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The Adventures of Indiana Jones


January 14th 2011 10:03 am
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these kittehs are making me like, cookoo! Well, kindas. They cames ovfur last night in their little carriers and my uncle put them down and let us sniff tha carriers, and Mommy gave us some treats. Then they were put in tha beddie room, my beddie room where I sleeps at night! Well I sleeps wherevfur Mommy sleeps and it's usually tha beddie room. Then Mommy came out and we played a lot and it was lots a'fun. Then she went back in tha beddie room and I was playin with my mousie from under tha door and then I got really curious and crouched realllllly low and saw one of those kittehs with my own eye! I sawed them the othfur day but this time it was diff'rnt 'cause I knew they was staying. And then I left tha door and hung out in tha living room with Kitty Pryde and Mommy kept coming out ta plays and give me treats and pets and it was nice.

Then Uncle ben came out and had some toys that smelled like those stinkin kittehs. I made some grumbles and Mommy told him that he was makin me more upsets 'cause by that time I had my paw up and was ready ta punch his lights out! So he stopped bugging me with that toy and his hand (cause he lifted his hand ta me ta sniffs and that's when I got on tha offensives)
and then he left. And it was just us, Mommy and those kittehs.

Mommy slept in tha living room wif us and had my favfurite blankie so that was good, but she woked up a few times and checked on those kittehs, but by this time they was scared so didn't wanna come out from under tha bed and didn't even eats their dinner. Well this morning too I was grumblypuss all ovfur again and I swears I wasn't all night! And in my grumbles I made a flyin leap at Kitty and landed on her so a'course she got mad and couldn't run into tha beddie room ta get away! But I stopped-I just had ta 'sress my feelings of confushhions somehow.

So this is what happened next-Mommy took our big litter box out of tha bathroom and put those kitteh's box in there insteads and then she put those kitteh's bowls and water in there too-they hadn't gone potty eithfur ovfurnight... so Mommy thought maybe since they was scared wiftout their poppa that they would feel safers in a smaller space while she was out ta works. and also Kitty and I would has our space agains. Mommy sprayed some scent stuffs all ovfur tha rug under tha beddie where those kittehs spent tha night, so it didn't smells much like them in there anymore. And then Mommy put one of our climber things in there too-the baftroom, since we don't climbs on it anyway,and these kittehs akshully was on it Mommy said, and they stopped hiding 'cause one of them who is all fluff and orange kept hiding in her carrier, even tho she let Mommy cradle her tha night befur fur some affecshhions.

So right now tha kittehs are in tha baftroom-Kitty and I gots ta rest of tha house, though Mommy says if I am still really upsets that maybe Kitty or I can hangs out in tha beddie room fur a little bit ta calms down. Is it mean ta leave those kitties in there fur tha time bein? I keep tellin Mommy, wif my grumbles a'course, that she's doing tha fair thing, but I think she thinks she is bein means. See, our uncle didn't want tha kittens to be left alones and only get visits sometimes during tha day, since they is only 9 months and nevfur been away from him, but when Mommy said that they might do better in tha baftroom a couple a'days, he didn't seem ta likes tha sound a'that, but I swears I think it's fur safety or somethin.

Anymeow, that's how tha furst night wif tha kittehs went. They is cute akshully when I isn't grumbling at my dinner or at my mom. One is named Boo, which is what Mommy calls me sometimes, so I hope that she doesn't furget who got that name furrrst (mee!) and tha othfur is Cami 'cause she's like awl diff'rnt colors, some like mine, some like her sisfur.

You thinks I will surfive this sishhuashhion?! I guess tha treats are good... MOL!

Purred by: Lisa P

January 14th 2011 at 10:19 am

HAHAHAHAHA, poor Indy! I think you'll survive. In the meantime, GREAT story telling! Love it!
Purred by: (My Angel) Colette (Catster Member)

January 14th 2011 at 12:19 pm

Indy, it isn't a question of whether or not you'll survive. The question is whether or not you make effurybody else so miserable that they'll want to kill themselves. Giggles.




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