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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

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Kites, Dragonflies, & Butterflies

May 1st 2009 9:41 am
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Kites, Dragonflies, & Butterflies

Dad! I can’t see out of my photos on the page! I have pretty kites and dragonflies and yellow butterflies all falling inbetween my eyes covering my face and falling all around me and you can’t see the bottom of this bowl but it’s filling up with those dragonflies and butterflies! Guess I’m just lucky that dragonflies don’t really breathe fire! I have purple rain falling in the night sky on my page too! Daddy Rob is playing with my page again! Well, I’ll have to clear my eyes to mreow again later. Guess I'm going to have to go visit groups or step out of virtual reality back into the real world for awhile.

Luv, BabyCat Calliope

Dad! Thank my fur-iends below for me!:


Late Tag from Callista aka Baby G

April 27th 2009 9:44 pm
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Okay, Callista aka Baby G, you tagged me late -- in March for a game that was in your diary for January 16, 2009 cause your Meowmy forgot and left if as a draft and then our computer was down by that time and we couldn’t play on Meli Mom’s and didn’t even know this paw mail existed so we are playin’ or I am very late, but still wants to play!

Tag rules: Write 7 facts about yourself in your diary. Then tag 7 friends by pmail or by giving them a rosette to let them know you tagged them! Be sure to tag someone who hasn't been tagged yet!...

1: I love anchovies! I drive Daddy Rob crazy when he eats anchovies cause I want some so furry bad!
2: I am part Calico part Torty and so a very mixed up patchwork cat but Peoples sez I am beautiful! Daddy Rob sez Don’t let it go to your head Calliope!
3: I hate bein’ put in the Cat Kennel when Dad has to do something or go somewhere & doesn’t trust me to stay put!
4: I was born out in the woods to a feral cat Mother and so was a feral kitten but was rescued by a lady in the apartments by the woods!
5: My first home aside from my foster Mom’s was with Meli Mom and Thomasina but Daddy Rob adopted me when it turned out I was really, really sick and needed a great deal of vet care at great expense and needed bunches of time spent with me takin’ care of me.
6: I still love to climb curtains / drapes and Daddy Rob doesn’t like for me to do it any more than Meli Mom did so I have to sneak!
7: I love dogs! I miss Dion The CatDog! I can’t wait until Daddy Rob gets some dogs but my fellow feral cat fur-iend Jaden Jaguar doesn’t look forward to dogs cause they tormented him when he lived outside. Magi likes dogs for the most part and he’s the baby of our house!

Now, since I’m playin’ so very late, I’ll have to look up who was named before I can name seven more to play!

**** Thanks for the snowflake to Flower Paws! January 2009 and haven’t gone back to see who I thanked then yet!
**** Thanks for the heart to Muffin (Angel Baby) Paws! January 2009
**** Thanks for the snowflake to Athena a pretty black and white cat that some call “cow” cats due to their pattern, in a good way cow cats!
**** Thanks to Kismet the Siamese male angel cat, Lexus aka Lexi, and to Monnie for the beautiful bluebird of happiness and the happy glad welcome back!

Have lots of old and new fur-iends to thank too and will do that over the next days & weeks! Like to recognize our fur-iends!



April 23rd 2009 1:50 am
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Meli Mom that which I still call her even though Daddy Rob’s best girl is Mama Michelle to me, but Meli Mom started thinking she was seeing a cat again, a small black cat a kitten outside the house wandering around and sometimes when she left the door open she was finding cat poop just a very small amount on the basement floor. Meli Mom has learned that when she thinks she is imagining a cat or Mother thinks she herself is seeing things that often there is a cat and it’s not some quick flickering vision of a cat plus there was the poop when the other cats have their rooms. Thomasina and Leah (Mother’s name for her Calico, Mosaic KaLeah) do come out of their room but only to paw into Morse’s room to annoy him or to go to Mother’s room and play there or to curl up in the bed with her to sleep and nap or watch tv with her. I don’t live there any more but I do visit much to the annoyance of Leah who is jealous of catship fur-iendship with Thomasina but hey I knew the Siamese first and she was my roommate first. That was before I got sick and went to live with Daddy Rob. Anyway Meli Mom started seeing Magi in the house and the dogs would go wild and then it was like they were hiding something from her. They weren’t hurting whatever it was but were licking something hidden and curling up together like they were hiding something so Pinto doesn’t hate all cats. He’s just hellishly jealous of Morse as Daddy puts it.

