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More food pawlease

May 31st 2009 6:38 pm
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I think now that we have this new litterbox, in order to really try it out good, we should be getting extra portions of food. Because, you know what they say, what goes in one end comes out the other end. So furr us to have a lot coming out of the other end we need more put in the one end. Makes purrfect cat sense, doesn't it?

Just always thinking,



May 23rd 2009 5:45 pm
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We won, we won, we won! I'm so excited. Do you remember when we did all the decorated cards for dogvice/dogfession to raise food furr the shelter dogs? Well, some of our cards are winners and yesterday a big box arrived at our house. In it was a ScoopFree Slide Litter Box. Kool! It's all put together and sitting next to our regular box. Mietzi already tried it out. I think she used that one because I deposited "a bomb" in our regular box, MOL.

dogvice/dogfession is now called The Pet Postcard Project and you can win kool stuff too by sending in your cards.

Our cards that won are:
First one is of a black & white cat that lived with Meowmy a long time ago, named Moritz. The text says "Please still love me and take care of me when I'm old. I was your faithful friend for many years"
That brought tears to my eyes when Meowmy made that card.

The next one pictures Mietzi on top of a ladder complaining "I wish the dog would help more with the house work"

Then we have a card of old me helping Mommy with her craft projects. That one actually won a price for "most creative cat". Yep, Mommy needed lots of help from me with this project.

Last but not least is a card featuring Mietzi and me fighting. The caption says "Show your teeth when fighting. It will scare your enemy". In this one Mietzi won for being the naughtiest cat, MOL.

You can see our cards by clicking here . You have to scroll down a bit, past "April Pet Postcard Project Winners". Remember to send in your own cards purrlease. For every card you send shelter dogs get one pound of food AND you can win something.

Thank you soo much Nikki Moustaki, creator of The Pet Postcard Project www.petpostcardproject.com , for sending us this kool litterbox.

Creative Timo


Loosing Weight

May 22nd 2009 9:03 pm
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Well finally Meowmy has changed my weight on this page from 14 to 13 pounds. It's about time. I'm exactly 13.2 pounds now. I was stuck at 13.4 for a while. At my heaviest I was 16 pounds, OMC. I feel so much better now.
Featherweight Timo


MORE Greyhounds

May 21st 2009 5:32 pm
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The other day Meowmy was in the Petfood store buying food furr us. And in walks a Greyhound (with hooman). And then another three Greyhounds (also with hoomans). And then they sat up a table and put out information. This was the Greyhound adoption group. The same group that Meowmy's collegue adopted Autumn from (see diary entry below about Autumn). So Meowmy walked over and petted all the dogs. They are soooo sweet she says. So mellow. She told the hoomans that she has two cats. They said that two of the dogs are used to being around cats. Meowmy! Don't you even think about it!

Autumn came to Meowmy's office twice so far. She only stayed furr about two hours. Want to slowly get her used to it. All the hoomans in the office came and went "Ooooh what a nice doggy", and they petted her alot. I want to go to Meowmy's office too! I want to be admired by the hoomans and have them say Oooh what a nice kitty.

Jealous Timo

Paw Script: I guess the Greyhounds really like to race on the racetrack. I just hope the hoomans treat them all well because the Greys are doing alot of work furr them, running them races, so that the hoomans can have something called money. Please, I purr that it's not all just about the money. These are living, breathing animals. If you use animals for entertainment, please treat them good.


A special Greyhound

May 17th 2009 7:45 am
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A few days ago Meowmy came home and she smelled like dog. Big dog that is. So I gave her a questioning look and she explained. The big dog is a Greyhound and her name is Autumn. She is seven years old and she used to run races together with other Greyhounds. Then after she was done racing the hoomans had her have puppies for a few years and now something furrtastic has happened in her life. My Meowmy's collegue adopted her! He brought her in to the office the other day, so Meowmy got to meet her.

She says Autumn is the sweetest dog ever. Very, very nice. Still a bit shy, but who wouldn't be. She is in a new place. She now has one dog sisfur and three cat siblings. She shows no aggression at all towards any of the other furrs in the house. One of the cats got curious and went into Autumns crate to investigate. Autumn was outside the crate and saw the cat but never did anything. Meowmy's collegue is so happy that they have Autumn and his two skinchildren are too.

Meowmy said that some hoomans make the Greyhounds run races and they bet money on who wins. Money, she says, is something that's very important to the hoomans. Mietzi and I like to race too. But we just run furr fun whenever we feel like it and nobody is betting "money" on us. It makes me sad that the Greyhounds have to do something that they may not want to do - and all furr something called "money".

Happy purrs for sweet Autumn,

Paw Script: You all know that I am scared of dogs but a dog like Autumn... Who could not like a dog like that. Meowmy's collegue said Greyhounds are kinda like big cats, MOL. Calm and mellow and just plain nice.


