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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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Krazy Kitty

March 18th 2011 12:02 pm
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Mom called me the Krazy Kitty this morning. She was straightening her hair in the bathroom and I found one of those twisty things on the floor. You know, those things that they tie the bread shut with. Well, I just thought that was the best play toy ever! I started batting it around and throwing it up in the air and I was having a blast!! Mom said she hasn't seen me play like that in a long time and she loved watching me:) The dogs were outside so I didn't have them to bother me. I was knocking the poop out of the twisty, that is until I hit it in mid-air and did a flip and hit my noggin on the door... ouch, that hurt! Mom came rushing over to me to be sure I was okay. I was, but that was enough of that thing. Mom put it away for me to play with another day cause she knows I'll play with it again cause I never let anything get the best of me. It was fun playing with that twisty. Poor mom, she spends all this money on toys for me and what so I play with? A bread twisty tie... MOL:D


Diary Pick!

March 17th 2011 12:16 pm
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Can you believe it? Catster made me Diary Pick of the Day!! It is such an honor, especially since my life is pretty boring. Thank you so much Catster:) And thank you to all my pals who sent me congrats!

Let's see, what's been happening around here lately... last weekend it was just me and dad. Mom took the dogs to the cabin with Megan, grandma and Aunt Lois. Dad and I just hung out. We watched TV on the sofa for a while and I slept with him at night. It was nice to chill with him without dogs bothering me all the time. Other than that, not much happening.

BTW, Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!! I hope you all find a big pot of catnip at the end of your rainbow!!!


Girls night

March 7th 2011 7:01 am
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Not a whole lot has been happening around here, but we did have a girls poker night on Friday. All the girls came over to play cards and of course, mom brought me out to greet them. Aunt Annette just loves me and the other ladies did too, but you know me, I'm the wussy pussy so I didn't visit long. But it was nice to see them.

Saturday night mom's friend Nancy came over to watch a movie so I hung out downstairs with them which was nice. What was even nicer was that the dogs must have been playing all day and they were sound asleep and didn't bother me at all. Now that was nice!

Yesterday I slept in bed most of the day. Mom had another migraine and she was in bed off and on all day. Dad has been on nightshift so he's been sleeping during the days, but yesterday mom was feeling really bad so when she was in bed, I curled up with her cause I know that sometimes helps. Poor mom, I wish she could get rid of those things:( It is nice when dad's on nightshift though cause I get to sleep with mom all night and sleep with dad all day. It's much better than sleeping by myself. Even if I have to share the bed with Chloe during the day. That's not bad cause she doesn't pest me like Echo does.

Other than that, not much has been going on here. Sorry I still have my winter page up. My mom doesn't know how to set them up and my fur pal Smudge's mom usually does those for me. Maybe she forgot about me? Of course, we just had snow again this morning so maybe she left it that way on purpose? At any rate, I'm sure when she gets a chance she'll update it for me so you all don't have to keep looking at the winter stuff. I hope everyone has a good week and I'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens in my boring life.



February 15th 2011 12:41 pm
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The vet called mom last night and my thyroid test came back A-okay! He said my health is really good so there are no worries. Mom still has to monitor my weight to be sure I don't lose anymore, but other than that, I am doing well:) Of course, he didn't check my mental capacity to see how this dang pup is driving me insane!! Mom had to yell at her yesterday morning cause she smacked me in the head again with her paw. Fortunately mom was there to catch her this time and corrected her so hopefully she doesn't do it again. I did smack her with both my paws in the face though. I just really wish I had claws so I could really let her know not to mess with me!


Another trip to the vet

February 11th 2011 11:58 am
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This morning was not a good morning. I should have known something was up when mom was being so nice and not letting the pup out so I could spend more time with her. Low and behold, there was a motive behind it all. When she came in the bedroom and picked me up off the bed, I knew I was in trouble and when we went downstairs and turned the corner and I saw the carrier, I let out a cry that would make the hair stand on the back of your neck. Mom told me she was sorry, but that I had to go get my teeth cleaned and get my shots. Like heck I do! Why does mom always think I need to get these things done? I am perfectly content just the way I am. I don't need to have all this stuff done to me. But mom seems to think that I do needs these things done to keep me healthy. Then again, maybe she is right cause my pal Mickey lived to be 19 1/2 years old so I guess mom does have some idea what she's talking about. Still, that doesn't mean I have to like it. At least I wasn't alone in my little venture. Chloe was in the backseat of the car when I got in and I know I was upsetting her by crying the whole way down, but I couldn't help it, that's just what I do. I know it won't make mom take me home, but I still have to voice my opinion.