One day Daddy went over to see Meli Mom. Daddy had a friend take him cause he was injured. By that time Meli Mom knew that Magi was a real fuzzy black kitten who was eating the dog’s food. They had a little bites type of dog food then, dry food. The cat was also licking the canned food out of the mixed food the mixed dry and canned that the dogs get most days ‘cept when Meli Mom puts them on a diet cause they were getting fat. Meli Mom had tried all kinds of things to catch Magi just all kinds of things. In walks Daddy Rob with his broken foot and his hurt hand and arm hobbling around. Out walks Magi pretty as ya please right up to Daddy’s foot to lick it the way us cats do when we’re tryin’ to heal something. Daddy just reached down and scooped Magi up. He had just been outside and someone had been mean to him cause he was covered in ketchup and mustard and honey and new motor oil and syrup and honey like someone had poured all the condiments in the world on his back. Daddy was upset with whoever did it (and so was Meli Mom) but he didn’t mind and held the poor little kitten next to him. He let Daddy take him home in a cat carrier or a makeshift one and he just mewed and mewed at Daddy. Magi is my fur-iend cat and isn’t as wild as Jaden Jaguar is. Magi is much younger than Jaden and Daddy was upset cause Magi still had his milk teeth and was just a little thing with a swollen belly so he got his worm treatments but is still too young for his first shots. Meli Mom was annoyed cause she wanted Magi and knew someone else who wanted him, but Daddy caught him -- of course in her home but still finders keepers if the cat has no home.

Magi is growing like a weed but he couldn’t have been more than six weeks old when Daddy found him and he must have weaned hard and been younger and he’s lucky he lived. He’s all black and has fluffy fur which is still recovering from his ordeal with whoevers probably plural mistreated him. Daddy Rob had to shampoo him and wash him and lucky his teeth are still little and were then and his claws aren't much use yet or weren't then though he is certainly sharpening them up now. He’s a sweet feisty little playful kitty cat. That makes three even though Jaden thinks he’s an indoor outdoor cat and escapes to the outside world sometimes to hunt. He’s a good mouser and loves moles too and birds. Daddy won’t let me go out with him to play, says that I’m going to have to learn to walk in a cat harness. Hmph! Cat harness? A cat on a leash? Daddy Rob pointed out that Morse (Henry the VIII) is learning to walk in a harness so that he can go outside and that he is learning to accept it. Doesn’t mean I should have to accept a leash. I am NOT a dog! Leashes are for dogs.

BabyCat Calliope


Daddy Rob

April 20th 2009 9:17 am
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Daddy Rob

Short form is that Daddy Rob broke his foot chasing a feral cat and he has also had the flu and then bronchitis and pneumonia and then he had to have stitches and then in February since he was sick in bed, he promised Meli Mom that he would take over writing for all of the cats and dogs on our account on Dogster and Catster. Then Daddy’s Rob’s computer went down about a week after Valentine’s Day and they just couldn’t fix it. His old computer wasn’t powerful enough to load certain things so his is on a loaner waiting for his special order computer to come in. At least Meli Mom’s computer wasn’t eaten up permanently. Daddy Rob had a lap top and it just got eaten up and erased. With what he wants on his computer and the massive security features he wants preloaded, Daddy Rob had to special order. Now all he has to do is wait… and wait…. And wait…. And wait….. And wait for the new computer to arrive and hope that it is just perfect. Meanwhile, someone has to write for us and Daddy Rob has to tell them what to say, what I want said, translate my meows and they are real meows now into Humanese for all to read.

