not my fault that you are cluesless about hooking up a wireless network and nearly crashed our computer with your feeble attempts to hook it up) Note...its still not hooked up!

Getting ready for Easter. (Oh did you say that the holiday where we have ham and sweet potatoes.....I love ham and sweet potatoes.....maybe I will forgive you)

Well Mom, my lovie provider, nom giver, personal groomer, litter box sanitation engineer, and better shape up...this lax behavior will not be tolerated much longer. I shall be forced to rebel. (I'm not sure how to rebel...I'm usually quite mellow, so rebellion tips from my friends will be greatly appreciated!) Any suggestions?

Purrs and love to all my friends....I'ver missed you and hope to see you all again very soon. Skylar


The Name Game!

April 12th 2011 6:30 pm
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I have been tagged by my friend Zachery to play the Name Game

Here's how it works

What's in a name?

Copy and Paste, then Tag 2 cats
If your kitties may not be known then leave their url or create a link to them. Your kitties can be anybody! Cool! Can't wait to see your answers.

1)cat with a human name Toby
2)cat named after a famous person Teddy , Bobby , and Jack (Guess who they are named after...)
3)cat named after a food or drink Oreo (one of Mom's favorites)
4)cat named after a inanimate object Kazoo
5)cat named after a celebrity or character Linus (I always think of Peanuts)
6)cat with coolest nickname I know Psycho Aiko Aiko
7)cat with the coolest name ever Chiquitita
8)cat with a name that just screams summer Marshmallow

Now tag two friends to play along...
I tag



Thunder Snow!

March 23rd 2011 7:17 pm
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Today was a pretty cool day. Mom had a snow day off from work and was here all day with us. We never got as much snow as they predicted, but we did get sleet and hail and right after supper...We had Thundersnow! It was really cool although the thunder did make me a little nervous. The flashes were so bright because of the snow on the ground. There was snow and hail falling from the sky; bright flashes of lightening and booming thunder for about half an hour. Pretty cool! Mom has seen it before, but I wasn't born yet.
Because Mom had the day off, she did some cooking today. The highlight was BACON! We only get a little bit...but we all love it!
There is a picture in my diary that was taken after supper. Percy and I are sharing a chair and we are quite captivated by something on the floor. Mommy's bedroom slippers were moving by themselves! How bizarre is that? They were actually a Christmas gift to Mommy and they vibrate to give your feet a massage while you are wearing them. Each slipper has batteries in it and a little on/off switch. Mom turned them on for us and just let them vibrate around the floor. I though it was kinda creepy. Not one of us went near them. We didn't run away...just sat and looked at the strange sight. What will Mom think of next to try to amuse us? Who knows!


Spring chickens

March 18th 2011 11:57 am
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My friends...Spring is in the air. We have seen Robins, the crocus are blooming, the daffodils will bloom soon, and the Spring Chicken is playful. The WHAT? Yes, my brother Rusty, who can really be an old fart, who at 11 years of age thinks he is an old man ...Today is a Spring Chicken. He is watching out the window and seeing all the birds and feeling the warm sun and has gotten in a playful mood. Don't get me wrong...he's not ever really's just that he doesn't play often...he's kinda lazy and cuddly for the most part. Today is another story... he is running around the house playing "Come find me" with Mom. She hides and says "Come find me" and he will go and look for her and then she chases him and the two go off running through the house. Sort of like a game of tag. But even that was not enough...he was playing with toys too. Mom came home to see him batting a ball around the floor. I guess you can call it another side of spring...when the spring chickens come out to play...I think I'll go join him... It looks like fun! Purrs, Skylar


The sheriff of the wild west

March 12th 2011 7:42 pm
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Wow, I can't believe a week has gone by since I wrote in my diary! Where does the time go? Speaking of which...Mom has turn the clock ahead tonight so we lose an hours sleep. Maybe we should go to bed earlier tonight. Besides mealtime, i love bedtime! I snuggle by Mom's feet and keep them toasty warm. I usually stay there all night unless the little one are making too much noise playing downstairs. Then I play the role of Sheriff and go downstairs and put a stop to the mayhem. Mom laughs when I do this because there is nothing I actually do. I just go and stand in the middle of the room and give the little ones "the eye". Then I turn around and go back to sleep or whatever else I was doing. Mom thinks we have some kind of silent communication. I don't hiss or growl or meow, but Roni and Maedia will settle down. It sometimes works with Percy and Rusty too. I will hear Rusty growling at Percy when he has had enough of his antics. Time for me to saunter in and break things up. Sometimes Mom will even say..."oh oh here comes the you're in trouble". So maybe in one of those passed nine lives...I lived in the Wild West with Cowboys and bad guys in a dusty old town with a corner saloon. And maybe, just maybe...I was the sheriff! Hmmmm


Heading to Bourbon Street

March 5th 2011 8:01 pm
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My buddy Zachery is planning a night out to Bourbon Street for Mardi Gras. The party bus is filling up fast! I'm really excited. We are gonna have an awesome time. The food, drinks, costumes,...ahh man I can't wait! Plus there are the beads,the cat nip-tinis, the music, and good times to be had making great memories with my friends. I'm going to try to behave myself...and keep an eye on my buddies...oh its gonna be great! Purrs, Skylar

PS...Nellie, the sweet kitty I adore and think is so cute, was today's Cat of the Day. Yay for Nellie!


Mancats and Pink

February 28th 2011 7:48 pm
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As promised Mom did go to Petco yesterday. She also went to Petsmart as they are very close to one another. She brought home some crunchy food , Fancy Feast (which was on sale cheaper than the grocery store ever sells she stocked up and with a better variety of flavors too!). She also brough home two small toys. One is an orange fluffy ball (but in a larger size. It is light enough to carry around but too big to accidentally swallow). The other is really cool. It is a 6inch thin tube with feathers on each end. I love it. It spins when you whack it with your paw. You can pick it up and toss it pretty high in the air.
The other thing Mom bought was a bow tie collar! It was not at all what she was looking for, but she didn't want to come home empty handed. It is a pink collar with a tiny black bowtie on the front. Mom took out the bell because it was driving us all nuts. (We don't go outside so we don't need to warn any birds). Mom wanted a bigger bow tie, even one that might clip on a collar would have been fine. She also wanted red! She is going to check out some Etsy shops and see if there is anything out there like that. There must be. If you guys know of anything, please feel free to send me a link in a pawmail.
I wore my new collar without any fuss. I don't usually wear one around the house. In fact...I like me new pink bow tie collar!
But here is the question to you mancats out there...what do you think of the color pink? Am I being to delicate? Will they take back my Mancat Hard Hat... I love my mancat hardhat!
Do the girls like a mancat who can wear pink? Are mean cats gonna tease me for wearing pink? This young fellow needs some advice!
Purrs, Skylar

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