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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Happy Birthday to Chloe and my weekend away

September 18th 2013 6:13 am
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First I want to say Happy Birthday to Chloe! Her birthday was Monday, but I just now had the opportunity to post and I wanted her to know that I love having her has one of my doggies and did my best to help her have a great birthday:)

Ok, about my weekend. It started on Thursday afternoon and was pretty rough. Mom didn't give me my pill right away cause apparently we were going to take Tequilla (our horse) to the mountains with us and she didn't want to give me my pill until we got to the barn which she did. However, all crap broke loose at the barn cause daddy's truck broke and we couldn't take the horse. But because the truck broke, we never ended up leaving until like an hour later and then my pill was starting to wear off. But mom said I did really well considering all the stuff that happened. Fortunately we didn't do anything after we got there so I was able to hang on the sofa with mom and dad and recover from the experience.

We were in the mountains until Monday and I had a good time. I hung out with my family in the cabin and got to "stalk" some bugs at night on the patio. It was a beautiful long weekend, even if it did cool off at night. Mom was worried that it was too cold for me outside at night and wanted to hold me so she could keep me warm, but I was having no part of that. I wanted to get down and see what critters I could find. Plus the fire was burning so if I did get cool I would just walk over and sit by it for a little til I warmed up.

So even though the trip didn't start out too well, it ended up being a really nice time away and I can't wait til we go back again!


Lots of people

September 3rd 2013 7:19 am
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This past weekend we went to the cabin for the long holiday weekend and I had a really good time, even though it was really crowded for the first couple of days.

Is was just us animals that went up with mom on Friday afternoon and cause I only had my pill in my system for about 10 minutes before we left (mom came home from work and gave it to me right away, but we were out the door shortly after) I cried the first half hour or so. Mom did her best to try and comfort me and was petting me while she drove. I finally did settle down.

I was very happy to be at the cabin and did my usual routine after I got there. Later that night I was snoozing on the sofa when I heard all this commotion outside and then in came dad, Brett and Poppy Waple. Brett came over to see me right away and I was happy to see him cause I don't see him much anymore since he doesn't live with us. Anyway, mom did take me out on the patio with her and her friend Sharon for a while and I was loving that cause I chase all the critters. I caught a moth,but don't worry, I didn't hurt it and I let it go.

Saturday morning we had more's sister Linda came and she stayed overnight too. So all the beds and the sofa was crowded. Needless to say, I made myself pretty scarce until mom came and took me outside that night. Brett held me for a while too and I really enjoyed that. For those of you who don't know, I was Brett's cat, but when our Mickey's passed away, Brett felt sad for mom and gave me to her so that's how I became mom's cat. I do miss my Brett cause he was always nice to me so when I got to spend some time with him this past weekend it was really nice.

Sunday morning everyone headed out and it was quiet again. It's nice to have company from time to time, but I do like it when it's just mom, dad, the dogs and I too. I went back to napping on my loveseat and hanging with mom and dad on the sofa. All dad's buddies came that night so I hung outside with mom and the dogs since they were all inside. I heard that noise that mom has been trying to figure out what it is for the past few months. Boy does it sound weird. Mom said they finally figured out that it is a screech owl. I'm here to tell you it doesn't sound anything like an owl, but more like a little horse whinying. Mom said she has to keep a good eye on me at night when we hear that owl cause I only weight like 5 pounds and that owl could come down and swoop me up. Yikes!!! I stayed on mom's lap most of the time when I heard that owl cause I know she wouldn't let him get me.

Monday we all chilled inside cause it was so hot outside. We headed home around dinnertime and whenever we get back home, I'm sad cause I don't get to spend as much time with my family. The cabin is all on one level so I spend a lot of time with them, but our house is a bi-level and the only time they are upstairs is bedtime. Mom said I can hang with them downstairs, but I usually don't and don't ask me why cause I couldn't tell you. I did lay on the loveseat with Chloe for a little while and then on top of the chair above mom's head. When they went to bed Chloe was in my spot so I laid in between mom and dad. That is until Chloe jumped down then I went to my usual spot laying on mom's back.

This morning mom's alarm went off like 4 times and she still didn't get up so I started crying. Mom said I did good by waking her up or else she would have been late for work. She said I'm her little alarm kitty:)

So as you can see I did have a pretty good weekend, although a little crowded. I can't wait til our next trip to the mountains and I really can't wait til we live there furever!


It's My Birthday!