When we got there, they started on me shortly after we arrived. First I got my shots, then they took some of my urine. Let me tell you, that's not nice. They stuck me with a big needle and it hurt! After that they cleaned my teeth. Fortunatley mom doesn't let them put me under cause I'm older so they do what's called a hand scale and polish. It's not the best, but better than knocking me out cause then that means I have to stay there all day. After my teeth were done, then I got stuck again for my thyroid test. Man, mom really had to stop allowing them to make me a pin cushion! Finally, they put me in the cage and left me alone. Of course, I cried the entire time I was there, except for when they were working in my mouth, but it wasn't from lack of trying then either. Thank goodness Kelsey came to pick us up shortly after we were done so we didn't have to wait on mom or dad to come after work. I didn't cry much on the way home because I know where I'm headed then and I'm pretty content. When Kelsey let me out of the carrier, I made a beeline for the bedroom. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to stay there and I had to go to my crate because dad wouldn't be home from work for a few hours and that was too long for me to be out of my crate. But you know what? I didn't care cause I was in my own home and happy to be there! Hopefully mom doesn't make me go outside this house anytime soon.


It was loose!!

February 4th 2011 10:56 am
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I don't know how, but the pup got out of her crate yesterday! I was minding my own business, sleeping soundly on the bed, when the next thing I know... POUNCE! The pup was on top of me, pushing me with her nose! I was so freaked out I couldn't move at first, but my lack of movement caused her to push me even more and I knew I better get my butt off that bed fast or who knew what this nightmare of a dog might do to me. So I made light a lightenbolt and flashed out of there so fast that I was gone before the pup could get off the bed. I ran into the crate to the only place I knew she couldn't get me. She ran after me, but because mom puts a box behind the door so the dogs can't push open the door to get in and eat my food/poop, Echo wasn't able to get at me. After a couple of minutes, I guess she realized she wasn't going to get to me so she left and I just hunkered down for what would be a long day in my crate. I tried to wrap my brain around how she got out of her crate and for the life of me, I just don't know. Mom and dad weren't home so they didn't leave her out and Chloe certainly can't open the crate. Could it be that the pup is that smart that she knows how to open her own crate? Please, say it isn't so!!

I didn't hear hide nor hair from her after that, but a few minutes later Chloe came into the computer room and hid under the chair so I knew whatever Echo was doing, it couldn't be good or Chloe wouldn't be hiding like she was. So us two "good animals" were being have in the computer room when nanny and poppy showed up and the poop hit the fan. I could hear nanny the whole way upstairs yelling at Echo. I didn't hear any yelping so Echo didn't get her butt smacked and she can be glad that mom or dad didn't find out or I'm sure she would have had a sore heiny. But nanny only told mom and all three promised to keep it a secret from dad so please don't tell. Even though she's a pain in my butt most of the time, she's my pup and I love her and don't want her to get in big trouble with dad. At least after nanny and poppy got there Echo went back in her crate and stayed there so I got to go back to sleep in my comfy spot on the bed:) When mom got home she figured out that Echo got one of the latches on the side door of the crate open and squeezed her way out and that's how she escaped her crate. Needless to say, mom will be sure they are locked up tight!!


Mean Echo

January 27th 2011 7:39 am
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The other day I was hanging out in the bathroom with mom while she was getting ready for work in the morning. I do this every morning and it's kind of our time. The dogs sometimes come in, but mom makes sure that Echo doesn't bother me. Chloe never does, but once in a while, Echo will try to come in and pest me, but mom makes her stay outside the bathroom. But today, mom let them in from going potty and before mom made it back upstairs to the bathroom, that darn pup came in the bathroom and pushed me up against the bath tub. I was so mad at her that I reared up and smacked her several times in the face. Unfortunately I don't have claws so I wasn't doing any damage, but I was hoping it was deter her enough until mom got there. I was screaming and crying for mom to come quick and boy did she ever. I never saw mom come so fast and I wish you could have seen her face when she came in the bathroom and Echo had me pinned against the tub. Mom was furious and Echo didn't even need to be told. She went running from the bathroom and dodged mom to get to her crate. I think Echo would have locked the crate behind her if she could have because she knew mom was mad. I head mom scold Echo then she came in to check on me. I was fine, Echo didn't hurt me, just made me mad more than anything. Although, it did startle me a bit because Echo never pushed me that hard before and I really wasn't sure how far she was going to go. Mom picked me up and hugged and kissed me and promised that would never happen again and I know if mom is around, that it never will.


