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The Recovery...................

February 20th 2009 3:01 pm
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I haven't purred in my diary lately - as things have been soooo busy with the new baby boxer brother (Lennon) and all.

My eye (well - the space where my eye once was) was doing well for awhile. My drainage seemed to have stopped and Mom, Dr Heather and I all breathed a collective sigh of relief - thinking my eye was finally going to be OK and no additional surgery was needed.

2 weeks ago - Mom noticed my eye was swelling up - and I was starting to have drainage at the top corner of where my sutures where. Mom started cleaning it with antibacterial soap and putting compresses on it - to reduce the swelling.

Last weekend - I developed a slight fever -and my drainage was the worst Mom had ever seen it. She called Dr Heather - and made an appt for Dr Heather to examine me on Wednesday (the 18th of February).

In the meantime - Mom gave me 1/2 of a baby aspirin dissolved in water (to knock out my fever) and continued with the cleaning and compresses of my eye.

My fever was gone by Tuesday - but I was still having my drainage issues.

Dr Heather came on Wednesday - examined me - and told both Mom and I that she had to reopen the corner of my eye - where the drainage is coming from. She said it is not an infection (my fever was unrelated to my eye) and she wanted to reopen that part of my eye and scrape it clean - as she was assuming that I must have gotten something in there (maybe a lash or something) that was causing the drainage - as the rest of my operated area looked fantastic.

Wednesday Dr Heather took me away from my home - and I stayed with her overnight. She wanted to make sure that I didn't have any food past 7pm - and knowing that Lennon and I share the same sleeping quarters - she wanted to make sure Lennon was still getting food (cuz he has lots of growing to do).

I ended up not having surgery til late on Thursday and Dr Heather kept me overnight, again, to make sure I didn't have any adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Mom made sure she packed 2 of my blankies, my food and a couple of my toys - so I had some of my home comforts with me - when I was away.

When Dr Heather opened up the corner of my eye - she immediately found the source of my drainage issues - there were a couple of sutures still there - and my skin and fur were starting to grow into them. OUCH! Dr Heather removed the remaining stitches and that was the end of my surgery - nice, simple and quick.

I am now resting and eating. I am still a bit tired from the operation - but it sure is nice to be home again! I ate 2 cans of cat food, some kitty treats, drank a little milk and curled up on my pink fuzzy blanket to lounge in the sun :)

Paws crossed - this will be the last time we have to deal with my eye again!!

Now - I am focusing on the recovery.........


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