August 19th 2013 8:12 am
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Today is my birthday and boy am I ever getting old! But I must admit that I feel younger than I did a year ago. Mom says it cause I am getting out and doing more things and I'm enjoying life now. Cause I don't play with toys and don't eat anything but my catfood, mom said she told the doggies and dad to be extra nice to me today since it's my birthday. She also said that if it's not raining when she gets home from work, she'll take me outside here at home. I'm not too sure I'm keen on that, but we'll see.

This past weekend was fun cause we went to the mountains again. I hung out on the patio both Friday and Saturday night. Not many bugs this time, but I enjoyed the fire and hanging with everyone. Our friends Dave and Pam (she's a cat lover!) came over Saturday night. I even got to see my dog Echo do her search and rescue stuff cause she practiced in the dark. I never say her do that before and it was really cool to watch. She is good too cause she found both people really fast. Mom had one of those migraines again so she spent a lot of time laying in bed with me on Sunday before we went home. She also slept in the car the whole way home and I was in my carrier, but curled up in there as close to mom as I could get. She says it makes her feel better when she knows I'm close. She did feel a little better later in the evening and sat on the chair watching TV. I laid on the top of the chair and I must have been dreaming cause I fell off. I had no clue what happened, but mom said that had to be it cause she didn't move the chair at all. I was okay though, but opted not to lay on the chair anymore last night.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I'll let you know if anything new and exciting happens. Have a great week!


Weekend with Grandma

August 5th 2013 11:18 am
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This past weekend I got to spend some time with grandma. We all went to the mountains Friday afternoon. Grandma was so surprised at how quiet I was on the ride. Mom told her that's what my "kitty downers" do to me. Mom wishes I would. When we got there grandma was worrying cause mom let me out of my carrier on the patio and grandma thought I would run away. What she doesn't realize is that mom told me there are things up in the mountains that can eat me so no chance of me wandering off that's for sure! So Friday night when it was dark mom started the fire pit and our friends Pam and Dave came to visit. Mom let me out and I was loving it! It was the most beautiful night, the nicest I've had in the mountains so far, and there were bugs crawling all over for me to chase:) Grandma couldn't get over how much I seemed to love it outside and I didn't leave the patio. I even took a break from chasing bugs and laid near the fire for a while. I was loving life at that moment:)

Saturday everyone was gone a good part of the day so I did my usual and slept. That night it looked like we were going to have another nice evening by the fire. We were all relaxing listening to music, the fire was going and I was stalking bugs. Then it all changed. Grandma said something and I knew the minute she said it that things were going to get bad cause I felt mom get upset. You know how us kitties tune in to our people and I've been with mom so long that I know when she's really upset and let me tell you, she was REALLY upset! I immediately went to the door and wanted inside away from the explosion. I wasn't the only one either, both my dogs were there with me. Well, before we knew it mom was packing up, mom shoved a pill down my throat and ten minutes later we were on our way home. I was NOT happy! Not just because I didn't want to go home, but also because I just got over my first pill not too long before and now I was given one again... not cool. I know mom was worried about that too and made grandma keep checking to be sure I was okay. Mom thought about not giving me a pill cause it was so close to the other one,but she knows how upset I get and she was afraid I'd give myself a heart attack so the pill was it. Anyway, it was a very quiet trip home with no one talking. I was glad to get home with that much tension in the air.

Yesterday mom was home all day and I laid with her for a while on the chair, but then I went up on the bed, curled in my ball in the sun and slept. When I'm not in the mountains, the bed in the sun is my second favorite place and I was taking advantage of it and sleeping off the last of my last pill. I sure hope that never happens again.

So as you can see I had a good and bad weekend. If that thing wouldn't have happened with mom and grandma it probably would have been close to the perfect weekend for me, but it did so hopefully the weather is getting cooler and we'll get many more nice weekends in the mountains.

