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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

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My Vet visit today

September 4th 2009 4:33 pm
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As some of my furry friends know I have breathing problems, Mom has been at her wits end to find a Vet that could find outhat is wrong with me...

Mom found a new Vet she had already taken my sisfur Queen Tallulah because of her Cancer and Mom was really happy with her, she loves cats and was so gentle with our little Tallulah....

So this morning, Mom was trying to be sneakie grapping my harness, but I saw what she grapped my harness & carrier, yah you know what
I did I immediatly made a mad dash to hide from Mom....I didn't get far she was right on top of me, she grabed me and on to the bed I went. Now I know I am in trouble no good comes with Mom putting on the harness inside the house and into the carrier I see I don't like to be confined because I was rescued from the side of the road in some kind of container so now I am always scared to go into one, I was so scared I peed a little....I do that every time

Now Mom is putting me in the car and buckled in and off we go... the Vet isn't near us Mom has to drive about 10 miles to get there, so the whole time I MOL MOL & MOL....trying to tell me Mom I want out of here Mom please let me out....but NOOOOO she didn't get me out....

I go into the Vet office and we wait...Mom is talking to a lady about my records and Tallulah's making sure they got our records from our last Vet....& Tallulah's cancer treatment records.

OH OH I hear my name being called, not good....we go into a room the door is shut and there is a lady there, she asks Mom to get me out so she can weigh me and take my temp...she was trying to get my temp in the ear but the devise didn't work so you guessed it, the behind was OK and she was asking Mom questions about me and my breathing...

Mom is holding me and giving me love and telling me I will be OK and my new Vet will get to the bottom of what is wrong with me finally....

My new Vet her name is Kathy she is a very nice Vet and she loves kitties she was so gentle with me, Tallulah told me I would like her and don't tell Mom but I do.

After she talked to Mom, felt my body, listened to my heart which is in good shape, she said it could be several things....

chronic Herpes virus Infection (highl likely)
Inflammatory conditions such as Lymphocytic, plasmacytic rhinitis/sinusistis
a mass or a polyp in my nasal cavity (less likely)
allergic rhinitis
asthma/bronchitis or
odd resistant bacterical infection

allot of stuff to check for: my Vet said they will start with a chest xray and blood work, so out came the vampire to get my blood again oh no you don't, oh yes we are, it is for your own good....and then they laid me on a table and took my xray...

I am on new medication for now called clindamycin, I have to take it 2 times a day, yah here we go again, Mom has to grab me, hold me and get that nasty tasting stuff in me...wonder how much will end up on Mom...MOL...
So I am finally home and I might say I am so happy too. Mom left and I settled down for my morning nap.....

This was my day at the Vet today and Mom said I will probably have to go back to a specialist to have a final diagnosis it will require endoscopic biopsy from my nose, they will have to sadate me to do that and Mom is worried, but my Vet said I won't be out for long...

We sure hope all of this will bring an answer to my puzzling breathing problems that have plegged me for a long time.

MOL Zeke


Vet Called Moewmy

September 4th 2009 8:18 pm
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Well I was hiding didn't want to be bother anymore today but I heard Mom talking to my Vet Kathy this evening. See called to let Mom know she had looked at my xrays and she is thinking that maybe it might be asthma/bronchitis, she wants to have the radiologist look at them before she says it is or isn't, but she won't be able to look at them for 2 weeks in the meantime I will be taking my antibiotics for the 2 weeks along with liquid Immuno to help build my immune system, just like Talllulah is taking for her immune system. Vet will call next Tuesday with the results of my blood we are hoping to have some answers soon....

I finally came out from hiding and Mom got me, took me to the kitchen to give me my dinner that I hadn't eaten yet. After her hand feeding me I got the nasty medicine and guess what I got it on Mom because I shook my head....Mom says I better get used to it she has to give that nasty stuff to me 2 times a day....Mom said she will be wearing a plastic apron when she gives it to me from now on....

Well it is the weekend and I get to rest most of the time until I get that nasty stuff again....XOXOXO Zeke


Blood Test Results

September 8th 2009 4:06 pm
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Oh Mommy went running when the phone rang today, she new it was Dr. Kathy calling about my blood test results...

I was thinking OH OH here we go again....what test is next....

Dr. Kathey told me and Mom that my white blood count is high probably caused by my respiratory problems and 2nd bacterial infection...she isn't worried about it being high. She told us that I have to stay on my antibiotics until we hear from her again on what the radiologists says about my xrays in about another 8 to 10 I still have to take that nasty tasting liquid 2 times a day.

