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Nikita's view of the world.

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serious stuff

January 13th 2012 10:27 am
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Well I was busy running around the house getting my exercise which every cat needs. I am also training for the cat olympics. I hear the olympics are this year and I want to go. Even though Lucy tells me there is no such thing as Cat Olympics I believe there is, and I am going to check into it! well to my shock and display I hear the door open and here comes the dogs and theire goes Scrappy after me trying to keep up with me which he can not! because I am a Great runner.
Oh by the way Lucy wanted me to mention that if any Fur out there cats and Yes even dogs that likes President Obama and wants to see him get re-elected there is a page out there for you. Called Pets for Obama. It is a private group and page, so if you would like to join Please Paw mail me.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful friday the 13th and are not having a bad day . Happy Martin Luther Day Weekend! He was a Great Man! Have a safe and Blessed day


Not a bad friday the 13th 2012

January 13th 2012 8:01 am
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Hi Furs.
Well Friday the 13th is not bad for me at all. I ma catster's diary of the pick for the 2nd time this week!:) I am one Very lucky kitty. Lucy my fur sister is alos the idary pick of the day. We are 2 very lucky kitties. Thank you catster for picking us. The dogs are at the dog park so I am having a few quite and peaceful moments, with out being harrassed by Scrappy. Last night my human sister wanted me to cuddle up in her armas and fall asleep with her, me being the nice loving kittty I am I di that for about an hour until I thought she was asleep then I took off. Oh I did come back and sleep on her pillow for about 2 hours then I had to get up and wait for breakfast. I get pretty hungry during the night. The weather is nice and sunny we do need rain! The dogs and humans have alot of errends to do today so I will have alot of peace time.
Thanks again Catster for picking my diary as diary of the day.


cold morning

January 12th 2012 7:38 am
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HI- Another cold morning below frezing! Then it goes up to low 60's. I had a busy night. I was really wild, running around, jumping on and off stuff. Boy it was so fun. No one to say No Nikita do not do that. Well am tired now from all my late night mischeif. The dogs are home this morning. I will be by myself this afternoon as my sisters at a volunteer at a food closet ( what ever that is). Abbey had to have a bath whichis a GREAT thing now she does not smell ( well not as bad as she ususally does) Scrappy had a long walk it must have tired himout as he is sleeping lazy dog!!
Well I got to go and see if any birds are out! I can not believe that Jan is almost half over!


Hi Peaceful Morning

January 11th 2012 7:29 am
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Well it is a another peaceful morning as the dogs are at dog park. I can relax and do my thing with out pesty Scrappy bugging me. I can get all the attention I want with out Scrappy being jelous and baking and carrying on. Dogs! I will Never understand them. and people say that Cats are puzzles you will never understand. It is cool this morning but gets quite warm. No birds to watch. We need rain! I found a cool spot to sit on op of the T.V. I can see the whole house and scrappy can not bug me, my human sisters do not like it they say it is dangerous, just because I have fallen off a few times but always landed on my feet. well that is all I want to go and get a snack in peace with the dogs starring at me as I eat that is Very rude on their part- Wht don't dogs have manners!?


Sad day and good day for Me!

January 10th 2012 9:19 am
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Hello friends. Well I was choosen Dairy pick of the day and I am very happy for that! Thanks for all the congrats I got. It is very nice of all the furs! I was quite surprised and I m very happy! I am sitting here purring to myself!
On the Sad note my dog sister Abbey is very sick and I am afraid I do not have much longer with her. Yes she is a dog and I ususally do not like dogs. But as dogs go she was a good one. She is very easy going and Lucy and I can boss her around very easily. She makes my human sisters very happy. She is Not a pest like little scrappy, she knew her place in our world here at home. I admit I am very worried about her. I wish that she was her old self. Abbey had a heart of gold and a sweet heart- yep problerly be the last time I say that about her or any dog, but as I said before as dogs go she was a good dog I would give her a grade of B in dogs.
The weather here is nice, but we still need Rain! My human sisters still need jobs. There is an election in New Hampshire. I am still doing good and so is Lucy. Scrappy is still being Scrappy aka a pest! I hope an miracle happens and Abbey gets better, I should get one as I did not get one for my human Momma. I do not like to see my human sisters so sad.


Very Peaceful Morning

January 9th 2012 8:49 am
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HEllo Friends.
I am having a very peaceful morning. Both the dogs are at the dog park. I have no clue what the big deal is about going to the park, especially when it is so coldout. I would rather stay inside and bug around. My one human sister is thinking of giving me a bath- I do not need any stinkin bath so I hope she gets busy looking for a job and forgets before she goes to her job.Well I should get busy and do my cat bussiness before I get pestered by Scrappy the dog. I hope you all have a wonderful day. We do need Rain! I hope we get it soon and do not have a hot summer!


