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September 8th 2013 7:42 am
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I have been busy playing with strings. Bijou and I played with strings. I may be six but I still have the moves. I am a great little string player. Last night my human sister brought home some weird thing that looked like a Money she said iit was Roxie's Halloween costume. Roxie did not like it but Bijou did. She knows better to put that thing on me! It is going to be a very hot day today. well I got to go and read the news papr. Oh yes Congrats to Bijou as she is DDP again. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Flies and heat! 100 degrees

September 7th 2013 7:46 am
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What is new with you? Nothing new with me. It is going to be a hot one. There was a party in the neighborhood last night- all the cool kids were there. I could not get out to go- so I do not think it was that good because I was Not there.
Last night some flies got into our home and I caught them all. I caught 4 flies last night. Boy am I a good fly catcher. I have become a real cuddle bug lately. I LOVE to sit on laps and purr and take a short kitty nap.
It is going ot be hot again. I hate the heat. It is going to be 100, it is to late in the year for 100's they are suppose to be July and Aug temps not Sept. well
Oh yes Bijou is DDP again- catster needs to learn to read and pick my diaries because hers are Not that great. So I will be polite and congratulate her.
Have a great Saturday Everyone see ya later


Hot Weather coming

September 6th 2013 8:52 am
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Hi Boy is it gong to be HOT! It is going to be 100 degrees. I do not like the hot weather. I wish it would stay cool like it used to be., but I guess it is still summer . I can not complain/ Congrats to Lucy for being DDP and now all of us have been DDP. That is great. My human sister has a job interview for a full time job- she said the guy who called was rude, and does not think she willg it. I hope she does! well I am going to take my early nap . I am off . Take care/


Something Not fair

September 5th 2013 7:29 am
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I am just womdering how a new kid who is one year old gets to be DDP on catster 2 days in a row. I find it strange. My diary and others are better than Bijous. NO I am not jelous of her. I just think that she is cheating some how. Black are Not suppose to be that Lucky! Some cat should check into it is all I am saying!
Nothing new here same old old. Oh my human sister got another Part time job which is good, Now I just wish that they would get one good full time job. It is going to be hot again in the 100;s over the weekend. I do not like hot weather. I thought it would be cooler since it si getting closer to fall.


Sept is here

September 4th 2013 8:33 am
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Hello. well the summer is almost over where did the time go?? Nothing new with me. Oh I have to say Congrats to Bijou for being Featured DDP today. But let me remind you I have been that too and just recently I have been ddp. Thanks to all the kind words I got for that. Thanks to all the Cats for all the friendship requests. We had a big Rain storm on Monday Labor day which was very nice. WE have cool temps too. My family has bad luck again. well nothing new except a 2 new siamese cats moved into the neighborhood.


Bijou got her Catster page and Roxie is next

August 31st 2013 8:07 am
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well Bijou and Roxie have their pages on dogster and catster. they need friends and groups to Belong to. I am not to happy- I wanted to be the only one to have a catster page . It is Hot again and smokey.My human sisters are sad because it would have been their dad's birthday. I did not know him he died before I came. That is sad. bijou insists on sitting on the dresser drawer and is in the way of me and my typist. See I told you she was a brat. well have a great weekend.


A stranger is visiting another Cat

August 30th 2013 11:01 am
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well yesterrday was NOT a good day. Our neighbor who had domestic Violence issues came over and asked my human sisters to find a home for her cat Coco. Coco is a 3 year old Main Coon. Well one of their friends said that they would take her so she was not here long. About an hour an hour way to long for me. Why do we have to take care of dstrange animals! Bi jou liked her- but Not me! I really do not lik other cats or dogs. lucy was a good cat but Bijou is a work in prgress and forget DOGS! Abbey was cool, scrappy was a nightmare and Roxie is awork in progress. I am getting them trained. well I hope no more strange animals show up. It is very Smokey here from the fired. I hope you all have a fantatsic Labor da weekend. see ya later.


Nothing going on Thursday 08-29-2013 Putting up with Roxie- and Bijou AGAIN! I do not think they are LEAVING

August 29th 2013 7:50 am
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Nothing new with me. The same old stuff. Both Roxie and Bijou are sttention hogs. they are quite the attention hogs,they want it all for themseves, they think they are the only ones around who might want attention. I am quite the jumper. I can jump from place to place with out messing up! I would liek to see Bijou and Roxie to do that and Bijou thinks she is such a great jumper RIGHT= Not. Lucy kitty had it easy- I am very easy to getaslong with- I know she would Not like to put up with these two.Everytime I go to get a treat for myself an dthe next thing I know I turn around and there they are wanting treats too. Everywhere I go they are and doing the same thing I do. Cant they think for themselves? Dont they have Brains that work? Why do they have to copy me? I hear that pictures are ready so I suppose they will have pages on sunday 9-1-2013 and will be joining the same groups I belong to and having the same friends(well atleast Bijou will) see they do not have a mind of their own. I just wish that they wouyld find a new home where they can have their own family with out stealing mine!!!


Sad day and DDP and other News- Not feeling very well

August 28th 2013 8:12 am
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well today is a very sad day. Two years ago my Beloved perfect momma human died. I miss her terrible. She was the best human momma I have ever known. We have not much good luck since she died, No decent jobs, bad car and Scrappy Abbey and Lucy dying. very sad!!!!!
On the plus side I was choosen DDP on catster today which is very special since it is the anniversary of my momma humans death. Thank You catster for picking me- I greatly appreciate it!!:)
Well on to the other news. I am Not feeling very well. I had an upset tummy. I do not know why- Maybe from the tension of having to put up with the pests. Both Roxie the dog and Bijou the cat STARTED fights with me this morning when I am not feeling well that is Rude!
iT is Hot humid and smokey here due to the fires. I hate fires they injure so many animals. plants and humans. well that is all. I just wish my human sisters would get the jobs that we need. well I am off to read the neighborhood news and think about my momma human. Enjoy your day!!!


Same old same old I have PESTS that need control

August 27th 2013 8:39 am
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well the pests are still here!! Roxie is still aBRAT!!She bit my human sisters nose to get her up. Bijou I wish would learn how to meow properly instead of just mumbling.
I am very sad Homer the Blind wonder Cat died last week- he had a book writen by his mom about him called Homer the Blind Wonder cat by Gwen I was/am a special needs cat because of my teeth problem and I am cross eyes. SPECIAL NEEDS CATS ROCK and RULE!!! I hope Homer is up in heaven playing with all the cats and he can see the world. RIP Homer !! the world is a sadder place with one less kitty around. If you see Lucy tell her Hi, Tommorrow wil be a sad day it will be 2 years since my momma human died. I miss her so much!! She was the best momma around!!! we will also find out that my human sister did not get the job that we desperately need on wednesday- if she does get it by some miracle we will shout from roof tops. So wednesday will not be good. I am very worried about this job situation. there are no full time jobs- some blame Obama care others blame the bad economy. I just wish she would get one. But it is Bijou and Roxie who bringher bad luck- you know what they saya bout Black cats and terriers. well I am going to go. see ya later.

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