Meow. BabyCat Callie


Jaden Jaguar

January 17th 2009 5:31 am
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Daddy named our new kitty cat who is all hissy at him and scratchy, teeth and claws and flying fur and arched back and curved tail! His name is Jade / Jaden. If somehow he turns out to be a girl cat then it’s Jade but I think he’s a Jaden. That upsets Daddy something terrible ‘cause neither of us is fixed yet and he says his kittens are just not having kittens and that’s final! I love my new fur-iend Jaden and Daddy sez I need to stop thinking of him as my boy fur-iend cat cause we just be little ones still. But we’re growing up Daddy! That’s what I’m afraid of BabyCat Callie! I don’t have teenaged daughters but now I know in a way how that feels sez Daddy to me his BabyCat little girl. Love to play with Jaden but Daddy keeps an eye on us sharp like. We’re very kittenish together and think he’s about my age too. Why did he get all hissy at Dad? Cause Dad had to give him a shot called it a booster and he got the meds from a supply box from online he calls it. Says Jaden seems to be in good health but that kittens are supposed to take their de-worming pills and I had mine on back and to have their first boosters all done by his age, but he’s been part of a feral colony. He didn’t like the nasty flea stuff that damp stuff that Daddy puts on me either. Well, I don’t much like it myself but Daddy says that I have to be protected from fleas and ticks since I had Lyme’s before and will still have to take meds for awhile to make sure that it doesn’t come back.

Jaden bit right into Daddy’s hand very hard and it swelled up and Daddy had to put antibiotic ointment on his hand and compresses and he had to clean it up good. Jaden scratched the devil out of Daddy’s arm too and is a wild little boy cat all black and long haired! Not that he hates Daddy but he doesn’t believe in cats taking shots yet. He will. We need our shots so we won’t get diseases and get sick so that we can live long lives with our humans. Only reason he put up with Daddy giving him his medicines / shots at all is ‘cause he really likes me and likes playing with me. He can get out of his cage kennel but he climbs back inside ‘cause it’s near mine and he loves to play with me and chase moths around. He loves to jump in the air to go after the rubber plastic fishing lure worm on a long string. We can both jump very high and Daddy Rob sez that he needs to get someone to take photos while he plays with us with that fishing lure because we can leap quite high with our claws all out and he sez he needs photos of both of us. Jaden Jaguar likes the shadows just like his sister Shadows and is black and hard to see and doesn’t much care for bright daylight yet. Daddy sez the ferals are very nocturnal meaning they run around and hunt and socialize at night while they’re wild or the ones in this are do until they start seeking out the company of people again or the company of domestic housecats. One day he says, he will be able to get a photo but for now he says we’re staying on my old Mom’s page, Meli’s page.

Well, will purr ‘bout the Moths another day. For now, I need a nap cause Dad was a night owl last night and that meant that me and Jaden got to play all night with Dad checking on us. He’s hiding under a chair with a skirt right now and is pouting at Dad but I think I can get him to forgive Daddy. His Dad too now…

Mews & Purrs, BabyCat Callie

Forgot to mention that Daddy hurt his foot too chasing Jaden so his arm and hand and foot are all sore! Poor Daddy. Maybe he’ll let me sleep on his pillow and purr him to sleep.


Cat Visitor & Spoiled Kitty Cat

January 5th 2009 9:53 pm
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Hope Meli Mom my former Mommy doesn’t get upset, but we may have a new cat. Young ‘un like myself too but maybe a little older, maybe. The cat’s a feral or somewhat and is a pretty medium haired black cat and a bit on the thin side though not starving. Daddy Rob noticed that food was vanishing not my in kennel dry food but my food outside where I couldn’t reach it while I was resting comfortably inside my kennel. He knew no way I could be reaching it, but he moved it father away all the same. Then he kept seeing what he thought was my shadow, a black shadow. When he realized it wasn’t me, he decided gasp that we had a rat. No such luck. I would like to take down a wild rat. Daddy said he knew I would like to tangle with a rat but that he doesn’t think so. Finally, Daddy said he knew ghosts and ghost cats didn’t eat cat food so he tried to stay awake and watch with a dim little light on and there he or she was. Now I know which gender but can’t make Daddy understand in my Catese language. Beautiful black kitty cat all black and Daddy thinks its eyes are blue but I think they’re green. We will just wait until Daddy catches my new friend that is getting in through we’re not sure where yet, but must be a gap somewhere either that or Daddy is leaving the door open longer than a minute sometimes. Don’t know though, ‘cause I could get into a house in a minute if I wanted. Pouting ‘cause I wouldn’t be the only cat but then again would just love to have a fur-iend to play with & Daddy is getting out a kennel for him or her in preparation for catching the cat. He sure does love to eat. Ha! Ha! Ha! Every time I say he Daddy gets upset ‘cause I’m still a kitten and I’ve been sick so he hasn’t had me fixed yet. He has visions of a kitten having kittens says he and will have to keep an eye on us real sharp if it does turn out to be a he. Might be a she, but I love to torment Daddy with the other possibility.

