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Khai Lei ....Her Diary

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December 8th 2007 8:45 am
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So very sad today. We just learned of Buddie and McKenna going to the Bridge. Mom will practice avoidance of Catster once again. So many dear friends have passed this year and so many more since our first days here on Catster.

We deeply feel the loss of each them and our hearts go out to their grieving families.



January 8th 2007 12:55 pm
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Mom has been pretty sick and that's why I haven't been keeping my diary up to date. She's better now so I'll be very busy answering all my purr-mail and thanking all my friends for their loving wishes for my recovery.

I am TOTALLY back to normal. My nose and ears are back to their beautiful shade of pink and my fur is white again, not yellow. Alas, my shaved parts are very slowly growing the fur back. You'll never guess what food Mom finally got me to eat! Kitten food ....dry cheap kitten food...I love it. In fact we all love it.....we refuse to eat the Science Diet stuff, but I'm sure Mom will start making us eat it again now that I'm all better.

Must get busy with my mail.

Love and whisker kisses to all of you,


CHRISTMAS EVENING 2006 from KhaiLei's Momma

December 25th 2006 3:54 pm
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KhaiLei finally has forgiven me, thank goodness. This morning after her meds...she came upstairs to the den and didn't run away when I approached her. She just rubbed on the scratching post and did her "EB" thing (elevator butt), then raced to the stairs to the room she and I have been using since she's been sick. Up on the bed she went and rolled over presenting her tummy for a tickle...and purring madly all the time. As if to say....I finally understand Mom why you've been doing this to me and I feel GREAT now. Its sure nice to have my KhaiLei girl back.

She's actually in the dining room interacting with company. Being her normal adorable self.

This is the best Christmas present ever!


December 24, 2006

December 24th 2006 9:38 pm
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I'm sending loving Christmas wishes for all my dear Catster friends and their families, to Dr. Cat and her staff and a special Merry Christmas to Dr. Cat's Mum in Ireland.

You'll all be glad to know I'm doing much better. Eating on my own. Mom has finally learned that I prefer the dry food to the canned stuff. I am especially fond of the cheaper varieties. favorite is Whiska's for Kittens. I really gobble that down, but so does everyone else so they'll all be gaining weight. More good news....I won't be needing additional bloodwork unless I stop eating and start feeling poorly again. The hole in my neck is almost completely healed now. I still wear my little sock top turtle-necks to protect it, but soon I'll be able to get rid of them too. I wonder if my hair will ever grow back. *sigh* I feel so (blushing, eyes down) naked.

I still have to take that horrid medicine. Mom got some of those Pill Pockets, but she couldn't fool me, no way. I knew the nasty stuff was inside. Those silly Greeks just gulp them down....pills and all. So.....Mom came up with another trick. She grinds my pills to powder then mixes it with ice cream (Dr. Cat's suggestion). I won't eat it on my own so she still uses the syringe to get it into me, but its a little more palatable this way. Of course I still drool all over and make a big show of my dislike by heading for the nearest place I can find to hide when she's finished. Poor Mom, every time I see her coming toward me I run like heck in the opposite direction. And I can run really fast now. It makes her feel bad, but I'm not taking any chances. Its really funny because she has to get Dad to help her catch me.

Last night Mom fell asleep in the den watching t.v. and guess who she discovered sleeping on her chest when she woke up in the middle of the night.... me! I knew she wouldn't be poking medicine down me if she was asleep and I really do miss snuggling with her at night.

Tonight I'm going finish watching "Miracle on 34th Street" in bed with Mom. My Christmas present to her.


Love and sleepy purrs,


LATEST NEWS.....NOT MUCH....December 21, 2006

December 21st 2006 9:52 am
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Hi everyone,

I am continuing to improve and can get around quite nicely without any help now. I'm even using the "healthy cat" litterbox. But Mom has become a real pain in the you-know-what. She keeps shoving that horrid tasting stuff into my mouth and keeps telling me its "for my own good" and she doesn't like doing it anymore than I like having it done. WELL I think she just likes to torture me now that I'm feeling better. I'll have to stay on my meds for a month and will go in for bloodwork right after Christmas... If they can get any, for some reason my veins disappear when I hear the words....needle....
blood....those kind of words. They'll probably try my neck then.

You should see Mom's poor palm tree. Roukie2 thought it was his personal tree and he shredded the tar out of it. Mom had to cut a lot of the branches off and now there are only two left. Poor tree. Bad Roukie2. Sulei2 is a little angel. I get so tired of hearing about how good they are when Mom gives them their medication.

Its raining here today and there's a nice fire in the fireplace so I'm heading back to my basket and will have my lunch after my nap. Meds are over until this evening....thank Zeus!

Thank you all for the purring prayers, stars and all the rosettes you've sent me....they really have made me feel a lot better.


DECEMBER 19, 2006

December 19th 2006 7:03 pm
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I think I wore Mom out. I'm doing fine but she's dropping in her tracks so I'll update everyone tomorrow. I'm still doing fine...roaming the house....probably not eating as much as I should and fighting the meds back to one half of the dailys. Mom is going to call Dr. Cat in the a.m.

Its so nice that my fur sibs totally accept me even if I smell funny. And my cute little white turtle neck collar is quite attractive....and it "breaths" wound still gets air.

Very tired now...both me and Mom, time for us to snuggle, in the den tonight with the fireplace going....everyone is here with us, execpt for Dad...he's in Chicago. Poor Dad. I wonder if we'll all fit on the loveseat?