I have figured out that Mom is coming to get me to give me the nasty stuff and I run, I am not making it easy for her no way..but in the end I am a good boy and take that stuff, mind you I don't like it but Mom isn't giving up on getting it down my throat.

I do sound a little better Mom says, but I have sneezed a few times and yesterday I had a coughing spell that worried Mom...Dr. Kathy says to not give up we will get to the bottom on this.

Mom is thinking I will have to go to the specialist for the scope in the nose so we will finally know what has been causing all of my respiratory problems and get on medication to help me, so now we are praying for me too along with Tallulah that we get answers once and for all...til the next update....arrr ye maties from Zeke the Pirate


Dr. Kathy Called today

September 18th 2009 3:29 pm
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Mommy heard the phone ring and she knew it was Dr. Kathy calling about my X was and now we know what is wrong with me....yepeeeee

I have Asthma/bronchitis and the chronic herpes virus infection from me having upper respitatory infection when Mommy first adopted me...
Dr. Kathy wanted to know how I have been doing and Mom had to tell her that I have had one coughing spell and 2 sneezing spells. Dr. Kathy told Mom she thinks it is because the weather is changing again and I am having my I have to stay on my antibiotics and immuno for now. Dr. Kathy has to order my inhaler case and then she will phone in a prescription for my inhaler for Mom to pick up, then I will have to go see Dr. Kathy so she can teach Mom how to do the inhaler for me....we should get everything in about a 5 to 10 days...

On no I am going to have to find a better hiding place cause the inhaler will be coming....

Dr. Kathy says we probably will still have to do the biopsy of my nasel cavity, but we are trying the inhaler first cause Mom has to take care of Tallulah at the specialist right now for her chemo treatments and then we will deal with at a time Mom says....too much money to do both of us right now....

So finally we have found out after over 2 years what is wrong with me, no thanks to the other Vets Mom took me to, she finally found a great Vet that took the time and effort to help me out and not just give me antibiotics and send me Dr. Kathy went a step further cause she loves helping cats and wanted to help me...guess what I love her for helping me and helping my Mom she is so happy.


Me and my new inhaler

October 2nd 2009 2:46 pm
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Well I have had my new inhaler for my asthma since Monday and I am doing good.


Mom has to be careful not to let me see the inhaler so I don't run and try to get away from see I am a runner, I go over the doggie gates, under the table and behind things just to get away....


Mom always catches me no matter what, she sits on her recliner love seat with me on her lap she gives me lots of loves, praises me and slowly gets ready to give me my inhaler....

Shake shake shake....push mister it's a puff sound then oh no here it comes the mask over my face......I sit there and Mom gives me kisses and tells me how much she loves me and tells me I am a good boy for sitting here and letting her put the mask on my face....

Mom has to do that 2 times and as soon as she is done, I am out of there....Mom says I sound so much better finally like a normal cat and not one that can't breath & she can here me coming down the hallway....


Mom says she wants to try to take a picture of me while I am getting my inhaler medication so all of my friends can see that I am a good boy, you know it isn't easy for us cats to have something like a mask come at us and then to have it put over our mouth and nose...Mom thinks I am so cute when I have the inhaler on me...hopefully Mom can figure out how to do it or get Dad to take a picture of me for Mom...

Well I gotta go I need to get some rest so when Mom wants me later for the inhaler medication you know what will come next the made dash for lets see over the doggie gate, under the table and chairs or.......



Went to se Dr. Kathy

October 16th 2009 5:13 pm
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Oh boy this morning was a ruff start for me, Mom chased me down to give me my asthma treatment, she found me hiding under a dresser, I thought I was clever and she wouldn't find me, but I was wrong...darn.....

Mom gave me my treatment and I did good today.....then before I knew it I was in my dreaded carrier MOL MOL MOL MOL.....Mom gave me a remedy to calm me down, but it took a while to work so it was MOL MOL MOL.

After driving and driving we finally stopped and Mom took me into a building, no dogs this morning just cats.....we waited and then I heard my name, oh no here we go I am shaking....

The Vet Tech weighed me I weigh 10.55 lbs., then out came the instrument to take my temperature in the ear, yes in the ear, not the rear, thank goodness not cool having it done at the other end....

Dr. Kathy finally came in to see me, she checked my chest and lungs to make sure they are getting better and she put a dentist mirror under my nose to see how my breathing is.....guess what I am now breathing out of both sides of my chest and lungs are clear.....

Dr.Kathy is pleased to report that I am doing so much better, she laughed when Mom told her she thinks I hold my breath sometimes so I don't have to breath in my mask and get my medication.

