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I'm Starting a Diary!

November 2nd 2008 4:32 pm
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Hi. Mom is helping me to start my diary today. I came to Mom and Dad's house when I was 6 months old. That is when I met my sisters, Mea amd Mikki.

Mea is 5 lbs. and pretty mouthy. She loves to scream at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason and she loves to hiss at me when I get close to her. Mom says it is because she is older and doesn't want to play like me. When I was a few years younger, I used to like to run up to her from behind and then go right over the top of her so I could hear her hiss at me.

Mikki plays with me sometimes but she hisses at me when she doesn't want to play anymore. Mom and Dad used to remind me all the time that my sisters are much older than me and don't like to play young kitty games. This is why Mom and Dad decided that I needed a little brother or sister to play with, so they brought home my brother Milo.

Milo is a year younger than me and we are best pals. Most of the time we go everywhere together, but sometimes we act just like brothers, if you know what I mean.

For being as big as I am (14 lbs.) I'm a fraidy cat according to Mom and Dad. That is why they have nicknamed me Meek. You see, I don't like it when strangers come to my house. When they knock on the door or ring the doorbell I run behind the couch or under the covers on Mom and Dad's bed to hide until they are gone.

Mom said it is time for me to go so my brother has a chance to write, so see you later.

Purrs for now,



November 16th 2008 2:47 pm
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Well, my sisters, brother, and I have been on Catster for almost two months now. Mom has been reading us some of the diary entries and some of the bios for the recently added kitties.

I have to say that there are some very special stories about how some very loving humans have changed a kitty's (or a doggie's) life furever. What I don't understand is the humans that don't realize how special it is to love a kitty or even a doggie. How could a human abuse, neglect, and/or abandon a cute little kitty or doggie. In this day and age why are there so many of us kitties and doggies out there that still need to find a loving furever family.

Mom just finished reading to us about a recently added kitty whose furever family is trying to find him a new home. You see, they moved into a new apartment that required a pet deposit. They paid the deposit for the doggie but not the kitty. They got caught with the kitty and do not have the money to pay. They are trying to find the kitty a new forever family, so he does not have to go back to the shelter as the apartment managers said they will confiscate the kitty if the deposit is not paid. This upset all of us especially Mom.

I asked Mom why these humans did not try harder to find an apartment where they could afford the pet deposit and she said that some of them just don't think. They don't realize what it takes to care for a pet. She also keeps telling us that not all humans are kind.

I remember my first Mom never took me to the vet when I was little. When I came to live with Mom and Dad the first thing they did was take me to the vet to get me my shots and get me a check-up to make sure I was healthy. They also took me to be neutered. Mom and Dad take all of us to the vet for regular check-ups and anytime we get sick. I am so glad I have a caring furever family. We need humans to care for us as we can't take care of ourselves very well in the big, bad, outside world and if you don't believe this just ask my sister Mikki.

Mom says that we must try to change the world one kitty or doggy at a time, but I just had to say something as I was so upset after reading that entry the other day. I really hope that kitty finds a loving furever family and does not have to return to the shelter. Please pray for him.



A Day To Give Thanks....

November 27th 2008 10:54 am
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Today is Thanksgiving--a day to give thanks, so I would like to say thank you to Dad for finding me and to Mom and Dad for taking me home to my furever home. I love you both and I love my sister and brothers too. Today and everyday, I pray for all the kitties and doggies that still need to find furever homes.

I want to thank all the people out there that work so hard and selflessly to love, care for, and protect all the kitties and doggies of the world that do not have furever homes. You are very special--THANK YOU!

I am thankful to Dogster/Catster for creating such wonderful websites for doggies and kitties. I am thankful for all of my furiends I have met on this site.

I am thankful for the Turkey I am about to receive as I know that not all doggies and kitties will have the same. I have been helping Mom check on the Turkey all day. She says that I am such a good Turkey watcher.

To all my furiends--HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



A Tree...

December 20th 2008 10:20 am
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Christmas is almost here. Mom put up a small Christmas Tree while Dad has been in Germany with my human sister and niece. The presents are all wrapped and under that tree for when everyone gets back from Germany. I just love to stare at the Christmas tree lights when they come on at night.

Mom has told us that she and Dad have ordered us a tree of our own. She said it should be here shortly after Christmas. Dad will put it all together for us. She showed me a picture. It is so cool. It has a hammock for my sister Mikki as she is older and doesn't like to climb anymore and it has lots of poles and platforms and even a house for me and Milo to play in. My sister Mea is getting her own heated bed to help her with her arthritis.

Mom has been sick so she has been home with us all week. It has been kind of nice having her here with Dad gone and all. We have been taking good care of her.