Love to all.


WELL I DID IT AGAIN December 18, 2006

December 18th 2006 3:55 pm
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This morning Mom got up at 5 O'clock to feed me and I ate it all. So we both went back to bed. Dad came in at 7:30 to say good-bye and Mom freaked out! There, lying beside me on the bed, was my feeding tube. Not inside me, but outside. So Mom called Dr. Cat's office as soon as they opened and they said to bring me in. I was then packed up in my fancy, padded, orange carrier and put in the car and when Mom tried to start wouldn't. Dad had failed to shut the trunk completely the last time he drove her car so the battery was deader than a dormouse.....or is that doornail? Never can keep that straight. Anyway, after Triple A arrived and jump started it I was, once more, loaded up and away we went.

And guess what!!!!!! My wonderful Dr. Cat said I didn't need to have the tube put back in. Boy, do I love her....she is one smart lady. Now all I have to do is keep taking my meds and eat on my own....otherwise back in it goes. Now there are even more things for Mom to do to me. I have a special "beauty" ointment that goes on the very LARGE hole in my neck twice a day and some great protective stuff that gets sprayed on it three times a day. Don't forget my all meds twice a day and food as many times a day as I will eat it.

I was so happy not to have that tube in I gave Mom a little love nip on her arm (it only bled a little and she even didn't cry). Then I rolled around on the floor and presented my tummy for tickling. I even jumped up on the bed all by myself.

Oh, before I forget. Mom got the greatest litter for my box. Its especially for post surgical cats. Its made from Pine trees and smells good and she got it at nothing sticks to my behind. YAY! There is also kitty litter made from old news papers that is like that too. Isn't that just the greatest idea?

Well, friends, its time for me to turn my nose up at my dinner and watch Mom panic. After she gave me my drugs this morning I refused every scrap of food she offered me. I think I might eat tomorrow morning, but she'd better feed me before she gives me the yucky medicine cause now it has to go in my mouth and I can taste it. EEEEEWWWWWW

And now for the BIG surprise! TaDa.....I heard Dad come home tonight and when Mom turned around there I was in the dining room. YES!!!!! I came downstairs all by myself. Nowhere to go but up from here and that's where I'm headed. *smiles*

I have spared you the pictures of my neck as they are X -rated and quite ugly. But I must remember to show you my carrying case.

Love and purrs to you all,
KhaiLei Queen of the Universe (once again)



December 17th 2006 4:52 pm
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Mom is skipping around here like a little kid. She's so excited and all because I have eaten one whole 3 oz. can of "Salmon Florentine in a delicate sauce with Garden Greens" all by myself since One O'Clock today. She also bought some special kitty litter made just for post-op kittens and doesn't stick to my behind. I even slept in bed with her all last night instead of going under the bed in the middle of the night. Yes, my friends, things are definitely looking up! I do have to eat one heck of a lot more to get the necessary calories I was getting with the two cans of A/D, but at least I'm eating on my own and Mom can supplement with tube feeding to make up the difference if I don't eat a lot more.



December 17th 2006 8:46 am
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It all started Friday night when the tube cap went missing. Dad had stopped by the vets and they sent a new one home with him. Well, he had no idea what the old one looked like so it wasn't his fault that the new one was too big and wouldn't fit in the tube. So Mom got the "bright" idea of opening the thing and there was a long metal pointy thing with a round metal things on one end. So she figured this is what she was supposed to put in the tube (something new) UN OH Not the right thing to do. It slipped down inside and she could get it out. So she decided to take me to see Dr. Cat (my new name for the wonderful Dr. Catherine Donworth) first thing Saturday morning. So no food or meds from Friday afternoon until after I see Dr. Cat. Mom had done a really STUPID thing and was really scared. Well, they took two x-rays and guess what.....heh heh....I had already removed the hateful thing and there wasn't a sign of it anywhere. So after having my behind shaved (for reasons of comfort and sanitation) we went home. Whereupon the tube feedings and meds commenced once again. Dr. Cat gave Mom several tube caps for me, but she took the needles inside of them out so nothing like that could ever happen again. Not that Mom would make the same mistake twice.....My Mom is a fast learner. MOL

I have more good news. Today, for breakfast, I actually ate about a teaspoon of food on my own. Mom put some on her finger and held it under my nose....I licked it and found it much to my liking. I may have to demand only that Shredded Chicken in sauce with Garden Greens even after I'm well. Of course it wasn't enough food so Mom will tube feed me my lunch. Then try another feeding on my own around 6 p.m. We will probably not do an evening tube feeding in order to make me hungry enough to eat on my own at breakfast tomorrow. It seems to work. You see with the tube feeding my tummy tells me I'm full and not hungry.

Oh, yes, I am much more lively today, I fought like mad when Mom got ready to give me my meds and made a a dang fine dash for the bathroom door.....not fast enough though cause Mom shut it before I escaped to the bedroom.

Happy purrs to all, its time for my nap before lunch.
Love and purrs and thank you all for your prayers, healing rosettes and lovely stars,


DECEMBER 16, 2006

December 16th 2006 7:54 pm
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It has taken Mom all day to do the vet thing and answer all my correspondence and that of the rest of the family. I don't think Dad is too happy at being neglected. Tomorrow she will do my diary entry first. You really have to read it....I was the biggest pain in the butt ever and scared the daylights out of her. Don't miss it.

Good night and sweet dreams to all of you.

Sighs and purrs,

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