Hair Day

May 9th 2009 3:39 pm
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This morning in our house:

Mietzi sat at the patio door asking if she can go out purrty please.
Meowmy said no, she needs to leave soon.

I sat next to my Da Bird toy asking Meowmy if she will make the bird fly furr me.
Meowmy said no, she can't play with me now, she needs to go and get her hair done.

"Hair done" I thought, it looks fine just the way it is. Oh, by the way, hair is what the hoomans call the furr that grows on their heads. Meowmy said she needed to get some color put in her hair. This is strange. Hoomans are so preoccupied with looks. Why do they want to put color in their furr? I don't care what color a hooman's or an animal's furr is. It's what's inside that counts, your purrsonality - not outside looks.

Well, on the bright sight, Meowmy did go outside with us when she got back from "getting her hair done". She planted flowers on the patio and we walked around in the beautiful weather. It's sunny and 63 here in Iowa.

I'm taking a nap.


Who me? Again?

April 29th 2009 8:29 pm
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Did you see? I am a daily diary pick again today. I'm almost embarrassed. My tales aren't that good. I have some good ideas but my typist has limited time. THANK YOU Catster cat for picking me again. Also my sincere thanks furr all the well-wishes from furriends by pmail and the special gifts. Cleopatra Grace and family send me a Lady Bug and Samoa and Family brought over red roses (mmm don't red roses mean something special) *blush*.

I received a furry special gift from Tweety McGee and Family. They send a lovely bouquet of yellow flowers, you can see a photo up there on my page. Thank you Tweety.

What's new with Timo? We are waiting for Spring here. We had alot of rain the last few days. Saturday and Sunday Mietzi and I went to the Pen Paws furrst anniversary pawty. Wow, we had a blast. Food, dancing, games, fun with furriends. There were contests and prizes to win. And the trivia questions were furry edu-cat-ional. I learned how many eggs a hen lays in a year, and who was the heaviest and longest dog ever recorded. We learned alot about different dog and cat breeds. I like the Puli dog best. And I learned that cats need 16 hours of sleep a day, so I am curling up in my Morgan's bed now. But furrst, another thank you to the admins of Pen Paws for a great time.

Sleepy purrs,


Happy Furrst Annifurrsary Pen Paws

April 25th 2009 12:59 pm
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Mietzi and I are over at the Pen Paws Group Annifurrsary Pawty today and tomorrow playing games and having fun. Come join us. There are prizes too. Any furr can join the group, cats and doggies too.
See you there.


WHOO HEE it's my Purrsday

April 6th 2009 7:52 pm
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WHOO HEE it's my purrsday. It took Meowmy especially long today to come back from hunting. You know, every morning the hoomans leave to go hunting and at night they come back and sometimes they actually caught something. Meowmy mumbled something about a long day in the office. Whatever I said, where are my treats? And treats she had. She got me new feathers for my Da Bird. Yes, just what I needed. And we got some pawsome food, something natural with duck in it, yummie, and then a can of Blue Buff. Mmmmh, I had to share all with sisfur but oh well. It was enough for us both. For desert we had the rest of the cake that my friends Hobo and Moose had sent over. Mietzi had a present for me too. A little sheep that you can open and put catnip inside. Thanks sis.

Thank you all for the nice gifts on my page. Love them all. Moose I am chasing the rabbit. Alfie I am wearing your pawty hat. Samoa I am rolling your egg around.

What do I really want for my purrsday? See diary entry below.


Purrsday coming up

April 5th 2009 12:56 pm
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I think we are safe. Meowmy didn’t put us up for adoption. She just told me what a good boy I am, and Mietzi got lots of praise too when she was DDP on Friday.

Tomorrow is my purrsday. I am so excited. What am I going to get? Mietzi said I won’t get anything because I just got a Morgan’s bed not too long ago. *sniff* could that be true? I really need a new feather attachment for my Da Bird. My old one is all torn up and a feather is missing. I have tried to think that at Meowmy, looking deep into her eyes and think: Da Bird toy, Da Bird toy. You gotta keep it simple when thinking at hoomans. They are not so smart. They don’t understand long sentences.

Do you know what I really want for my purrsday?
I would like everycat and everydog who reads this, to make one card to send in for the P*I*F FOODraiser For every card we send in, shelter dogs get one pound of food. If you put your address on the back you can win prizes. You just cut out your picture and glue on a 4 x 6 card and write what advise you have for dogs or what you wish for dogs or confess something about dogs. You can do things like: I love dogs, Dogs are fun to play with, Dogs smell funny, I wish all dogs had a home, a dog once chased me up a tree…… the pawsibilities are endless.
Examples are at P*I*F FOODraiser
and www.dogvice.com
Won't you join me please and make a card? Purrty please?

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