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Delishioushness is a spid-aah

August 31st 2009 12:13 pm
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I got to chew on a delishious spider this morning before Mommy took it away and flushed it in that water tunnel.
Mommy doesn't even know where it came from (that's my secret!) only that when she finally got up fur the works today, I was playin with somethin by my scratcher in the bedroom.
Soooo, she got up and rubbed her eyes 'cause she thought I was just playin with the ball maybe there, but no, it was a little buggie! And she got all icky gross like but I just kept tryin to eat him, but I guess he kept fallin out of my mouth er somethings.
Soooo, Mommy got some toilet paper and tried to pick it up in-between my trying to eat him fully, but was afraid she would touch it with her hand 'cause she only had a tiny piece of the papers-seriously-why be afraids! It's yum yum!

But alas, Mommy got a big ol' tissue and when I wasn't lookin, she got up my yum yum and flushed it. I looked fur it fur a few minutes just to make sures it didn't spring back to lifes again.

I guess Mommy thinks, what if it was poisonous, but I am tuff.

Anyways, so that was alls. It was fun this morning to almost eat a whole spid-ah!


I chased a bug!?!!!!

August 29th 2009 2:09 pm
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A HUUUUGE buggie flew into the house yestfurday! I saw it right aways and ran ran ran and jumped onto the dresser thing in the living room and watched. and waited. and watched some mores. I saw it-it had big ol' wings that were flapping aways and Mommy called it a moth I thinks. Well, it was flapping and then Indy got curious and wanted to see what I was watching, but Mommy had to go out fur a few so wanted to make sures I was ok before she left so she tried to catch it herself.
Well, she tried and it flew. again and agains. Then it moved really far from where it had been and of course, I followed and so did Indy, but I think he nevfur saw it, just thought something was there 'cause I saw something.
Finally Mommy caught it and so I didn't have to watch anymores-she didn't want me to taste it like Indy tasted the ick ick fly. But guess what! MOL! Now, I keep checkin the room all ovfur fur another buggy bug, just in case one happens to fly in and I missed it at furrrst. Mommy keeps laughing 'cause now I am her little bug watcher.

I am watchin out fur yous, you bugs!


My daily cuddles

August 27th 2009 8:28 am
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I got in some cuddlins this morning with Mommy. She was just sitting down right befures works and I looked at her and said helloooos with a big meow and she called me her babygirl and so I jumped into her lap fur some pettin n stuffs. And I know she just got out of the raining room, but I decided she needed anothfur bath so I cleaned her hands and arm and even her face a little. See, even though she's my Mommy, I gotta play the Mommy too sometimes!




August 26th 2009 10:22 am
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Fur the furst time last night, Mommy had to tell me to get out of the window and not Indy!!! I guess he is teaching me some adveshuuurous stuffs. Well, akshually, Mommy put some of that sticky stuffs on it, and I saw it sticking off, so I wanted to give it a nibble and see how it tasted.

Nothing to report otherwise, except that I sent my furrriend Riley a kissy kiss =)

It's gonna be hot so Mommy keeps leaving the air machine on but then left the kittie dvd on fur us too-I hope we can still hear the birdie sounds ovfur the loud blowy sounds!



Kissies fur Mommy

August 23rd 2009 12:46 pm
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Last night I gave Mommy some extra cuddles and kissies. I climbed up on the bed and got soooo close to her facey and just watched. Then, I nudged her hand with my nosey to get some petting action and then got realllllly close to Mommy and gave her some wet kissies on her lips! I love giving Mommy lovins =)



My furrriend Dusty Smokes is now on Catster!!!!!!!!!

August 20th 2009 9:33 pm
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Hi to my furriends! My furriend Dusty Smokes just joined catster, finally, aftur Mommy showed his Daddy mine and Indy's diarys. Will you please be his furrriend too? He's way cool and check it out! He even potty trained himself to use the toilet that his Daddy uses! All on his owns!



My life

August 18th 2009 8:57 am
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So, yesterday my brofur had his furrrst Purrday. It was a pretty good day. Mommy gave us some treats to celebrate and since Indiana looooooves treats, it was 'specially good.

