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March 1st 2011 11:21 am
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MOLs!!!! Thanks furrriends fur being so concerned about me workin fur treats MOL! I love you furrrs so much! It's fun though, I swears! Mommy is gonna start ta move on and show me more stuffs ta do fur treats, but we gots ta gets the proper clicker fur that too since right now we is using just a pen click. I akshully showed one of Mommy's furrriends how kewl I was at it too yestfurday when they was rehearsing fur class.

ooooh and guess what else too-since we is growin up, Mommy let Kitty P and I akshully spend ta nights at home alone...It was a little scaries, I am not gonna lie, but it was exciting too 'cause it nevur happened where I really was tha boss of tha house...until Kitty told me she was boss that is. We has been big kits a couple of times now in the last week and it's kewwwwwls!

Anymeow, that's all fur now I guess. I wanna go thinks about a new strategy fur how ta get more treats! And my dear angel furriend Alex, MOL! you can visit us anytimes you want! we has a ghost cat Mom thinks anyways, so maybe you can tell him he doesn't have to hide!

Purrrs and Bonks,


Indiana McSmawwwwty paws!

February 28th 2011 6:53 pm
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I's a catgenius!!!!! Guess what I can does!?! All I gotta do it touch my nosie to this eraser that Mom's got, that looks like a nosie, and then I gets a TREAT!!!! OMC! I love them sooooo much! Mom said something like I is training....I guess fur that cat of tha jungle competishhhion 'cause I am tha mancat of tha jungles MOL!
It rained this weekend again so I gots ta catch a spidahhhh that came in from tha cold and he was delishhhhioush! Yum! I got in some extra cuddles too 'cause of tha cold and I evfen gots my furrriend Jacob, who always makes Mom move me when I tries ta say hi ta him, to play with me MOL! You know he thoughts I was gonna scratch his eyes out 'cause I jumped up, but I was only gonna sit next ta him.
Thanks Spaawwwwwwky fur tha cupcake! I swears I wants treats awlllls tha time so I think if I keep being good I will get more MOL!


February 8th 2011 10:44 am
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I’ve been tagged by my furrriend Colette Sidonie-Samantha!!! I looooove tag!

Here are the rules:
Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 others to keep it going.

1. Mom doesn't give me enuff treats! Enuff said!

2. Mom is always tryin ta trim my claws! I needs those things 'cause I is a tuff Mancat of tha Jungle and gotta looks intimidatin' ta all who sees me, even if I wants ta cuddles aftur I scares them!

3. Wet food...I don't know why she always puts that in front of my face! Kitty loves it-let her has it awls!...ok I do likes some of it, but I wants ta eat it when I feels like it!

4. Kissies. Ok, so I does likes tha kissies too, but not when I am awl sleepies and stretched out wif my mantummy 'sposed! And she wants ta kissies my face and my bellies!!! How would I be tuff if I let that happen, 'specially if Kitty is watchin 'cause I gots ta appears as tuff as possible in front'a her!

5. those names...she calls me poopie butt, stinky butt, booobalicious, pooka bear (you knows how I feels about that one!) and more and more. I am named fur tha great Indiana Jones, tuff guy and handsomes guy, not a cutie named fur, but an adventurfur!!!

hmmm-I tag my furrriends who wants ta play! they awls seems ta likes their moms but maybe they gots a secret that I don't knows MOL!


Pooka Bear

February 2nd 2011 10:24 am
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This is my name now 'pparrrentllly! Mommy keeps calling me Pooka Bear, like all tha othfur weird names she cawls me! I likes Indiana fur tha most part, unless she's got that meowmie tone...(you furs know what I mean right!?)...and then I mew at her and walks ta her and flops down fur some pets, 'cause I know that will distract her from tha Meowmie tone fur awhile!

So, those kittens has not come back ta visit I am happy ta reports! I got my mousies all back to myselfs and my mom too and tha bed. And I got a new Kittenator! The store had ordered one and held it fur me since they was out of stock! Boy I love that toy!!!

I even gots a new food ta try, with tha help of my Angel furrrriend Alex's meowmie! I has started tha pukies again and my booty has the deafffthhhs poopies again (it nevfur fully stopped) so Mommy thinks maybe I is not having a good time wif my Nature's Variety anymore. Kitty will eat anything, but I has a little more finesse with my food-I likes ta savur tha taste and eat slow. I had a stinky butt so Mommy got some baby wipes ta wash my bottom. I am gonna fight her on that one MOL!

Nothing else much ta reports! I made a new furrriend! He came ovfur ta picks Mommy up and I ran right inta his lap and even let him give me a belly rub fur longer than a second! It was kewl 'cause I swears he knows what mancats like, I guess 'cause he's a dude like me too. MOL!

Purrrrrs my furrriends!