Mea went to the hospital for three days but she is home now resting and trying to get over a cold that she caught while in the hospital. I am going to let you go for now so I can go and check on Mom and Mea.

Wishing all of my Catster furiends and their families a very safe and happy holiday!!!



Little Sisters

February 20th 2009 12:30 pm
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I have a new little sister and I still haven't decided what to think about that. Her name is Mimu, she is 7 months old, and she is Siamese like me.

When we first met I would hiss at her everytime she came near me, but I have toned it down a little and only hiss when she is being very hyper and is too close for comfort. She's still a kitten so she does a lot of playing.

Mom and Dad have gotten her foam balls and tiny little mice to play with. She carries them all over the house talking the whole time she is doing it. I really like her mice. I will sit and wait for her to finish playing with one and then I will move in, attack it, and show her the right way to take care of a mouse.

I guess my little sister is not all that bad, but I'm not going to tell her that just yet. As far as I'm concerned she's still in training! mol!!!



Things Around Our House

May 9th 2009 1:33 pm
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It has been so long since Mom has helped me to write that I don't know where to start. Mom has been having back pain and she has been to the Chiropractor, Physical Therapy, the Doctor, and now she is waiting for an MRI to be scheduled. This has been going on for three months and nothing has helped. She is on pain meds and muscle relaxers to help reduce the pain but they make her very tired. This is why we haven't been active on Catster for a while.

Mom works on a computer all day at work so she has been trying not to use one much at home since it seems to aggrevate the problem. She has been trying to keep us updated on what our furiends are up to and what has been going on in our groups but just hasn't been able to type diary entries for us or let us participate in the groups.

Mom is hoping that the MRI will let the Doctor know how to resolve the back problem so she can get back to all the things she enjoys doing.

To read more about what is happening with us, please read my sisters and brothers most recent diary entries as Mom is trying to write a new diary entry for all of us without having to type too much.

Hopefully Mom will be back to normal soon and we will be able to participate more as we enjoy Catster so much.

Hope to meow at you all again soon.



Thank You

May 14th 2009 9:21 am
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Wow! Little Ole me has been choosen by Catster HQ as Diary Pick of the Day. What an honor.

Mom was so surprised when she read her e-mail this morning. She came running over and gave me a great big hug. She is so proud of me. This is going to be an extra loving day. Mom even said she was going to get me a couple of catnip mice to celebrate with.

Thank you Catster HQ!!



It's My Birthday

June 22nd 2009 11:30 am
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It's my birthday today. Mom and Dad just can't believe I'm 6 years old already. Mom told me this morning that she and Dad had a Birthday Present for me and they would give it to me when they get home from work.

My sisters and brothers have been being extra nice to me today. They have let me lay in all the good sunny spots and haven't bothered me while I have been napping.

It has been the longest day waiting for Mom and Dad to come home. Hurry up Mom and Dad. I can't wait any longer for my Birthday Suprise!

Love and Purrs,


Schedule Change at My House

July 11th 2009 2:03 pm
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First of all, I want to thank all of my furiend for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday. Mom and Dad got me some catnip mousies to play with. It was a wonderful day filled with furiends, family, sunny nap spots, and purresents.

Mom and Dad have been talking a lot about 4/10's over the past month. None of us cats were quite sure what that meant but we all understand now. It started two weeks ago when Mom and Dad started to leave the house an hour earlier in the mornings and didn't get home to feed us our treat until an hour later at night. Oh but there is a good side too. Now, we get to spend three whole days with Mom and Dad before they have to do it again.

Mom and Dad keep saying that this will be a big adjustment for all of us but we will get used to it. The company they work for decided to go to 4/10's to save money in these tough economic times and to be more sustainable with enery and fuel. It is really nice to have Mom and Dad around for three whole days but we sure do miss them for those extra two hours when they are working.

I'm going to let one of my sisters or brother catch up on thier diary now while I hang out. Talk to you all soon.



Back to Normal

August 30th 2009 7:24 pm
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Things are almost back to normal around my house. Mom and Dad are finally back from vacation. Dad has already returned to work and Mom goes back tomorrow.

It is really nice to have them back. This means that I do not have to hide behind the couch everytime my kittysitter comes in to feed us. I don't like strangers in my house. Even though the kittysitter is Mom's ex-huband and visits every now and then I won't come out when he is here.

I was a good boy and didn't hide when my Mimi was here visiting. She was very nice. She petted me and told me what a beautiful kitty I am. I really like my Mimi. She can come and visit me any time she wants as long as she doesn't take Mom and Dad away over night. Mimi said she is coming back in April and I can't wait.

I made Mom promise that the next time she and Dad take time off from work it will be a staycation. I don't like those vacation things. I get really lonely without my Mom and Dad to sleep with me.

Love and Purrs,

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