Oh am I a spoiled little kitty cat! Daddy opened some anchovies for a pizza today and I got some. Mmm. Like little anchovies strips a great deal. Got a whole sardine too! Daddy put the rest up for later so all or most of them must be mine. Of course, I had some cat food too, some Meow Mix, dry food. Dad is trying some new food. Also got some new meds. Might have to be on them for awhile too ‘cause they’re for Lyme’s. Pneumonia is clearing up and Daddy thinks I might be allergic to something now ‘cause I sneeze still. Maybe air freshener and he says he will stop sprayin’ it if I am. Love Daddy Rob.

Mew. Mew. Mew. Luv, BabyCat Callie (Calliope)


New Year’s Day == First Day of the Year 2009!!!!!

January 1st 2009 10:01 pm
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We had a good first day of the year, got a great deal of napping in and got up and ate and went back to sleep and then got up and napped. You get the picture. Kept the tv on part of the time in the background but I got annoyed and kept mewing so Daddy turned it off and even turned off the radio so we could sleep with just a fan noise on. Dad likes a fan on, said the noise is soothing and like waves and keeps other sound out of the room like his friends getting up and being noisy about whatever it was they were watching on tv and shouting but then they would suddenly get quiet and when Daddy got up to check on them, they were all sound asleep too. We just stayed up really late last night and watched the sun come up or some of us did and some people left after it got light. They ate breakfast first. They drank lots of coffee. Some of them had bad headaches and said they wouldn’t drink champagne again until next year or whatever else it is those humans drink that smells so foul and strong. Yuck! I sniffed of some of the glasses and it was nasty.

Jack came over today with Barn Owl this great big red and orange Tabby. He went to see my former Mom too and think it was to pick up Barn Owl so that he still had him when he stopped by and didn’t want to leave him outside in his dog cage. Barn Owl had to stay in one room and wasn’t allowed out ‘cause Jack said he might not trick him again and that Barn Owl had been feral but made friends with him. He somehow got over to my former Mom’s house and inside and had been secretly hiding and living there and munching out on the dog food said Jack. Former Mom couldn’t figure out why the new dog Pinto was barking so much when she wasn’t seeing anything and why things were suddenly falling for no reason when the dogs were nowhere near and how when she had the dogs in sight and the cats were away in their rooms, why cat poo was appearing downstairs in places where the cats are not allowed and where the door is usually kept shut. Was Barn Owl when he couldn’t get back into the new cat’s room, Inspector Morse’s room, Henry’s room. He was going into Morse’s room and playing and using the litter box and eating and my former Mom couldn’t figure out why Morse wasn’t getting any fatter when he was eating all that cat food and why sometimes though he did look really big and other times he looked just big and not like the biggest cat ever. Jack said he just knew that Barn Owl was there and didn’t want to say anything to my former Mom until he knew for sure. He was right. Barn Owl was there and was having a good time hiding out in the dirty laundry which Jack knew he loved, just loves to snuggle down in the basket way down into the laundry or under a bunch of dirty towels or dirty clothes and peer out and spy on everyone or cover up completely and burrow in and sleep. Dog food was also vanishing and my former Mom thought the dogs were getting into the bag of food. Barn Owl has a big appetite though Jack says he doesn’t quite eat him out of house and home, just loves to eat and then slink around and hide and torment any dogs around or other cats sometimes and nap. Jack said he’s actually lost weight. Daddy said he wouldn’t know it by looking at him. Mother was seeing him and helping him get into the room with both Morse (Henry) and with Thomasina and Mosaic and Mom couldn’t understand why they were carrying on and jumping into the closet and hiding out on the closet shelf and why suddenly they were making such loud thudding noises when they jumped. Cause it was Barn Owl who is one really big cat. He’s nice though and let Daddy touch him, but hissed when Dad tried to pet his back from the top of his cage. He did let Daddy pet his head though. Jack said he was beginning to warm up to people but that he still liked cats best and messin’ with dogs heads and driving them nuts. Smart cat too.

