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Abbey is annoying and LOUD- Chomp Chomp crack Crack!!

March 8th 2013 1:42 pm
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Hi Congrats to Lucy for being DDP that is Great for her! Boy today was peaceful until Abbey started Chomping on her bone. Boy is she Loud eating that thing. Just crack crack chomp chomp- doesn't she know how annoying and rude she is being? DOGS!!! What can I say they seem not to have manners like us cats- You dogs should learn manners from us cats. Humans think she is so cute eating her bone- we think she is digusting, rude and Loud! well I am going to hide from her , I help my human sister look for jobs and work on her running schedule. I am her coach. Boy that noise from Abbey eatingher bone is really getting on my nerves. Both Lucy and I hit her andshe still doe snot get it! DOGS they are a little short in the brains dept- Nt like us nice well mannered dignified cats! see ya


Strange things are happening

March 5th 2013 6:45 pm
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Well, it seems to me some pretty strange things have been happening around here and they are not supernatural just strange I think it was to do with a change in the weather. Here is a list of some strange things happening today

1. Abbey did not want to go on a bye bye
2. Big weather storm has not shown up yet, but weather people seem to talk about it like it was coming any minute.
3. No wind, but again weather people say it is windy???
4. Lucy ate some human food and like it a lot
5. I did not even try to steal Abbey's food
As you can see strange things are happening. I am going to go investigate and see if I see any more strange things happening, then wait for this big storm.



Thank God for peace and Sammy went home

March 3rd 2013 8:01 pm
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Thank goodness that Sammy finally went home. He was beginning to ware out his welcome. It is finally peaceful here. I hope I dod not see him for a while. Congrats to Friday for being DDP today! Enjoy your day. Nothing else going on. Hope all had a GREAT weekend. see ya


15days in a row- I am aon a roll and not a casserroll-MOL!!

March 2nd 2013 9:40 am
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Hi friends. well I have written in my diary 15 days which is good that the Gremlins have Not interrupted it. The bad thing is that Sammy is still here and being a pest and nightmare. well atleast we are getting extra treats and my human siters are keping him busy away from home. well Nothing really going on. It is a nice day. I just have one wish and hope it is Granted that my human sisters get a job. well got to go and help look for work. Have a Great day see ya


Sammy is here! OMC the Monster is Back!!

March 1st 2013 4:36 pm
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well Sammy the monster is Back!! OMC!!! I can not beleive it. I thought since we moved we would not see him again. I guess I was Wrong! and I am sad to have another Dog around to bother me , that is all I need !! Well Congrats to Lucy for Being DDp again that is good for her( I guess) I hope Irish Eyes smile down on my sisiters and they get good paying jobs this month. they should because they are Irish and it is their month. I guess I should go. My humans broughtme extra treats because Sammy is here I guess that is a GREAT thing! But they should bring me stuff because Sammy is here and I have to put up with him!! and I deserve them! I hope Obama gets the sequestor thing fixed it is Scarry. I hope every Cat has a GREAT weekend! see ya.


DDP and thank You Friday Kitty and oh No here comes Sammy

February 28th 2013 8:54 am
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Lots of things to write about. Well I am blessed and Lucky that I was choosen DDP again. This is the 3rd time this week. Thank You Catster for picking me. Congrats to Lucy she was choosen too. A special Thank you to Friday- I got a beautiful picture made by friday with me in it so of course it is beautiful. I am sucha cute kitty if I do not say so myself. My huma sister is going to print it out and put it in my scapbook and frame it and put it in the room. The terrible thing is that Abbeys friend Sammy is coming tonight to stay a horrible 4 days! I do not know why she gets to have friends over, especially the ones Lucy and I do not like! well wish me and Lucy Luck in having to deal with him- he is a Monster!
see ya. thanks for everything. Have a Great day


Veternarian trip and Help I think My humans are trying to- make me a DOG!!-- UGH!!:(

February 27th 2013 8:54 am
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well My vet appointment was ok they checked ,my mouth and said it was healing very nicely!;) then the Vet tech said that it was Normal for Cats to rule the home with claws- so that gives me the impression that I should not get in trouble for hitting Abbey every once in awhile and keep her in line and out of my way.
Then some thing terrible happened. My human sister had to go to the Bank and store. She did not want me to stay in the car by myself she took me in the store in my carrier. Boy it was a scarry place! Very bright ,noicy and lots of strange people around. I did NOT like it!!! I think My human sister has gone NUTS and thinks I am a dog and like to go on byes byes like a Dog! I hate going on Bye Byes and since we moved and our momma human died our human sisters have taken us on mnay crazy Bye byes. I like staying home and enjoy the outdoors from inside,
Terrible thing happening part 2. Sammy is comming on Thursday 2-28-13. that is all I need is another dog to deal wtih . He is sch a little pest!!! I do not understand why my humans like him!!! See they are crazy. then I over heard and saw them looking at dogs on pet finder and they said when they get decent Jobs they were going to get another DOG!! What another dog why not a nice cat. if they are going to get another dog- maybe it is the cat GOD doing a great job and not letting them find jobs. well I got to go and help look for jobs. so I will see ya later. Have a Great Day and See ya later.


A very sad day-- Vet day

February 26th 2013 7:13 am
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I have to go to the vet today to have them check my mouth. I do not know why I have to go my mouth is fine! I do not need him poking around it- it is none of his bussinees- he already took my teeth- what else does he want! I do not like vets! they smell!. Abbey is still being a pest and Lucy is Bossy. That silly dog Sammy is coming to vistit us on Thursday night until Monday- It is NOT something I am looking forward to. well iam going to look for squirrels with Lucy- it seems that there is alot around here.


DDP again

February 25th 2013 8:00 am
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HI Friends
Congrats to me for being DDP again! I am a very Lucky Kitty! Thanks Catster for pickin me. I heard some scarry mews-- I over heard that the Dog Sammy is coming to visit for this weekeend. That is all I need is for that dog to come and spend time at my house. He is just a PEST!! Like all dogs are.
Boy is Lucy Crabby today!!! she got mad at me and hit me on the ear because she wanted MY treats and I would Not let her have them. She gets enough treats and does not need any more- she is Fat enough- then she says I am Chubby! what nerve. she thinks that she is the Queen around here- just because she ie the oldest( Geezer) pet in the house hold, and she was treated like a Diva when momma was alive. well wake up Lucy You are not a Queen and not any more special then Me- hey you are alot better than Abbey but what can I say she isa DOG! and you know how dogs are! Speaking of Abbey- she is a real Pest and I had to slap her around and she still does not get it- that Cats rule and dogs well what can I say!! She is always in my way and wanting to eat my food- Hey numsckull Itis Cat food Not dog food! learn toread! well ia m going to go and eat and see what is going on. Have a Great day


A cold windy day DDP

February 24th 2013 8:05 am
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well let me say I am sad to hear that Colorado went over the bridge yesterday. My heart goes out to his family. He will be missed very much. Thank You Catster for picking me for DDP. This computer still has Gremlins and my typist has a sore hand- tendititis or something. Since I had my teeth pulled I have alot more energy!! Lucy and play chase all the time. Well today is National pet adoption day froma a shelter or rescue group. It is another Windy day- sunny but the wind is cold. well Ia m going to play with a new toy I found see ya later!

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