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The ick ick.

August 14th 2009 10:28 am
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So, someone got all barfy last night and threwed up some of the fishies Mommy gave us fur dinner-I used to throw up sometimes a long time ago, and Mommy thinks Indiana did about a month ago-but Mommy doesn't know who did it this time and we sure aren't gonna tell her!!! She gave us the Wellness canned stuffs last night, which I loooove and Indy has a love/hate relashionshipp with, and we didn't want this can, even though it is the same stuff as the Avoderm sardine/crab/shrimpie stuff, only it's mushy and not in pieces and gooopie! Well, I like the Wellness and Indy likes that goop crap, so she ended up opening the goop stuffs and put it on the other food (which had Indy's cosequin sprinkled on it so he reallly needs to eat up!) hoping Indy would fall fur it and he did! But not fur long. And so I thought I would just break down and eat that goop crap 'cause I wasn't gettin anything else and I ate some.

Then, I retreated to my corner to clean my pretty paws and Indy and Mommy started to play with the Cat Dancer (sooo much fun nows!) and then that's when she saw it. The ick ick.

Well...who did it?! Mommy looked at me and I gave her some slow blinks and Indy just sat and tried to play wif his toy himselfs. Mommy cleaned it up and it looked like fishie guts, and Indy had mores, so she thinks it was him. Again, we shall nevfur tell because if it's me then that means no more wet foods! and since Indy doesn't like wet foods much anyways, then we won't gets it at alls!

SOOO....I hope there is no ick ick laters today. Mommy will be checking.



Kneading my Mommy

August 12th 2009 10:23 am
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This morning was furry specials fur me and Mommy. Well, instead of letting her get ready fur work, I decided to be here belly warmer (which was good 'cause Mommy had a tummy ache) and layed on her belly and made some biscuits on her. Sometimes I do it more than othfur times, unlike my brofur Indy who can't stop! MOL! So yah, Mommy wasn't late or anything and made sure I got the cuddles in befure she left, since I don't sleep with her so much anymore. I get the purrrrs alls the time with Mommy. She just has to say "hi Kittttty" and they just come out of nowhere's really.

Mommy gave us some 'nip last night and it made Indiana realllly goofy MOL! He was rolling around and doing kitty dances hehehe. I had more fun watchin him this time that I had with my own 'nip! Which is funny aksually since I am a 'nip lovfur myself, where he nevfur seems too inturrested in it.

Oh boys!!! My furrriend Hootch put the best diary up! Furrrst, I have to say that I am soooo furry happy he may get to stay away from the vetdoc till Friday! Which makes me remembers-I need to go and get a shot soon fur my 1st year annifursiry-eeek!

Anyways, so please purrr for Hootch and his furmily and his huuuman brofur too! Check out this story about "Ugly" the cat, who had an amazing heart. I hope one day I meet him at the Rainbow Bridge because I wasn't lucky enuff to meet him when he was here. lings/613341



where did all my treats go?

August 10th 2009 2:45 pm
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So weird, but I was just checking out my own diary page just because, and all my treats were gones! What's the deal with that? So, is it bad? MOL! I gave myself one! meow-hew-hew-hew!

I am so proud of my brofuer today. He is DDP and has made some new furriends and gotten all these special gifts. He is one lucky boy, that's fur sure! I guess that means I have to let him play with me today-no getting hissy or grummbly.



Diary Pick!!!

August 8th 2009 10:09 pm
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Oh mans!!! Thank you again fur making me diary pick, to all the catster powers that pick us. I am sooo excited! And I almost missed it today too because Mommy is sick and couldn't help me write, but I told her I had a special feeling we had to check catster, just to check on my furriends and how they are, and we found out!!!

Thank you Hazel Lucy and Buddie and yr furmilies fur sending me pawmail messages with the good news! I am sooo happy that we are furriends =)

And thanks Ivan fur the concats too!

Thanks to Oliver and Dewey too fur the ice cream cone! (one of my favorites! yay!)

And thanks to Hooch fur the pink badge =) Please evfurry one who reads my diary, please put yr paws together and pray fur Hooch to be fully healthy again soon! It makes me so sad to hear about the other kitties who might not be feeling good.

Ohh, and I have to thank my furriend Riley fur sending me a message to thank me fur the watermelon =) He got the fixed stuff like me and so I hope he feels good soon, he and his brofur.

Not much happened today because Mommy wasn't feeling good. She pretty much slept a lot and so I thought I should cuddle with her and layed on her chest and gave her some kissy kisses and rubbed my cheeks on her cheeks. Now I just am chilling out and all. We played with the crinkle tunnel fur awhile-I like to chase the feathers that Mommy puts inside there. Indy hasn't been bothering me either, which is nice fur a change. Must be 'cause I got diary pick!

Thank you again! I am so happy!

Many cuddles,



August 7th 2009 11:14 am
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I have the weepies today. I was reading my furriends diaries and saw that a really nice kitty named Tyler went to the Bridge. He looked pawsome and his mom made my furriend Buddie's mom a really nice painting too!