Mew. Mew. Mew. BabyCat Callie (Calliope)

* Mew * Thanks to Boingo (1982 -- 2002) the Tabby appearance cat Over The Rainbow Bridge for being my fur-iend! Cat rescue like me! Such pretty angel kitties and clouds on your page!
* Mew * Thanks to Tigger the pretty Tabby for being my fur-iend! Love the Golf Ball soup story!
* Mew * Thanks to Poo the Tabby for being my fur-iend! Love the cheese and mousies / rats falling on our page!
* Mew * Thanks to Odie the Beautiful black cat and cat rescue like me for being my fur-iend! Love your Prairie Dog pose on your page!
* Mew * Thanks to Oreo the pretty black and white kitty for being my fur-iend! Your glittery pink roses on your page are great!
* Mew * Thanks to George the great black and white Tuxedo kitty for being my fur-iend! Great litterbox sandbox sand sculpture graphic!
* Mew * Thanks to Chandon (Missing 7/00) the tabby for being my fur-iend! Sorry that your family never found you and hope that you’re alive somewhere still loved in a good furever family.
* Mew * Thanks to Oingo (1982--1983) the Lovely tabby and half of the twins Oingo Boingo for being my fur-iend! Sorry that your life was so short and that you had to go Over The Rainbow Bridge but know that you are happy and pain free there! Mom loved the music of Oingo Boingo for whom you two were named when she was younger!
* Mew * Thanks to Perky (1969 -- 1987) the lovely Tortoiseshell kitty Over the Rainbow Bridge for being my fur-iend!
* Mew * Thanks to Margo RKN (Registered Kitty Nurse) the beautiful Tortoiseshell for being my


Getting Better Slowly

December 26th 2008 3:05 am
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Still sick, but Rob is takin’ good care of me. I do eat cat food still & yet, but I get lots of other good things to eat too and I’m a growing kitten so I eat a lot! I get little cans of tuna (& Meli gave us those sometimes) & broiled fish & fish sticks & salmon (canned & fresh), & sometimes a shrimp or two when Daddy I mean Rob has shrimp & cheese & milk (every day for the milk) & chicken & lots & lots of other good things to eat because Rob sez he knows I’m growing and need to eat several times a day, but that when I’m older I won’t get to eat quite so much. At first I got these things ‘cause Rob kept forgetting to get cat food, but he sez since I so love these foods that I can have some people food every single day and might always get some of what he’s eating provided it’s something cats like and if it’s not something that’s bad for cats. Oh, Dad mean Rob still hasn’t remember to buy cat food, but he had a sample of some that someone gave him and that’s how I got some cat food. He has to go to the store this weekend or to a friend’s close by to get me some new cat food. He’s been studying up on the different kinds of cat food and kitten food to see just what might be best for me and what I might need. He had some old cat litter, not used of course, and I also have dirt in my cat box for now. He’s really not used to having a cat, but he also hasn’t been to the store yet while he’s had me. Sez he wonders if he should have someone come over to watch me while he’s gone and then maybe he might take me with him in a carrier to Pet Smart and wonders if all the other men will think he’s strange carrying his cat around with him. Since I’m sick, he really doesn’t want to leave me alone…

Love Rob. When he’s working or sitting in a chair watching tv he lets me sleep in his lap. He gave me toys too that I love some that he turned into toys for me like the spool. I have a catnip mouse & got things in a Christmas stocking such as sardines in a tin, but he says I can’t eat those all at once. I have a can of tuna too and some little toys like a super ball a little one and some rubber fishing worm lures that he drags around on a string for me and holds in the air, but not too much right now ‘cause I’m not supposed to be runnin’ round a great deal right now. I like to sleep wrapped around his neck too while he’s sitting and working at his table sometimes on the computer box. He walks around with me standing on his shoulders too or wrapped around his neck and tells me my nickname should be Ferret ‘cause I act like one sometimes.

Well, gotta go. Time for my morning breakfast milk. Think I’m getting one or two sardines for breakfast too and a little cheese. Hope Dad mean Rob forgets to go to the store again today or to his friends to get more cat food. Not much left in the sample bag(s) & that’s okay too.