I have been just being a cool kitty lately and just pawing around. I like the Cat Dance toy Mommy got us and have been playing a lot with it, and the feather toy when Mommy puts it into my crinkle tunnel-it's like I'm on a mission to catch a crinkly, feathery monster! MOL!

I got the cuddles this morning and I don't even care if it makes Mommy run behind. She sits down to check her pawmail and my pawmails befure getting dressy dressed fur works and so I get her lap fur my cuddles. It's nice cause I like to look up and then she gives me kissies all ovfur my face! Indy likes it too, even though he says he is a tuff boy. =P

That's all really. Mommy got us a jungle gym thing too and I am still trying to get used to it. I likes the inside part 'cause it's like I am in disguise and she can't find me when I hide MOL!!!

See ya!


The ick ick.

August 14th 2009 10:28 am
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So, someone got all barfy last night and threwed up some of the fishies Mommy gave us fur dinner-I used to throw up sometimes a long time ago, and Mommy thinks Indiana did about a month ago-but Mommy doesn't know who did it this time and we sure aren't gonna tell her!!! She gave us the Wellness canned stuffs last night, which I loooove and Indy has a love/hate relashionshipp with, and we didn't want this can, even though it is the same stuff as the Avoderm sardine/crab/shrimpie stuff, only it's mushy and not in pieces and gooopie! Well, I like the Wellness and Indy likes that goop crap, so she ended up opening the goop stuffs and put it on the other food (which had Indy's cosequin sprinkled on it so he reallly needs to eat up!) hoping Indy would fall fur it and he did! But not fur long. And so I thought I would just break down and eat that goop crap 'cause I wasn't gettin anything else and I ate some.

Then, I retreated to my corner to clean my pretty paws and Indy and Mommy started to play with the Cat Dancer (sooo much fun nows!) and then that's when she saw it. The ick ick.

Well...who did it?! Mommy looked at me and I gave her some slow blinks and Indy just sat and tried to play wif his toy himselfs. Mommy cleaned it up and it looked like fishie guts, and Indy had mores, so she thinks it was him. Again, we shall nevfur tell because if it's me then that means no more wet foods! and since Indy doesn't like wet foods much anyways, then we won't gets it at alls!

SOOO....I hope there is no ick ick laters today. Mommy will be checking.



Kneading my Mommy

August 12th 2009 10:23 am
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This morning was furry specials fur me and Mommy. Well, instead of letting her get ready fur work, I decided to be here belly warmer (which was good 'cause Mommy had a tummy ache) and layed on her belly and made some biscuits on her. Sometimes I do it more than othfur times, unlike my brofur Indy who can't stop! MOL! So yah, Mommy wasn't late or anything and made sure I got the cuddles in befure she left, since I don't sleep with her so much anymore. I get the purrrrs alls the time with Mommy. She just has to say "hi Kittttty" and they just come out of nowhere's really.

Mommy gave us some 'nip last night and it made Indiana realllly goofy MOL! He was rolling around and doing kitty dances hehehe. I had more fun watchin him this time that I had with my own 'nip! Which is funny aksually since I am a 'nip lovfur myself, where he nevfur seems too inturrested in it.

Oh boys!!! My furrriend Hootch put the best diary up! Furrrst, I have to say that I am soooo furry happy he may get to stay away from the vetdoc till Friday! Which makes me remembers-I need to go and get a shot soon fur my 1st year annifursiry-eeek!

Anyways, so please purrr for Hootch and his furmily and his huuuman brofur too! Check out this story about "Ugly" the cat, who had an amazing heart. I hope one day I meet him at the Rainbow Bridge because I wasn't lucky enuff to meet him when he was here. lings/613341



where did all my treats go?

August 10th 2009 2:45 pm
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So weird, but I was just checking out my own diary page just because, and all my treats were gones! What's the deal with that? So, is it bad? MOL! I gave myself one! meow-hew-hew-hew!

I am so proud of my brofuer today. He is DDP and has made some new furriends and gotten all these special gifts. He is one lucky boy, that's fur sure! I guess that means I have to let him play with me today-no getting hissy or grummbly.


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