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Only The Good Die Young

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Havin' Fun!

October 9th 2011 10:26 pm
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And by having fun, I mean being as stinky as possible. For all you younger kits, this is one of the advantages of old age - you get to do whatever you want. MOL MOL! Things are going pretty good here. Except for when my momma put a box right in front of one of my places to sleep in the dining room. I had to meow and meow until she moved it. Sometimes you just can't get good help - I know what I am paying these people in affection and them getting to pet me, and I think it may be a bit too much. Maybe it is time to go leave a stinky behind her chair again - hee hee!

My favorite kind of FF for right now is the regular "feast" kind. I used to be a gravy girl, I went through a cheese phase, and now I am all about the regular feast. I even went through a dry food phase for a little bit - I just like to mix it up!


I've Still Got That Hunting Instinct

October 13th 2011 12:05 am
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I used to be a mighty huntress when I was an indoor-outdoor cat. I decapitated more birds than you would know what to do with - I would leave the heads for my humans on the front porch. I've gotten some little lizards inside, but there is not a whole lot. But tonight I pointed out a big nasty roach to my momma and she killed it dead. So even at 18, I've still got some of that hunting instinct left! It isn't a bird head, but it is something!

Now to go hunt down some Fancy Feast . . .


Getting Cooler!

October 28th 2011 12:25 am
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Sorry if I missed any furiends' diary picks or anything - it was hard when our diaries weren't working, then my humans were real busy. I really need some better servants, I don't know why they can't devote 100% of their time to me - after all, I am the Queen. Oh well, at least they are still doing pretty good on the food providing, so that's something.

It is getting cooler here, and I don't like it. You know I am a big fan of sun spots, and that nasty wet stuff and clouds stole my sun spot. I don't know who that rain thinks they are, but you don't mess with me or my sun spots! Hiss!!

I got up a nasty big hairball the other day. I sure am glad to have that gone!


Happy Fall!

November 6th 2011 1:35 am
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So it is fall and I am doing pretty good. It has gotten a little cooler, so I have been snuggling with the dog some (shhhh, keep it a secret!) I'm still meowing like crazy for more Fancy Feast - I can never get enough of it! And I have been eating dry food a lot too - I am a very hungry girl! My humans think my appetite is actually better than it was a couple of years ago. I think all the brushing is helping me feel better. I really like it. And I am being really affectionate too! Hope y'all are having as good a fall as I am!


Should I Decide to Use the Box?

November 16th 2011 12:21 am
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My humans went out of town this weekend and it made me mad. How dare they go and leave me alone??? And with only one serving of Fancy Feast! I know I had dry food too, but I deserve my FF on an hourly basis! So I made a stinky mess for them. And I am still kinda peeved and not back to using the box.

I think my momma recognizes her mistake though, since I have been getting plenty of pets and Fancy Feast now. So maybe I should be nice and take pity on her (and her carpet cleaner) and decide to use the box? Or should I keep teaching her a lesson??


I'm a DDP!

November 19th 2011 9:57 am
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I guess the Diary Gal likes stories about me making messes - MOL! I think she likes the stories more than my momma likes the messes anyways.

Things are back to normal around here - at least for a while. My girls are supposed to be coming home for Thanksgiving. I'm real happy about that. But they'll probably bring the Whitley dog and that Maurice cat - I don't know if I'm too happy about him coming home. The humans are hoping I won't go all hissy again and will play some like the last time he was home - they'll just have to see. I'm hoping I can nab some Thanksgiving day turkey - yum yum yum!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th 2011 11:13 pm
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Hope all my furiends had a purrfect Thanksgiving! I had a pretty good one - I got some turkey and some Fancy Feast Turkey. I'm thankful for a lot - my Fancy Feast, getting lots of pets, sunspots, warm fleece blankets, my peoples, Fancy Feast, well, you get the idea. I am not so thankful that that Maurice cat is home. He is HUGE and he likes to fly down at me and try to jump on me. He says he is playing - well, I am not interested! At least he's been leaving my Fancy Feast alone, otherwise we'd have a serious problem on our hands. He did use my box, and I didn't like that. He has his own box. The momma said I shouldn't be upset since I don't even like using my box. Well, it's MY box to use or not use as I choose, not his!


Christmas Cards

November 29th 2011 11:09 pm
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Well, things are back to being more calm around here since Maurice and Whitley and my girls all went back to Austin. I miss my girls, but I can't say I'm too sad about having my box to myself and not being pounced on by the flying gigantic cat, AKA Maurice. He is really getting to be giant. I think he was easier to handle when he was just a kitten. He thinks he still is a kitten and can fit into places that he can't. But I did get some extra love and pets while my girls were home, so that part was nice. I was on pretty good behavior, and was even using my box for most of the time.

If anycat would like to exchange Christmas cards with me, send me a pawmail with your address. And I'm wishing all my pals a meowy Christmas or happy Hannukkat, or whatever you celebrate. I hope y'all can get some nice presents and treats since we deserve it!


Christmas Cards Reminder

December 7th 2011 12:19 am
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Just wanted to remind all my pals - if you'd like to exchange Christmas cards with me send me a pawmail.

I've been doing pretty good. It has gotten COLD here, so I've been snuggling down and trying to keep warm. All my sunspots have disappeared too. I wish they'd come back, but it doesn't seem to likely since the skies are always gray and cloudy during the winter.

I am looking forward to Christmas and hoping I get some yummy treats. I think Santa Paws will come through even though I'm not always a "good" girl. At least he better! Or else, hmmmm, I'll find a way to make him pay! Hee hee!


Who's Afraid of Santa Paws??

December 12th 2011 11:06 pm
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I think it might be me!

I've been being such a good girl lately - I have been doing ALL my business in my box for days now, momma can't remember the last time I was so good. She don't know what is causin' it, but she are happy. And she is doing a real good job cleaning out my box immediately once I go too. She wants to do everything to encourage it.

But I know the real reason why I've been good lately. I's been hearing all this "Santa Paws" talk and how he watches you ALL the time and only gives good little kitties present. Well, I know I am purrfect, but what if this Santa Paws didn't know that? So I've been trying to be a little extra good lately - I want my treats! MOL!

My Catmus cards are also in the mail now - so be on the lookout for one!

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