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The Diary of a girl who's seen it all........but her mommy doesn't know- WHERE!!!!


September 10th 2010 6:04 pm
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There is no way we could just adopt her out! It has been pretty obvious for MANY months now!!!!! So even though she is still in her room (she get's 2-4 hours out a day and she can see everything that goes on through her baby gates)I think we can make it work out soon! I just need help actually tranitioning her to have contact with Seth. FINNALLY afte more than a year she is actually only sticking her paws out at him shen he is near her gate. Never hissing (he does that!) and just reaching out to him. That is what they were supposed to do REALLY soon after she came up here! Oh well over a year later and she is where she should have been over a year ago. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.. I think it will work out - now JUST if I can get a vet to help me with the introduction!!!! WISH US ALL LUCK!!!!!!


This is not good......

July 8th 2009 8:59 am
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The boy cat out there is vomiting. I even feel a bit bad for him. I mean it is harder on ME to be mad at a cat that is sick!!!! He comes by my gate more to smell my fancy feast ( he is getting pretty brave). I think they took his good food away. I would puke if they gave me that junky food too (I think - what if it is BETTER than MINE!!!!???) It can't be better, he won't eat it. Anyway I even find myself wishing he felt better. It is no fun being mad at a sick boy!!!!! far so good.....

June 30th 2009 1:59 pm
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I mean I have to say that it is cleaner in this room. Although there is less room to roam around, it is better than the basement. I was still stressed about moving up here, mostly because of that stupid boy cat up here. I even didn't touch my plate of food for nearly a whole day! My mommy came and sat next to the door and talked to me and I came over to let her pet me. It's the least I could do, as she looked pretty lonely and pathetic on the floor (you should have seen her try to get up off the floor - priceless!) Anyway I was pretty hungry by then, and even though that stupid Seth was within my view, I still ate and didn't even hiss. Usually I hiss growl and smack at the baby gate (kind of like a lynx I think!), but this time I was hungry and enjoying the food, plus mommy was right there in front of me, so it wasn't as bad. He just sat there too, so it was not nearly as aggrevating as usual!
I am only taking this one day at a time though - never can tell!!!!!


My first day in the little jail cell.......

June 28th 2009 11:39 am
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The nice lady picked me up and put me in a carrrier and brought me upstairs (out of the awfull basement) into a tiny room. She put these large things at the door opening (called baby gates) so I can not get out and get to that HORRIBLE cat in the house that she calls Seth. I can still hiss at him and hit these stupid baby gates though, thay can't take THAT away form me!!!! He is so scared of me that at first he hid under the furniture in the front room, although he has the NERVE to sit the beautiful big windows in teh kitchen that USED to be MINE before I attacked him and got moved back to the basement. This room has a large cage in it with soft blankets. It has a nice table I can sit on in front of 2 large windows and it has a climbing/play thing that I can hide in and scratch and play and climb on! Oh, it also has my potty and my food and water. I have a LOT of food. I think it may be beacause it looks really hard to get in here, so I think the lady wanted to stock me up for a while! LOL! All in all the room is PRETTY good, but it has it's downfalls.....
1) I can see that horrible boy cat, but can NOT get to him...
2) There are NO BUGS!!!! I like to hunt them! (even though my mom was really freaked out when she saw them near me and mubbled something about not for her princess.
I will let you all know how it goes. Right now I need a nap!


Wow, my meowmy is Dumb......

April 30th 2009 3:25 pm
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Well they finnally figured it out.....I AM A GIRL!!!!!! DUHHHHHHH!!! Really though, I am really glad that my meowmy took me in and is feeding all of this great food, but she really messed that one up! I mean she called me Brigid at first, but then thought that I was a bit big to be a girl, so she started calling me Aiden Patrick. I thought, WHO is she talking too, because it CAN'T be ME!!!!!! Anyway I am glad that they sorted it all out. I guess it took the really EDUCATED human vet to help her out. I am free of disease, and I can go upstairs to live as soon as I finnish my worm medicine. It seems Ihave hookworm, YUCK!!! So anyway my mom is sad that I can't come right up, but anything worth while is worth waiting for. I am REALLY looking forward to sitting in the kitchen window, but it will have to wait. I am really glad that I could help my meowmy by giving her a little princess to spoil rotten!!!!!
Love- Brigid!

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