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Defending the Fourth Step -- Somebody's gotta do it, so why not me!

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Dogcat, Dreamtime Angel

July 18th 2013 7:52 am
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It's been 4 years ago today, July 18, that you departed for the Bridge. Oh, how your mamacat misses you so! Every day, every year that you're gone, your absence is a little easier on mamacat's heart. Still, the pillow by the fireplace is so empty without Dogcat perched upon it. Mamacat's lap, from hips to ankles, yearns to feel your 26 pounds of love and devotion stretched across it, just one more time.

Mamacat knows you visited her during last night's long sleep. It was the best sleep she's had in many months. She dreamed of a grey tabby--a senior kitty with special needs she thinks--who needs a home. Mamacat isn't sure who, yet. But the dream was so vivid, so real. Incredibly lucid. More than a dream. Mamacat walked alongside her Dogcat and his mystery furiend, Little Grey, on a beautiful journey. Mamacat awoke from her night's slumber wishing sleep would wash over her mind just a little longer.

Mamacat knows it was you who guided her dream, because Little Grey lay on mamacat's lap, back, and pillow, in the same manner as her Dogcat. Mamacat heard the soft, gentle music of Dogcat's purr in her ear and realized it was that of Little Grey, too. Mamacat felt the gentle roughness of a tiny pink tongue as it took snacks from her outstretched fingers. In her magical dreamtime interaction, Mamacat experienced Little Grey's playfulness, the style displayed by her Dogcat. But who, who is Little Grey? "Wait! Tell me who, Dusty!" called mamacat when her eyes opened to dawn's baby blue hue.

Mamacat knows this is a sign of whiskers and fur and paws and purrs to come her way. Soon, perhaps? Mamacat searched and searched the local rescue sites for Little Grey; still the search continues. Mamacat agrees, the Dogcat will guide her to the 'purrfect' little grey tabby in need. The Dogcat will tell mamacat when it's time to spring into action and rescue a meowster in need. Perfection not wanted. Only love is required. Mamacat is sure you will return to provide her more guidance.

Please keep visiting mamacat in her dreams, Dogcat. Guide mamacat to the meowster in need, the furry one who will fill the void in her heart and that spot by the fireplace. Little Grey is out there, somewhere. Meanwhile, thank you for sending your hummingbird friends. Their fairy dances and verde flashes remind me of your bright emerald eyes, and of your gentleness understood only by mamacat.

Miss you deeply, and always will, my Dogcat, my defender. Love you, my Dreamtime Angel.



Looking Fur Summertime Fun?

June 17th 2013 1:53 pm
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Then pad yer paws over to Worldwide Pen PAWS and get your toes in the game...actually lots of games.

Quick! Zip on over to Worldwide Pen PAWS, where membership is free and open to all, and you get to share Miles of Smiles Around the Planet.

When you join this fast-growing play group, you'll make all sorts of pawsome furiends from around the globe. WWPP members play some coolio games where you can test your feline and canine nosing around and playing skills and win-win-win all sorts of prizes, including freebie Zealies.

Now who doesn't like making new furiends, playing games, and winning freebie stuffies?!

Visit Worldwide Pen PAWS today, join the group, and get ready for tons of summertime fun, all year long. Can't wait to see you there.

Your buddy,


Hugs and Purrs for Misty Whispurrs and Sebastian O'Malley- TabbyTat

July 21st 2012 11:15 pm
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Misty Whispurrs, my beloved princess, and her brofur, Sebastian O'Malley TabbyTat suffered the very recent and unexpected loss of their human papa.

If you wish to stop by their Catster pages to leave a star or rosette and words of condolence, please click on their names (each link will launch new browser window):

Misty Whispurrs

Sebastian O'Malley TabbyTat

Thank you. Hugs,


Love you, miss dearest Dogcat

July 18th 2012 8:00 am
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Sweet Dusty,

Today marks the third anniversary of your Bridge crossing. Funny how we call these dates "anniversaries." But I am not sure what we're supposed to celebrate, other than the fact that you are no longer suffering pain from the lymphoma and your diabetes is gone. I know in my heart, you are whole and healthy once again.