So after almost 2 years I am finally breathing like I should and I am better...Mom still have to give me the inhaler 2 times a day for 2 more weeks and then she will try 1 time if I am still doing good. Dr. Kathy said that most cats with asthma usually have to continue with 2 treatments...

Mom is so happy that I can finally breathe and so am I....



Buddies Well Wisher GANG Healing Rosette

November 2nd 2009 3:45 pm
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You know there is magic here on Catster, especially from our kitty angels and special friends...they helped my sisfur Tallulah through her surgery and chemo and she is better no cancer now and we hope it stays that way...

I also have had magic from a special angel and friend Buddie he helps Tallulah and he is now helping me you know how...


Guess What it works I am now helping Mom by breathing in my inhaler, no holding my breath I am making the flap in the inhaler holder move back & forth, back & forth....I am now a good boy breathing like I am suppose to be when Mom gives me my treatment....I am a good boy!!!

Mom rubs my head, scratches my chin and side of my face and boy you should see the flip move fast....and Mom tells me I am a good boy, she loves me....

I am still getting the 2 treatments but now I get one puff in the morning and 2 puffs in the evening...I get this for 4 weeks to see how I do and hopefully Dr. Kathy will get good news and I won't have to do the 2 puffs 2 times a day anymore, we are still in the adjusting stage, Mom sure hopes I keep doing well so I get only one treatment a day..

Mom says the healing rosette is helping it is magical....THANK YOU BUDDIE AND is magical and catster is magical...

Loves MOL & kissses



I got Thanksgiving Tagged by Tigger

November 18th 2009 4:57 pm
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Well wouldn't you know it I was tagged as many of you have been too....

So here goes on what I am thankful for:

1. I am thankful for my Mom she loves me and she adopted me.

2. I am thankful for my forever home where there is food, warmth and love

3. I am thankful for my new Vet Dr. Kathy, she finally found out that I have asthma, I am finally breathing like I should be & the first time in over 2 years that my nose is clear not plugged.

4. I am thankful for my family human, my sisfurs and brofur...especially Tallulah she survived cancer this year and we are so blessed to have her with us....

5. Thankful for all of our friends on Catster and their Moms....

Now I have to tag 5 of my friends to see what they are thankful for.

I am going to tag: Nala Sue
Apollo Cream
Quinn C
Simba- my sisfur Tallulah's King



Silent Mouse

December 1st 2009 9:11 pm
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Silent mouse, little gray mouse,
How you creep, round my house.
Don't you know you're a play thing to me,
Don't you know I'm your enemy.
Better get out while you can,
Better get out while you can.
Silent mouse, little gray mouse,
still you creep, round my house,
I'm so tired of your squeaking,
Tired of hearing folks shrieking,
This will be your last warning.
Better get out while you can.
Silent mouse, little gray mouse,
All is calm, round my house.
From your hole you silently crept,
From the shadows I silently leapt.
I can sleep in peace,
I can sleep in peace.


Still doing good and new cat in our house named Kandi

February 5th 2010 8:46 pm
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MOL Mom finally let me on the computer to let all of my friends know I am still doing good with my asthma treatments. My Doctor Kathy told Mom it is OK for me to have 1 puff twice a now til the spring unless I have an asthma attack so far so good...I am breathing fine and I am so happy. You know I am fine with getting the treatments, I know they are coming and I do breath in my medication like a good boy. yes I am a good boy!

Now on to more news from me to you we have a new cat in our house. You see my Mom had to bring her Mom's cat Kandi to live with us cause her Mom is in a skilled nursing home now and she can't have her live with her anymore.

Well she isn't the nicest kitty you see no one can pick her up, if anyone human and animal gets near her she swats at them. Mom got the swat last night and now has scratches on her hand.

Mom says we have to be patient and loving to her cause she doesn't understand why she is here and locked in a room without her Mom. Mom opens the door and puts the doggies fence up in front of the door so we all can look at each other. I just sit there and watch her, she sits there looks back at me hisses and growls...Mom asked me if I even know how to hiss or growl. You know I don't know! I have never had to hiss or growl I am a lover boy and pretty easy going for the most part...Tallulah hisses and so does Xena...

Mom just wants to be careful to make sure Kandi won't attack any of us, cause we are not mean or fighters.

So our house has been turned upside down with having a new kitty in the house. The saga continues and who knows when it will end if at all...we all hope Kandi will feel better about being here and get to come out of the room and be part of our family.

As long as I accept her and my breathing continues to not be a problem for me anymore...loving Zeke

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