They're back!

January 24th 2011 10:41 am
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My vacation is over... the dogs are back:( Mom left Friday after work and I had the whole house to myself and it was really nice. Kelsey came over to check on me, but that was it. No dogs chasing me around and pesting me or anything. When I heard the car yesterday, I wasn't even sure the dogs were back with mom because Echo didn't come running upstairs with her as usual. Mom came up to check on me and gave me a kiss, but no dogs. I got a little excited thinking it was going to be just me and mom again. But my little bubble was burst later that evening when mom came into the bedroom after getting a shower and Echo pounced on the bed nearly knocking me off! Yep, they were back... so much for peace and quiet. Mom apologized for bringing them back, but she said dad wanted them to come home with her because of the guys coming to do the surveying on Monday and he couldn't deal with them. HELLO DAD!!! Guess what? I don't want to deal with them either! Guess what I want doesn't count for anything now does it? At least mom was really good about making Echo stay away from me. We all hung out downstairs and watched the football game, but after the game, mom put Echo to bed then mom, Chloe and I went to bed early cause she was really tired. I didn't mind though cause I missed mom and I love curling up next to her when she sleeps and that's exactly what I did. Chloe slept on the other side of mom, but I don't mind her because she doesn't bother me much, not like that darn pup. Mom did say she wishes I didn't mind traveling cause she would like to take me with her to the cabin. Sometimes I wish I didn't mind either cause I'd like to be with mom too. Oh well, too bad cause I am the wussy pussy and I don't think that's ever gonna change.



January 21st 2011 8:49 am
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I think I died and went to kitty heaven! Last night it was just me and mom and NO DOGS!!!!! Dad went to the mountains and he took both dogs with him. It was soooooo peaceful. I could move about the house without them pouncing on me or chasing me all over the place. I really did feel like I was in heaven:) Mom couldn't believe the difference in me either. I played with my toys, played with her, rolled around on the floor like I didn't have a care in the world. She was so happy to see me so happy:D I know it's not right to be so happy that my dogs were gone, but it is nice once in a while to be able to just relax and not worry about some dog sniffing your butt or chasing you up the steps or jumping on the bed and almost landing on top of you. I actually got to play with some of my Christmas toys. Mom laughed as I threw them in the air and batted them around. She said I could be a heck of a baseball player. When she was watching TV in bed I was playing in the hall then I brought one of my toys onto the bed for her to play with me and that made her really happy. It was really nice for mom and I to play together:) It was just REALLY nice not to have the dogs around. I know mom does her best to spread the love around and I know she loves me, it's just those dang dogs are so needy and you know us cats, we are pretty independent and don't need much. I'm just glad mom makes sure I have my time at night and that I get to curl up with her to sleep. That is what I look forward to every night and mom ALWAYS makes sure I get that no matter what! But it was really nice what we had last night. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky again and dad will take the dogs away again and mom and I can have some girl time again soon:)


Happy New Year

January 5th 2011 12:14 pm
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Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late, but mom's been away and really busy since she's been home. They got back on Sunday evening and boy did I miss them. I know I said I didn't want to go, but I do miss my family when they're gone. Brett and Kelsey came and checked on me. I got sick one day and Brett cleaned it up for me. He's such a good kid:) Sunday night I was so happy to sleep with mom again, but I was NOT happy that she let Echo sleep in the bedroom with us. She said Echo slept in the bedroom at the cabin and did really well so they were going to try it at home. Well, let me tell you, that didn't go so well. She kept waking mom and dad up. Mom was none to happy about it either because she had to go to work on Monday. Mom couldn't figure out why Echo was waking them so much. I know why... because she wanted on the bed to get at me. She doesn't hurt me, but she likes to play and annoy me and she knew I was on the bed and she wanted up there in the worst way. Well, needless to say, Echo is now back in her crate at night:)

Other than that, nothing exciting has been going on around here. I've been keeping mom company. Her knee is getting better, but still sore and a little swollen. She went back to work on Monday and when she got home she laid on the sofa with the ice machine. I late on top of the sofa above her and kept her company. I make sure the dogs don't bother her too much. You know how those dogs can be! It was so nice to have my mom back:) She said she really misses me when she's gone too though and she really wants to take me with her to the cabin sometime to see how I do. She said she'll wait to my next vet trip she'll talk to the vet and see what he says. Part of me would like to go and be with my family, but you know the wussy pussy part of me is like NO WAY! So I guess we'll just wait and see.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and let's hope this one is better than last one!

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