I miss you dearly...sweet Dusty. I so want to feel your weight on my lap, your warmth on my shoulders, neck and back; hear your breath and soft purrs in my ear; gaze into your beautiful green eyes. Just one more time. No worries, though...memories are strong and they are the ties that bind.

Hope you are having fun romping the clouds and sun rays with your wonderful brofurs Rocky and Shady, your bestest doggie friend Sophie, and all your pawsome heavenly buddies.

Love you. Miss you. Guess I always will. And thank you for sending me all those beautiful hummingbirds every year!


**Dogcat replies, "C'mon mom, stop the tears and all the sentimental stuff. It's a beautiful day...let's go take a ride in the car!"**

Mom replies, "Okay, Dustbuster...I'll get the beach towel...let's go!"

And everyone smiles.


The Dogcat is wondering on the First of July...

July 1st 2012 2:09 pm
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When are the kind folks at Catster and Dogster HQ going to make some fireworks and US flags available so we can gift our American furiends in time fur the upcoming American holiday?

Independence Day in the USA is the Fourth of July...and it'll be here in 3 days!!!

The Dogcat.


My Angel - Two Years, Today

July 18th 2011 12:43 pm
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Sweet DustytheDogcat, Defender of the Fourth Step,

My goodness, it's been two years ago today that you left this earth! Today is warm and sunny, just like July 18, 2009. You would have loved this day.

Seems just yesterday we drove to Carlsbad Beach to take in the sand, sun, sounds and surf. You had so much fun people-watching at the beach and riding in the car, sitting on my lap and softly trilling all the way.

Your hummingbird friends -- as green as your beautiful emerald eyes -- continue to drop by, play their tricks, warm my heart and keep me company.

I miss my Dogcat so very much...more than you can ever know. Selfishly, I want one more chance to feel your hefty weight in my arms and your soft gray fur on my cheek. Yet, I am relieved to know you are happy and healthy and whole again.

Love you always and forever,

ps--Give your brothers, Shady and Rocky, big hugs for me, OK? I miss all my boys so very much, especially on anniversary days.


Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dusty

July 3rd 2011 10:42 pm
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My Dearest Dogcat,
Thinking of you and your brofurs Rocky and Shady on a beautiful July 4 day. Hope my three birthday boys are enjoying a fabulous birthday celebration with your Bridge Angel furiends.

With love always,


Fly Free, Sweet Java

March 19th 2011 11:06 am
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Today, the heavens welcome a new angel. My dear furiend Java started his journey to the Bridge. Purring for peace and comfort for Java's family at this most difficult time.


Sad Dogcat

September 21st 2010 8:03 pm
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I am very saddened to say goodbye to once-cherished furiends. I like to play nice, but some do not. I cannot tolerate those who choose to hurt.


The Dogcat's Flurry of Hummers

August 4th 2010 7:32 pm
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Well, my furiends...
It's been a long time since I hovered over mom's desk and asked her for help with my diary. This last year has been very challenging for mom, with having to say goodbye to both me and my brofur Rocket Sprocket within the span of 8 months. Mom says, after a year without her beloved Dogcat, she's finally beginning to feel release from the pain of losing her special little guys.

This weekend, she noticed a sudden flurry of emerald green hummers flying about. There were so many, she had to duck for cover or get confronted by pointy little beaks up close and personal.

"Dogcat!" she quietly yells to herself. "Did you send that swarm of hummers?"

"Why, yes I did," I respond. "You know how I like to play games. Plus, you have had a rough year without me and Rocket Sprocket around and under foot, and I thought you could use a really big laugh."

"But Dusty ... must you bring an army?" mom asked. "I mean, golly! I shouldn't have to duck just to walk up the stairs and into the front door."

"Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe" I giggled. "Well, at least none nested in the ficus tree this year. One less thing for mom to worry about!"

My old friends Amore and Encanto have taken up residence along with a host of other emerald green beauties. And I tell you, when all are flying about from flower to flower and feeder to feeder, it's a sight to behold.

But don't worry, furiends. I have plenty of hummer friends to share happiness around the world. When you're gazing out your window or wandering through the yard or park, you'll see the hummers, when you least expect them. Simply stop, watch, and be prepared to be amazed!

Hope every fur is having a wonder-filled summer! Love and gentle purrs to all,
DustytheDogcat, Defender of the Fourth Step and Friend to Hummers

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