January 20th 2011 11:12 am
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Thanks furrriends fur checkin my diary during tha kitteh saga! they is gone! they left early and ta tells you tha trufths, I don't really miss them one bit! MOL! Mommy does 'cause they is so cute and cuddleriffic and softs and fluffy, but so am I! I may be heavy but I am all those things, which I has been proving ta mommy again so she doesn't furgets this time, 'cause she musta furgotten and that's why she said ok ta kitteh sitting in tha furst place.

I gots my spot on tha bed back. I always had it, but I didn't wants ta sleep there 'cause I was more interested in those kittehs. I gots my toys back and don't has ta worry about a kitteh coming and tryin ta catch my mousie quicker than me. Can you believes that one kitteh was hissy with me!? I just was watching her and pretending how uninterested I was (but I had one eye open!) and then I akshully went ta gives her a sniffin ta makes sure she smelled like home and she hissed at me and so I hissed back and then she rolled ovfur on her back and showed me her belly. I know that trick 'cause I used ta does it with Kitty Pryde! You think you is backin down, but really you is getting more advantage 'cause you got awl paws out! But then Mommy came and gave me treats so it was ok...I gotta say, those kittehs are missin out with tha treats. Mommy gave us awl some and tha orange fluffernuffer kitthen named Boo liked them, but Cami didn't so I ate them and Kitty did too.

What a week with those kittehs. I guess they was ok afturall. but it's good ta has a home of my own and Kitty's again!


PS=thanks fur tha comments and ta Spawwwky fur tha cake from his Mom fur being proud of me! I love my furrriends!


these kittehs...

January 17th 2011 11:20 am
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Ok, I know I is a tuff guy, but I think my tuffness is going a little soft. These kittehs are still here, but they are goin home tonight instead of Wednesday. Kitty is more patient and just watches them and kinda sniffs their area, but me, I was still bossy pants. Last night though, those kittehs explored tha partment more and came in tha living room and I let them and just watched and then took a nap. One of them gave me a hissy, so a'course I hissied back, but I wouldn't have if she didn't starts it. They is still in tha othfur room right now but Mommy said she may crack tha door ta let them explores again if I want...well this morning when they went into tha beddie room from tha bathroom I didn't hiss at all, but I did when Mommy was in tha bathroom and I went in ta sniffies. Its cause their litter box smells like kitteh butt!

At least they go home tnight and I can had all the attenshions again!


Just call me Indiana aka Mr. Bossy Pants

January 15th 2011 3:43 pm
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My new name is Mr. Bossy Pants Mommy says. I don't know if that's a good thing or not! these kittehs aren't too bad, but still-I has ta make my presence known so I've been bossing Mommy and Kitty around. I've seen those kittehs in Mommy's arms when she's switchin them from tha bedroom to tha bathroom and at diff'rnt times they each escaped and ran out in tha living room!!! Mommy caught them, but one of them went on my climber and I just stared and stared! Kitty seems ok with them though.

I hope I like these kittehs more soon-I'm tired a'being in different rooms than evfurryone when I get bossy!



January 14th 2011 10:03 am
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these kittehs are making me like, cookoo! Well, kindas. They cames ovfur last night in their little carriers and my uncle put them down and let us sniff tha carriers, and Mommy gave us some treats. Then they were put in tha beddie room, my beddie room where I sleeps at night! Well I sleeps wherevfur Mommy sleeps and it's usually tha beddie room. Then Mommy came out and we played a lot and it was lots a'fun. Then she went back in tha beddie room and I was playin with my mousie from under tha door and then I got really curious and crouched realllllly low and saw one of those kittehs with my own eye! I sawed them the othfur day but this time it was diff'rnt 'cause I knew they was staying. And then I left tha door and hung out in tha living room with Kitty Pryde and Mommy kept coming out ta plays and give me treats and pets and it was nice.

Then Uncle ben came out and had some toys that smelled like those stinkin kittehs. I made some grumbles and Mommy told him that he was makin me more upsets 'cause by that time I had my paw up and was ready ta punch his lights out! So he stopped bugging me with that toy and his hand (cause he lifted his hand ta me ta sniffs and that's when I got on tha offensives)
and then he left. And it was just us, Mommy and those kittehs.

Mommy slept in tha living room wif us and had my favfurite blankie so that was good, but she woked up a few times and checked on those kittehs, but by this time they was scared so didn't wanna come out from under tha bed and didn't even eats their dinner. Well this morning too I was grumblypuss all ovfur again and I swears I wasn't all night! And in my grumbles I made a flyin leap at Kitty and landed on her so a'course she got mad and couldn't run into tha beddie room ta get away! But I stopped-I just had ta 'sress my feelings of confushhions somehow.

