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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

More uh-ohs

April 30th 2009 3:39 pm
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SO, I needed a turn on the 'puter. Mommy said the other day she's mad at Uncle Ben. I like him a whole lot, but she said he let me do too much stuff I'm not supposed to do, like go outside, even tho he was sitting wif me when I did. I just like to smell the smells and have an adventure. There's another kitty too who lives right by me cuz Mommy has seen him in the window and I can smell him. I think it's a him? I would like a friend. I have my sister but I think she gets mad sometimes when I wanna play.

So Back to Uncle Ben tho-well, he let me go outside and Mom says I am an indoor cat. But when she comes home I see her in the window and run to the door to wait for her. My sis Kitty does too, but she doesn't jump on Mom right away. That's all I'm doin, but the other day, I thought it was funny, Mom was coming in and had a big box, so she blocked the door where I usually jump out, so I jumped so high to try to get past her! She caught me but I almost got out too! She said "no no no!" but I just want to see. I'm not goin anywheres, but trufly, I wasn't so interested in outside before I stayed at Uncle's and that's why Mom is not happy. She says that there's animals that are dangerous for me to play wif. I'm gonna try to stay in, but I hope if she sits wif me, that I am allowed to see outside more.


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