Play offs Hope the 49ers win

January 8th 2012 5:16 pm
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I am very upset my football team the Detroit Lions did not make it to the superbowel. I am very heart broken over this. They were doing so well. I hope the Saints do not make it either since they beat my Lyons. I really do not care about who goes, but would like to see the 49 ers because my momma liked them. Ever wonder why not many sports teams are not named after Dogs only one and they are not good. Timberwolves. Cats are tough and mean and that is what you need for a team. Just sad none of my teams did nt make it Bears , Sea Hawks. The weather here is very nice at day suppose to get to freezing at night . I worry about all the homeless pets and people, I hope they find some place warm to spend the nights. This weather is wacky- global warming. we need rain very bad! we have no snow either. My dog s are driving me nut especially Scrappy he gets jelous when people pet me- I can see why because I am so cute and easy on the eyes- well him No well I should go and cry myself over the fact the Lions lsot or wait Dinner is ready I have to go and get a bite to eat my tummy is hungry- the stress of the Lions not winning has made me quite hungry!


feeling fine 2012 and question My question for the day!

January 7th 2012 8:45 am
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Hello friends.
well what ever upset my tummy yesterday seems to be gone. I am feeling much better Thank YOU!
It seems to be a nice sunny day but windy. We need Rain! My Human sister has been looking for a job. I found a nice place to sleep on a nice pile of clothes it is like sleeping on a cloud. My human sister got Lucy and I a new kind of cat treats and they are tasty. Scrappy is stillbeing scrappy bothering me- he is so jelous of me- butI can see why- I am a very cute lovable Meeser cat with an A-1 personality, while he has a dog personality and dog looks. What can I say! Cats rule dogs drool! Nothing much going on. I guess I will see you later.Oh my question for the day!
Why do dogs get so excited when their owners come home from being gone. to me it is jsut a waste of time from getting fed and in my take on things they should make a fuss over us for being gone and leaving us home alone withj DOGS! Dogs have a great pleasure of the Cats company- but we have to put up with their odd behavior!
Cats are like puzzles very hard to figure out! and a pleasure to be around!


Under the weather and dogs

January 6th 2012 10:00 am
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Hello friends. I do notfeel very well today . I think I ate to much or somnething- maybe a dog friskie. Yesterday my humans went away and left Scrappy out side in the back yard for 4 hours. he was very upset. I thought it was funny. It was not cold only 64 degrees. My humans were vry upset and he got a spewcial treat. He had a bath too and got a treat- wellI give myself a bath every day ( I give myself at least 20) and do not get treats. Dogs I will Never understand them! Earlier today my human sister was holding and cuddling me and Scrappy was looking at us like why not me. well Scrappy I can tell you- the followng reasons: 1. You are a dog 2. you are scrappy. 3 I am a cat. 4. I am cutier than you. 5. I am me- why would they want to pet you when they have me! My dog Abbey is very sick she has a muscle wasting away problem and it is getting harder for her to get around. It i very sad. It makes my humans very sad. They say it is because she is in deep depression from the death of our beloved momma. I am depressed and Lucy and I miss her very much but we take care of our selves and carry on like our mom would want. we were closer to her than Abbey she was a cat person!
It is a political season. I hope the person who loves animals the most and pro environment will win. Many people care more about the Kardashians than what is going on int the world. My human sister is talking about giving me a bath and putting herbal medicine on us to fight flea, she heard the meds have pestisides and can cause blood cancers! Any one else heard that. Ppermint or Avons skin so soft is suppose to work. OI hope I do not smell to much or have skicky fur. The economy is suppose to improve so hopefully she can find a new job. well I will see ya later on. Take care my friends. Float on a cloud. Theya re soft and fun


New year

January 4th 2012 8:15 am
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Hello Happy New year Every one!!
I hope 2012 is better than 2011. We lost our momma human on August 28 2011 due to Cancer. We miss her so very much! We also got a new memeber in the family a dog scrappy- he is a poodle/ terrier / cocker mix. My human sister found him when she was out running. My human sister works alot but needs a better job so hopefully something will come along.
Santa Paws was good to us this year we got some nice gifts. We are having un seasonally warm weather with No rain which we need in Northern ca. It is election year we hope President Obama wins again!
I fond a new spot in the house to keep my eyes on the neighbors my momma bedroom window. I also sleep on her bed. I was busy taking care of her so now trying to catch up on cat life.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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