Mew. Mew. Mew. BabyCat Calliope (Callie)

Rosettes thank you's and furiend thanks go below Dad (Rob):

* Mew* Thanks to The Princess Lilly Rose the lovely grey tabby & fellow cat rescue for bein’ my
* Mew* Thanks to Tweety McGee the pretty Tabby cat who is or was part feral like me and also cat rescue like me for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Cally Jane the Calico Persian & cat rescue like I am for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Toby Aragorn the baby cat like me only a little older and cat rescue like me for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Wyatt James In Memory the black & whit Domestic Medium Hair / Chantilly / Tiffany over the Rainbow Bridge of the lovely wings for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Aragorn In Memory Over The Rainbow Bridge, the Siamese / Abyssinian for bein’ my fur-iend!!!! Sorry that you only had four years such a short time with your family & love your beautiful wings!
* Mew* Thanks to Sam I Am In Memory the pretty black and white cat & cat rescue like me for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Roxy the pretty gray cat & cat rescue like I am for bein’ my new furry fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Max the Beautiful Tabby kitten and cat rescue as I am for bein’ my fur-iend!!!! I was feral for awhile so glad your Meowmy caught you!
* Mew* Thanks to Cloe the babycat and Calico & cat rescue like me for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Lily the Beautiful Tabby (& moo cat cross) who has the spot on her page for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!


Another Home & Doin’ Much Better

December 23rd 2008 10:08 am
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Have a new home & like it here. Miss Dion & Thomasina, but Dad sez okay Rob sez we can go visit them sometimes and that Dion can certainly come here soon to see us. Thomasina might not like to travel though so I will have to visit her when I’m feeling better. Like Rob, but he is really tall so it’s a long way to jump to leap into his arms and a long way down when I drape myself around his neck. He calls me his Christmas present from my Mommy but he sez I will meet my new Mommy soon ‘nuff and that I will like her, that she just loves cats. Like my new home. Haven’t seen much of it yet. Came home from the vet and was really tired so just took a long nap. Not allowed out into everywhere yet but like this room. Has this old fashioned heater in the wall and Dad okay Rob sez it’s like when he was a child the heater in the wall thing. Really warm and I love to curl up near it. Love to curl up on Rob’s lap too and knead his legs and curl up and let him pet me and go to sleep purring. Miss Thomasina and really miss playin’ with her, but Dad okay Rob sez that I don’t need to do much playing right now just yet all the same ‘cause I need to get well, get all better and that playing gets in the way of getting all better.

Still takin’ meds, antibiotics Rob calls them and will have to take those things for awhile. Getting lots of sleep and naptime in and have some good cat food to eat. Rob is making it the way I like it so far mixed dry and canned moist food. Yawn. Time to get some shut eye again. Still can’t purr as loud as I want but will after I’m well I’m so sure. Mew at ‘ya later.

Mew. Mew. Mew. BabyCat Calliope (Callie)

Rob will do my thanks since I dictate to him all the same but until I get better & can get my paws back onto the keyboard for the computer box:

!!! Thanks Billie Bob for the power of the paw and every little bit helps. We hope that ‘ya get better soon too! Thanks to your family. Daddy mean Rob will be helping me with the computer so he will be at groups with me / for me now. Hopes that’s okay.
!!! Thanks The family of Ciao-Li, Jean Louise "Weezer", Sheba (In Loving Memory), Katie and more! for the power of the paw! Thanks for the prayers too, will need them as I get better…
!!! Thanks The family of MONNIE, Lexus aka Lexi and KISMET for the power of the paw and the prayers! Prayers really do help.
!!! Thanks to The family of Casey, Grace, Leo, Bonnie for the power of the paw and the prayers! Great having friends praying for me to recover! Glad my home situation did resolve. My former Mommy, Meli didn’t want me to go to rescue but my bills are quite high. Daddy well mean Rob was gonna gift her the money ‘cause expenses are a bit tight it bein’ Christmas and all, but he really wanted a kitty cat too and asked for me as a Christmas present said that I couldn’t go round Thomasina anyway or Dion and I would be stayin’ with him anyway for awhile and best not to keep disruptin’ my home that ways so now I have another home and I’m happy. For now, I am the only very spoiled cat here…
!!! Thanks for the power of the paw The family of Diogie, Goliath, Delilah, Tabitha
& for the very kind positive thoughts to help me heal! Have a new home now and I am home from the vet and still on my meds and Daddy I mean Rob is tryin’ to get me to rest more and not play too much so I can conserve my energy.
!!! Thanks The family of Alabaster , Chauncey, Muffin, Shula for the heart and the love and the prayers ‘cause all prayers help and so does love in the healing process. Shula, now know ‘ya talked ‘bout nibbling on the kitties in Bridgie’s Confess Your Naughty Stuff so’s ‘ya just be good to those kitties through Christmas, ‘ya hear now? Know they loves ‘ya…

Rob will have to go back and thank my fur-iends for me since Mommy well Meli now didn’t and gots so busy with other things. So confusing all these names changes!

