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booty aches

June 29th 2009 11:57 am
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My booty hurts!!! Mom made me get the two needles at the vet doc and it stinks! wait'll she tries to give me the medicines that they gave her too-that'll be fun! meow-how-how-how!

I guess I am not so sore though that I can't jump in my window or anything, but then again, Mom has the furniture set up so that way its only a coupl'a hops away. Sometimes I like the hard way though and I try to climb the back of the couch, which makes me struggle like she said to the vet doc.

I barfed too. Well, Mom thinks it was me-even though Kitty was the one with the barfing problem. It was full kibbles and it was on my window sill that Kitty and I take turns on. I guess it must be the shots.

There's one good sign tho! When Mom was gettin ready this morning she looked down and one of my back paws looked kinda straight. So maybe I was all sores and the shots are helpin-BUT DON'T TELL MOM CAUSE THEN SHE'LL GET ME MORES!

I guess I gots to get ready fur the vet doc though next weekend 'cause I am purrrty sure she is gonna want me to get those xrays. That makes me feel like hissing!

Oh, I must say thank you though to my furrriend Allie, Baily, baby Maggie and the rest of them fur the Power of the Paw! I am so lucky to have other furriends to help me get better so thanks furry much! And thanks fur the suggestions from evfurry one else for the stairs and the medicines info too!

Thank you Catster fur helpin a little kit in this big world!

Purred by: Allie (Catster Member)

June 30th 2009 at 3:55 am

So sorry that you're having to go through all of this but your Mom loves you and she's just trying to help you feel good. We've had our share of troubles with our sister Kira and lots of vet visits and even surgery so we know how scary all of this can be for a kitty and his Mom.


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