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Mea's Mews From Above

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6th Birthday at the Bridge

April 21st 2014 9:27 pm
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Today is my 6th Birthday at the Bridge. Thank you dear friends for helping me to celebrate!

Mom and Dad still miss me every day. They have rescued a lot of little kitties since I left. I watch over them every day and giggle. They all have such big personalities. They definitely keep Mom and Dad on their toes.

Mom and Dad say that my sister Mikki will be making her journey to the Bridge soon. They don't know exactly when but she is almost 22 years old and starting to go down hill fast. She has lost a lot of weight, has tumors growing in her neck, and has even stopped eating a few times. She won't even eat her turkey baby food she used to love. Mom and Dad found this drink called Cat Sure and she has been drinking that in between what little she will eat.

She still walks around the house, jumps up on the lowest shelf of the scratching post, and even backs the dogs up when she doesn't want them near her. For now she doesn't seem to be in any pain so Mom and Dad have been making her comfortable and keeping an eye on her. I'll be here waiting for her when her time comes. Until then, enjoy every minute you have with the family Mikster.

Gotta run, we are gathering to do a really big fly over for our families tonight.

Loving Purrs,


Thank You for Helping Me to Celebrate My Birthday- Rememberance Day

April 28th 2013 6:07 pm
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Hello Furiends,

Thank you for helping me to celebrate my Birthday Rememberance Day at the Bridge. All the Angels and I had a great big catebration party to celebrate every cat born on April 21st and then we did a flyover of all their families. It was a grand day indeed.

My Mom and Dad have been very busy lately. They have been going to First Friday events trying to sell Dad's photography and Mom has been working on a new business venture. She has about a month of work left to do before her on-line store will be ready to open. I'm really excited for her and can't wait to see it open.

Well, got to run for now. You all take care and we'll talk again real soon I hope.

Loving Purrs,


Rainbow Bridge Day

January 28th 2013 9:16 pm
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Today is my Rainbow Bridge Day. It has been 4 years since I had to leave for the Bridge unexpectedly. Mom and Dad miss me still miss me very much but they enjoy thinking about all the precious time we were able to spend together. They say they have a whole lot of very special memories of our time together.

They have been keeping busy with all my new brothers and sisters that have arrived since my journey to the Bridge. I have been watching over that crew. hehehe Sometimes it is just too funny watching the happens at my house.

My newest little brothers, Mokka and Makana, are just so precious. I watch Mom and Dad smiling when they watch them playing together. I hear them say "Mea used to do that" a lot lately as Makana seems to have a lot of the same traits as me. The only difference is that boy has a serious Siamese temper. Mom is working on that.

My Bridge Day celebration was wonderful. It was nice to spend time celebrating with so many of my angel friends. A bunch of us are getting ready to do an angel dusting flyover of my house and a number of others tonight so I better get going.

You all take care and enjoy your evening.

Loving Purrs,


A Birthday Pawty at the Bridge

April 22nd 2012 6:30 pm
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I want to say thank you to all my earthly friends and angel friends for the beautiful gifties, pawmails, and the pretty picture of me I received for my Birthday. All of the messages made Mom and Dad smile as the remembered me.

All the angels gathered for a big celebration for all of us angels born on April 21st. We had birthday cake and ice cream and we danced into the wee hours. It was great fun for all.

Thank you everyfur and family.

Loving Purrs,


Thank Yous and Happy Easter

April 24th 2011 5:10 pm
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I want to thank all of my friends that sent me rosies and messages for my Birthday at the Bridge.

My angel friends threw me a great big Birthday Pawty up here on Cloud 9. It as so wonderful to have so many friends gathered in one place to celebrate. We played lots of games and ate lots and lots of cake and vanilla ice cream.

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day filled with lots of Easter eggs, Peeps, etc...

Loving Purrs,


Tribute to Two Dear Friends

March 17th 2011 10:16 am
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Two of our dear friends, Miss Hazel Lucy and Marrakech, journeyed to the Bridge yesterday. Each of them had been very sick recently and both let their Mommies know that it was their time to leave this earthly realm and journey to a beautiful place where they could be young and healthy again.

Our hearts break for the heartache that their Mommies are feeling right now. We send our heartfelt condolences to each of them.

Please know that each of your girls left pawprints on a great many hearts and each of them will live on within all that knew them. May you both find comfort in the love and good memories you shared with your baby girls.