So this is what happened next-Mommy took our big litter box out of tha bathroom and put those kitteh's box in there insteads and then she put those kitteh's bowls and water in there too-they hadn't gone potty eithfur ovfurnight... so Mommy thought maybe since they was scared wiftout their poppa that they would feel safers in a smaller space while she was out ta works. and also Kitty and I would has our space agains. Mommy sprayed some scent stuffs all ovfur tha rug under tha beddie where those kittehs spent tha night, so it didn't smells much like them in there anymore. And then Mommy put one of our climber things in there too-the baftroom, since we don't climbs on it anyway,and these kittehs akshully was on it Mommy said, and they stopped hiding 'cause one of them who is all fluff and orange kept hiding in her carrier, even tho she let Mommy cradle her tha night befur fur some affecshhions.

So right now tha kittehs are in tha baftroom-Kitty and I gots ta rest of tha house, though Mommy says if I am still really upsets that maybe Kitty or I can hangs out in tha beddie room fur a little bit ta calms down. Is it mean ta leave those kitties in there fur tha time bein? I keep tellin Mommy, wif my grumbles a'course, that she's doing tha fair thing, but I think she thinks she is bein means. See, our uncle didn't want tha kittens to be left alones and only get visits sometimes during tha day, since they is only 9 months and nevfur been away from him, but when Mommy said that they might do better in tha baftroom a couple a'days, he didn't seem ta likes tha sound a'that, but I swears I think it's fur safety or somethin.

Anymeow, that's how tha furst night wif tha kittehs went. They is cute akshully when I isn't grumbling at my dinner or at my mom. One is named Boo, which is what Mommy calls me sometimes, so I hope that she doesn't furget who got that name furrrst (mee!) and tha othfur is Cami 'cause she's like awl diff'rnt colors, some like mine, some like her sisfur.

You thinks I will surfive this sishhuashhion?! I guess tha treats are good... MOL!


tha smells of somethin awwwwwfuls!

January 13th 2011 12:42 pm
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I didn't get ta writes about it befur, but oh Cat! there was tha stink of other kits in my house tha othfur day...and my Uncle Ben too, so it's like I was confooosed at if it was a good smell or a bad smell, 'cause I likes my Uncle, but kits???!
Well-that's exactly what it was! he brought these two little kits ovfur, one's orange and floofy and a girl akshully, called Boo, and tha othfur looks a lot like me but it's like she's got two faces 'cause in tha middle of her nose there's like a line tha splits tha colors in two so one side is one color and tha othfur side is another color. She's even got diff'rnt color toesies, and her name is Cami.
Mommy and uncle went into tha beddie room ta let the kits out and explores a little while I kept a sharp watch of them under tha door. Kitty did too-we was like, Mom what's this?! I didn't hiss at tha carriers, but I hissed a little at Mommy, just ta tells her I was kinda worrisomes, but you know what happens when I gets close to those carriers or spies under tha door?? I get treats! Turkey and yummmies and so I started ta grumbles and eated my treats at tha same time.
And then, this Cami girl was playin wif one of my mousie toys...It was ok 'cause she's smallish so I knew she wasn't gonna chews him ta pieces, but I mewed some mores. Mommy kept coming in and out of tha room that held uncle and tha kits. Then I wasn't interested anymore until Mommy tried ta leave me!!! So uncle got those kits and put them in their carriers and said bye.

flash to today and I hears that these kits are coming back and staying fur a few days....what's I ta do about this sissshuashion?! Should I hiss and show those girls who's tha boss (a'course Kitty might hiss too even if she didn't last time) or should I just try ta eats as many treats as I can? Mommy said that we is not gonna be togethfurs with those kits so they is gonna hang in tha small room when she is not home and if we is hissy and grumbly free then maybe I can sniffs them more.

I am 'cited and scared fur this advenshuuure...


Catching up

January 12th 2011 9:13 am
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It's been so long since I felt up ta writing in my diary. It's been busy busy fur me at homes, keeping tha place under controls! Christmas came and New Years and now we is in January 2011! I cannot believes it! I was born in only 2008 so it seems like time happens sooo fast!

I had a nice holiday time with my mom and Kitty Pryde. We did a whole lotta cuddling and playing and eating and sleeping 'cause Mommy decided ta stay here fur tha holidays and spend them with us! I actually started ta gets fussy 'cause I was so happy ta has her here that I wanted ta has all the attenshions all to myselfs-sorry sisfur.

I got tha cooooolest toy this year and I keep playing with it so much that Mommy has already replaced it a few times MOL! it's a Kittenator by Neko Flies and it's like a mousie fur real-I sees it and I cries! And I get treats fur catchin it, so I always make sure ta bring it to tha drawers where Mommy keeps treats thru-out tha 'partment!

I even gots two new blankies ta suckles on! Mommy got one and I liked it so much that it became my new sleepy place and wherevfur it was, so was I and Mommy liked it so much that she kept taking it from tha beddie to tha living room MOL! so we gots two now, one fur each room!

It rained a lot too! We only has had rain a few short times, but this was like really loud! I usually likes ta try and see what is outside tha front door, but I wasn't that interested ta tells you tha troofs when it was rainy out.

I hope all my furrriends are having a happy day!

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