Well, it makes me sad because I wish no kitty had to evfur leave their furmilies to go to the bridge. I know it's a beautiful place but I would miss my mommy and even my annoying brofur.
(even though he gave me the morning grummbles and hissies today and even gave me the evening grummbles and hissies last night!)

That as on my brain this morning.

In other news, by furriend Ivan is being naughty and it's pawsome! Well, it's not naughty to us furries-he found loves in a plastic bag-loves as in...loves to crinkle it!!! MOL!

It's not as hott today so Mommy just left the fans on-I plan on sitting in front of it all day, but check this out! My brofur now is trying to sit in all my places! What gives?

Sad and grummmbly yours,


the rugs

August 4th 2009 12:51 pm
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Not wure why, but I decided to try and pull up the carpet in the corner in the living room-and not just any corner, but the smallest squeeze corner fur me to fit in! Mommy heard me and said my name..."kitty?" and I turned and looked and went back to business. Well, now what she did was put that stupid scratcher that we never use, 'cause it's not as cool as the other ones, in the corner so I can't get to my rug! What gives Mommy? I don't scratch the other stuff or do things I'm not s'possed to do?

Well, aftur Mommy blocked it, I gave it some time and tried again, but that silly scratch didn't fall out of my way. I'll try again-just wait.

And then, what did Mommy do aftur that? She fell all sleepy sleep on the couch and it was sooo early! She did play with us though, with these new feather toys and even though she got two on purpose and played with them the same time, Indy and I kept going fur the same one.

I guess that's all to report fur now. Mommy put my dvd on this morning before she left, but then changed her mind and put the easy musics on instead. I like that better right now so it made me happy. OOOH! And aftur today, no more loud air blowy thing besides my fan! The hottness is supposed to go down and that makes me furry furry happy!


Meeeuuuuwwsics I likes

August 3rd 2009 3:44 pm
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Well, lately Mommy has been trying to listen to more musics instead of having the tv on fur background noises fur us when we are home, since I only like the tv really anyways when my kitty dvd is on, and even then I don't always watch.

I really decided I like Radiohead a whole lot and this other lady called Gaga, in additions to the music Mommy leaves playing on the tv when she goes to works, which is soundscapes and I think the easy listening stuffs. I just curl up on the chair and look at the radio machine and listen. It's pretty coool akshually. Indy doesn't notice so much but he did notice it when Mommy tried to dance and record his reactions at the same time MOL!!! He just looked at her like she was silly! (she was akshaully!)

I don't sing along really, but Indy makes chirpy chirps and stuffs but mostly he just looks at Mommy crazy like and then goes to sleepy. I like the musics fur sure though, except in the car! I only likes the musics in the car if Mommy is the musician and is making songs up fur me like she does. Oh man! When she does that I fall right to sleep like her little baby girl should!


Hello Kitty

August 2nd 2009 10:56 am
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OMCC!!! I have to have to have to have this costume that Mom showed me online. It is a Hello Kitty costume fur kitties like myself and since I am alreadys all white, it is purrrfect. I know Hello Kitty has been around fur awhile, longer than me, but I just knows that it is based on me 'cause the powers in the Sanrio furmily knew I was coming aalong and purrfectly purrty! I wish I could put the picture up of it, but I don't want to add a pic of a kitty who isn't me =)

I got the cuddly cuddles last night with Mommy. But, uh-oh....Indy had the morning jitters-more like the morning speedracerzzzz, so I got the morning grummbles and all. I just wanted to runs back n forth in my actual crinkly tunnel-my morning laps akshually 'cause I am trying to be fit, but he kept chasing me and squishing the tunnel on me when I was doing my laps thru it!

Brofurs are silly. What can I do? Mommy gave him a time out, but by the time she wokedid up agains, I had opened the door to where his time out was and he was out! And cuddling with Mommy on the couch, 'cause she moved to sleep there in the morning during the jittery/grummmbly situation.

Nothing else is happening. I like weekends 'cause Mommy is home alll day, but she is leaving us early and then coming back late! How are we supposed to play!?! I'm kinda mad.

Hope you all have a furry happy weekend in Catster land.

ps. I had a dream about my cute furrriend Riley! He is still so young-since I am a year now and he isn't, but he still makes me blush! I woke up with pink cheekies like my Mommy gets all the time MOL!


Purrrs for Hootch

July 31st 2009 3:13 pm
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Hi there. I am so worried! My furriend Hootch is so furry sick and while I have not met him in purrson, I can't stop thinking about him right now.

Here is his page (I'm sorry I don't know how to link it by name)

Please send him lots of purrrs and wishes fur him to get better soon because we don't want him to be hurting anymore and we don't want his furmily to be hurting eithfur.




July 30th 2009 12:34 pm
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Oh wow... I got a kiss from my furriend Riley! I don't know what to say excepts Meow! and Thank you! I'm so embarrased and so happy too! Who would've known that you could have so many feelings at once! MOL! What does it all mean? It makes me happy fur sure though. He's cute-Kinda looks like me akshually.

Thank you Riley. I'm purrry happy!

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