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Through Callie's Calico Kaleidoscope

Hiss! Spit! Hiss! I hate you most of all Leah!!!!

June 26th 2009 10:29 pm
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Everything was back to normal when Lilly vanished. Of course Daddy fussed at me when he couldn't find her thinking that possibly I offed her or helped her get outside again, but really & truly wasn't me and had nothing to do with me. Check your backpack more carefully next time you go visiting Daddy Rob cause Lilly just loves to crawl in there and sleep and really you should remember that since you have had to rescue her from your zipped backback many a time before. Just because she didn't make a sound this time didn't mean she wasn't there. She loves you Dad and after that attention hog Leah's visit I understand and will welcome her back. All was peace and quiet at first until you went on a search for Lilly and thought you had brought her home. Oh that Leah is such a vain and arrogant creature just thinks Calicos are so much more beautiful than Torties always grooming herself and trying to groom me. I can lick my own fur thank you very much Leah you evil witch of a cat! Taking up all of Daddy's time too! Wanting Daddy to pet you all the time! And I thought that Lilly was bad but she spends more than half of her time these days zooming around the rooms of the house trying to escape wherever she has managed to get locked in and yowling her kitten head off, exploring things, chasing moths that seem to have infested our house, finding the few mice that are here -- Daddy is looking for cat safe methods of trapping mice right now and we're not infested but he is also looking for how they're getting into the house. He realized that we think mouse traps are toys and that if he uses the poison that he did use that we might eat the mice and get sick or die and that sticky paper is not an option either as it is hard to remove our paws from it, not impossible but not easy when the cat is in a major panic and that he cannot place the sticky paper anywhere we can't reach it where a mouse will actually walk. If we can't reach it with our paws at the very least, then the mouse won't like that place and we can indeed get on top of all the cabinets too! And into the cabinets if we so desire as we can paw open the doors and we are very curious cats and don't like anything hidden from us.

We played chase around Dad's shoulders and neck and head and he really didn't seem to enjoy that game at all. I would get up on Dad's shoulders and curl around his neck and then Leah would get in his lap so I would need to get in his lap and then Leah would jump up on his shoulders. Round and round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows was all that Daddy said. Lilly please come home! I am worn out from chasing Leah around all day and from hissing and spitting at her and clawing the air to keep her away from me. I'll even share Daddy and my bed with you if you will just help get this monster Leah out of our house! Think that I like you after all Lilly.
Hisses & Spitting & Sulking, BabyCat Calliope


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