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Morris' Meowing's

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March 3rd 2010 3:52 am
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This morning me, Nekko and Itsumo was in the bathroom. I was getting my morning drink of water from the tub. The other guy's were waiting for their turn. Dad walk's in and laugh's and asked us if we had an orange cat convention going on. Of course I said yes. MOL ! I'm the leader. He know's that. Well I got done and Itsumo got his drink. Nekko left to look into other thing's. He does that. Kinda like Jerry. They are alway's looking for something to get into. Time to watch some birdies and wonder how many it would take to fill the roasting pan. Have a great day !



February 27th 2010 5:09 am
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Mother Nature is playing trick's on us. We have been hearing robin's singing a lot. Now this morning there is at least an inch of snow on everything ! We are lucky it wasn't more like in New York and other places. Oh well Mother Nature has to take a few more wack's at us before she let's spring stay. Have a great and dry day fur's.


Spring is Springing !

February 21st 2010 6:59 am
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I think spring is springing ! We heard some Robin's singing the other day. The duck's are flying back north. There is also a very bad skunk smell in the neighborhood. That happen's alway's right before spring. The morning's are light sooner to and day's are light longer. That's great. It won't be long until we can open the door's and window's and lay in ray's of sun shine. We all love doing that. Have a great day furiend's.


Justice For Eve

January 13th 2010 9:45 am
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Will you please help out and sign Eve's petition so that we can help put an end to overcrowded, understaffed shelters? We currently have 637 signatures and our goal is 1000. Thank you SO much!



November 30th 2009 5:19 am
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Hi kitties ! Sunday my family and I went to a parade with friend's from Princess Divas & Prince Charming's. We even got to be in the parade ! Bailey took the pictures . Shes very good at that. Buttercup organized the whole parade. Our pup furiend Hershey was even Santa Clause. I guessed that he was and got a Zealie package from Buttercup. PD&PC is such a fun group. They make great pictures and go on trip's. They are RVing everywhere. My pup sis Molly just got done hosting our state Indiana. Next is Ill. Have a great day !


My Birthday !

November 23rd 2009 8:36 am
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Hi Kitties, Today I am 8 year's old. Can you believe it ? Time sure fly's.
Mommy say's it seem's like yesterday I just got here. I want to thank all my furiend's for the birthday wishes, pictures and rosettes. Also than you Princess Reba for the present's. ( she call's me her Prince).She is way to good to me. She spoiles me. Us kitties started the day with some 9-Lives can food. It was so good. Then I played with the thing's Reba sent me. I share of course. I thought Jerry was going to really fly through the house. Because he was playing with a mouse on an elastic string and trying to get away with it upstair's. He was running and it popped right out of his mouth ! MOL ! He kept going. We just had some Friskies Party Mix. That is the best treat ever ! Most I want to thank you all for sharing this happy day with me.You all make it even better. Andre, I am milking this. MOL! Mommy sang Happy Birthday to me 2 times already and cuddles me a lot. Have a great day furiend's !


Ice Cream Tag

November 17th 2009 9:13 am
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I just got tagged by my furiend Junioe Fluffkin's. Well I had to think a bit. I'm kinda like an Orange Cream. I could be in a bowl(it would have to a big one) ! MOL ! Or I could be an Orange Push Up and hang on to the stick. Or even an Orange Creamsickle. Yummy orange and white. I think I'll take a bowl no matter which one I'll be today. Then I can have more the one. MOL ! Now I have to tag some fur's. I hope after they have their ice cream they want to play. Thank's Junior Fluffkin's for tagging me. Now me and mommy is hungry. Morris


Thanksgiving Tag

November 13th 2009 8:18 am
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It's a little tag game for Thanksgiving, If you want to play copy and paste
this into your diary, and then "tag" five other-furs to respond. Let them know in a pawmail.

List the five things that you're most thankful for this year.
1. All my furiend's on Catster and Dogster !
2. I get Friskies Party Mix ! It's the best !
3. My girkfuriend Reba. She's a beauty inside and out.
4. My family

I'm tagging 5 furiend's and hope they want to play.


Silly, Right !

November 11th 2009 5:37 am
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Silly ? Oh come on Cleo. There is nothing silly about getting sneaked up on and jumped on. That is what Jerry likes to do to us guy's. At least he play's nicer with the girl's. Well I got him back this morning. I walked in the room and there was Jerry partly in the tunnel. I just had to do it.Couldn't miss the opportunety, I jumped on him. MOL! He jumped and ran out of the tunnel. Then we wrestled for a while. Now we are resting. Being we're guy's we play hard. Have a great day !


Memorial For HARLYDOG

November 4th 2009 5:42 pm
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Hi kitties , a great friend to many, HARLEYDOG went on today to The Rainbow Bridge. He was great fun to play with at Dog Park USA. He made great pictures for the fur's when they would win at the game guess how many is in my yard. The how many each time was the winner from the previous game. Some in my family even won and the picture's are still on their pages. This Thursday evening at 6PM dogster time at Fancypant's Cafe there is a memorial service for HARLEYDOG.
They usually play bingo at the café however this week are going to put that aside and remember a dear friend to everyone. Bring your pictures, songs & memories to share. We will gather starting at around 6 pm dog time. Everyone is welcome !!!!!!! At Fancypant's Cafe 24/7. Hope to see you all there. Thank's!

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