*Mew* Thanks to Kinsey Sweet Angel Girl the Orange Tabby Over The Rainbow Bridge for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
*Mew* Thanks to Mittens the gray & white cat for bein’ my fur-iend!!!! I love knockin’ things down too but won’t be able to do much of that until I’m well. Can’t watch birds too much for now either ‘cause Rob worries ‘bout the window area bein’ too cold.
*Mew* Thanks to Kibbles the orange & white tabby who is cat rescue like me for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
*Mew* Thanks to Francis the orange & white tabby also cat rescue like I am for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
*Mew* Thanks to Yoda the orange tabby over the rainbow bridge with the lovely kitty angels & clouds floating on his page for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Ciao Li the lovely orange & white Maine Coon kitty & cat rescue too like me for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Jean Louise “Weezer” the brown tabby & also cat rescue like me for bein’ my
* Mew* Thanks to Sheba (In Loving Memory) Over The Rainbow Bridge the lovely Siamese with the beautiful gossamer angel’s wings for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Katie the Lilac Point Siamese for bein’ my fur-iend!!!! I’ll have to ask my new human about those Krispy Kreme doughnut treats & see if he can get me some.
* Mew* Thanks to Arlo (In Loving Memory) Over the Rainbow Bridge the pretty Siamese cat for bein’ my fur-iend!!!!
* Mew* Thanks to Chandler Ray the Tabby & cat rescue like me for bein’ my fur-iend!!!! Glad your Meowmy got you and took care of you and bottle fed you and that you’ve had so many years with her!


Sick Little BabyCat

December 21st 2008 10:17 pm
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I’m not feeling very good so Mommy has me away from Thomasina ‘cause I just keep coughin’ and sneezing and my little eyes are watery. Thomasina is stayin’ away from me all the same. Normally she doesn’t but I’m really, really sick. Mommy is upset but a friend of hers sez she can take me to her vet tomorrow since we Dion is on a wait list and may have to find a different vet for if she needs one. Has all her shots until next year. I need my next boosters soon anyway, so Mommy sez she’s gonna get them for me tomorrow. The vet isn’t close so I might have to stay with her friend overnight, but then I get to come home. Depends on how long it takes at the vet. Mommy sez. We will see. Wish my sistfur was here from my old home or I could go to see her, but Mommy found out the lady is givin’ her away too, can’t keep her either, but at least I have Thomasina. I have to stay in another room overnight. Mommy thinks I have allergies, but maybe I just have a cold. Well talk to ‘ya tomorrow or when I get back. Mew. Luv, BabyCat Callie

Well, leaving with the vet tech from a rescue group. Thomasina told me good-bye and was very sad and got up into one window and then the other to watch me drive away. I might not be coming back, but the vet tech promised me that I would still have a great home and probably another cat would be there or that I would make friends with a cat and we might get adopted out together. I will miss all of you who have made friends with me if I don’t return. Mommy wanted to keep me, but the lady talked her into signing a first paper to let the private rescue have me if I was really sick with certain things or if my vet bills were going to a very high amount for treatment. It was thought best that I stay away from Thomasina in case I’m contagious and all the lady said for sure was that listening to my little heart and my coughs that I might just have pneumonia and it depends on how far along it is for how serious it is. Was having fun in my new home but I was tired too much when I played. Hate to tell ‘ya good-bye when I don’t know if I’m coming back or not but just don’t know for now, so love to all my friends if I don’t return. Hope all the rest of my siblings are okay since there were nine of us including Mama Cat. She had the ad up and adopted us all out though one of was returned to her and was to be adopted out again and she was keeping one of us. Hope every fur related is okay. Mew. Luv, BabyCat Calliope (Callie)

*** Callie’s human Mommy’s note: When I went to pick up Callie the lady who rescued her told me she had a cold because she was both coughing and sneezing. My thought was it was allergies and that possibly she was allergic to things. She was to go to the clinic / vet this upcoming week yesterday or early part of the week anyway, but now she might not be coming back and Dion will miss her if she doesn’t and Thomasina will and I will, but I will leave her page up to give progress updates for awhile anyway even if she doesn’t return as the vet tech rescue group lady promised to keep me updated even if Calliope isn’t returned here.

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