Loving Purrs,
Mea-Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo,
Mimu, Maui, and Mom Lisa


What is the Catster Community?

June 22nd 2010 1:33 pm
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Hi, Mea’s Mom here. Mea has agreed to let me take over her diary to tell you what I think the Catster Community really is, so here goes…

Why did you join Catster?

What made you stay?

When I first found Catster, 643 days ago, I thought it would be a fun place where I could meet people that shared the same love for their cats (children) that I do for mine. I WAS RIGHT!!!
I gave each of my beloved children a page, a diary, a voice and they were befriended by so many from around the world and in turn they befriended so many more. In the time we have been here, we have laughed together, cried together, and supported each other though so much.

Shortly after joining Catster, my precious Mea became very ill. She lost so much weight, wouldn’t eat and just wasn’t doing well. We went through so much trying to find out what was wrong. So many visits to the vet and oh so many tests. Through it all, I had the support of those I call friends (family)!!! When Mea crossed to the Bridge due to a complication from exploratory surgery, it was the kind words and loving thoughts from all of you that helped me to make it though that sad time. Yes, I cried with each loving message that I read from all of you, but it was those words, the hugs, the love, the understanding, that helped me to heal.

I became a Plus Member because I enjoy being a part of this loving Community. You see, I believe “WE ARE THE COMMUNITY!!!” It is what we make it. HQ provides us with the platform and a few rules, and we do the rest. Yes, as in any community (real or virtual) there are rules, but we all know the old saying “Rules are made to be broken”. There will always be someone who just has to break the rules. If you see this happening, please report it to HQ so they can take the appropriate action.

From what we have seen in the past few weeks, HQ has been listening! They have acted upon suggestions, have taken down inappropriate diary entries, they have been working to make the site a better place and they even took down a totally separate blog they owned when some Catster members found it to be inappropriate. HQ is not perfect and I am sure they never proclaimed to be, but they have given us a platform to house a very loving Community and I for one will continue to enjoy My Community. I will laugh with, cry with, and support my friends in every way I can because I know that true friends are what makes the world a better place.

Remember, WE ARE THE COMMUNITY and it is what we make it!!! Let’s continue to make it a place where friends can provide each other with the love and support we all need. Let’s have fun!!!

With Much Love To All My Friends,
Mea’s Mom


19th Birthday Celebration

April 21st 2010 8:54 am
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Today is my 19th Birthday. We will be celebrating on earth and in heaven. My sister Mikki is heading up the earthly celebration and my wonderful friends here at the Bridge are throwing me a wonderful birthday party. Please help me celebrate by stopping by either place and enjoying a piece of cake and a little catnip.

Loving Purrs,
Mea - Angel


Easter Angel Flight

April 5th 2010 9:27 pm
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I want to thank all of my friends that joined me on the angel flight yesterday. What a great time we had searching out spring flowers and butterflies, and sprinkle angel dust down upon our families for Easter. It was so fun traveling all around the world and getting to see everyone's families. Can't wait to do it again. Hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Loving Purrs,
Mea - Angel


Happy Easter!

April 4th 2010 11:06 am
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Happy Easter to all my Catster friends. Wishing you a wonderful day.

I want to thank the Catster Diary Girl for choosing me as a DOTD today. What a very special honor. I am very happy that I share this diary pick honor with my friend Margo, R.K.N. and Catster cats Meep, Maus, and Coopurr. I wish you all a wonderful day.

I want to thank all my friends that have sent me comments, paw mail, and rosies.

Thank you Pipo and Family, and Peaches and Family for the lovely paw mails.

Thank you to Calvin for the comment. I would love to fly with you and show you my flowers. We should get a whole bunch of angels together to go and check out the spring flowers and sprinkle angel dust on our families for Easter.

Thank you Little One and the Gang of Furs for the lovely comment.

I want to thank Hazel Lucy for the beautiful Cross and lovely words.

Thank you to Sally, Lucy, Sophie, Charlie and Leo for the Rainbow Star and beautiful message that was attached.

Thank you Sammie, Kiki and Ember, and Frankie and Family for the Easter Eggs and lovely messages attached.

I must go for now. I am getting ready to go fly with all my friends so we can sprinkle some angel dust on our families. May you all have a very wonderful Easter.

Loving Purrs,
Mea - Angel

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