Well, that's about all for now. Sun is shining on my bed so time for my "catnap"... MOL:D


A kitten again

July 30th 2013 9:20 am
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We went to the cabin this past weekend and I did something I didn't like doing before... I hung out on the patio after dark. It was really nice out and mom, dad and my dogs were all outside enjoying the nice evening. Mom didn't take me out cause usually I hate it, but I decided this time I wanted to join them so I gave a couple meows and mom let me out. At first I sat on mom's lap, but after a few minutes I jumped down and started to explore. First I tried to go to the back of the cabin, but mom stopped me cause she said there are things in the night that could eat me. Yikes! So she put me back on the patio and left Echo in charge of keeping me on the patio. It didn't take long for me to learn my boundaries. I rolled around on the patio and then I saw them...all the flying bugs around the tikki torches. I stalked them like a lioness and then I would pounce! I missed the first one and when it started to fly I was up on my hind legs batting at it and mom said I looked like a kitten again. I'm not one who likes to play, but I was having soooo much fun with the bugs. I did catch a couple, but I didn't kill them, I let them go after I played with them a little. I stayed out for a long time and can't wait til we do that again. Mom took some pix with her cell phone and she posted one. It's not the best pix, but you can see I'm stalking my bugs:)

The rest of the weekend was pretty much the usual. Hang with mom and dad on the sofa and sleep with mom at night. It rained Saturday night so we couldn't go outside, darn it! But mom did take me on the front porch and I watched the humming birds again. They were crazy too. We now have 4 humming birds and when one comes to the feeder another one chases it away. They sound like jets when they buzz down to chase each other. After the second one did that I was outta there! I don't need a humming bird dive bombing me!

Mom said we're going back up this weekend with grandma and that will be fun. I never went away with grandma cause I just started going to the cabin the end of last year and grandma hasn't come up yet. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun:)


Home again

July 10th 2013 6:17 am
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My vacation in the mountains is over and I'm sad:( I love being in the mountains and being close to my family since it is a one level cabin. Mom still lets me roam free at home, but it's not the same cause there are two floors and at night they are downstairs and I am upstairs. Mom calls me to come down all the time, but I don't and don't ask me why cause I don't know. Mom has also been putting me in my crate a couple times a day cause I won't go and use the potty on my own like I do at the cabin. Again, don't ask why cause I don't know.

Mom also started letting Echo out of her crate all day while they are at work. It really doesn't bother me cause I can get away from her under the bed, but honestly, she doesn't bother me much and just sleeps in her crate like she did before. Maybe she doesn't realize she's free yet?

Anyway, I'm back home and can't wait to go to the cabin again. I did have fun, even if I stayed inside most of the time cause it was so HOT!


Happy 3rd Birthday to Echo!

July 7th 2013 8:15 am
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Today is my dog Echo's birthday and she's 3. Ah to be young again:). I know there are times when I say. Don't like m dogs, but the truth is I'd be lost without them. I am really glad I ge to spend some time with her in the mountains, but sad we are going home today:( I always love being in the mountains with all my freedom and more closeness with my family in the cabin. But all good things must come to an end and I know we'll be back again soon. Although I didn't do much cause of the heat, I loved being on vacation with my family:)


Happy July 4th!

July 4th 2013 2:37 pm
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I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July and thank all who fought for our freedom and who continue to fight so we can enjoy that freedom.

I hope all my pals are safe out there. Me, I'm staying in the nice cool AC on this very hot day! Just relaxing in the mountains. Mi go out on the porch with mom in the morning before it gets hot and that's nice. I chill on the Soave a night with mom and dad and watch TV. I sleep with mom every night, but in the early morning the dogs jump on the bed then I have to share and I'm not big in that, but they are m sissies so I can do it for them:)


Hummingbirds and fire flies

July 1st 2013 10:31 am
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We are in the mountains... Yeah! We came up Friday afternoon and let me tell you it is hot! Thank goodness we have AC and that's where I spend most of my time, but I have been outside a few times. I go our on the porch with mom in the mornings before it gets to hot. Guess what I saw the other day? I saw a hummingbird! It was really neat and comes right up to the feeder by the porch. I sit on the edge of the porch and just watch it. Mom told me I wasn't allowed to hurt it. Like I'm brave enough to try anything...LOL Last night mom took me n the porch when it was dark and I saw the coolest thing. It had just rained and across the street the mountain was twinkling like a Christmas was fireflies! It was so cool and mom and I sat out there for a while watching and I wish she could have taken a picture for you to see how beautiful it was. Probably the best thing I've seen in my life. I'm really glad. Have the chance to see it.

Right now I'm just chilling in the cabin cause its hot and humid outside and raining. Perfect day for a cat nap:)


Yipee! Diary pick!

June 21st 2013 6:00 am
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Being an adventurous kitty has its advantages and one of them is being a diary pick! Yep, Catster has picked me as a daily diary pick today and I am so honored. I'm glad they like my new found freedom and the adventures that come with that freedom. I'm discovery a whole new world and I am happy to share it with all my Catster family:) Thank you again Catster!

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