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September 4th 2008 6:46 pm
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I haven't seen Torbine Sue since September 2nd. I truly believe Cammie Rose scared her away. I hope not!

I know Torbie Sue is younger and had gotten away from Cammie Rose before she could jump her. It was I who broke up the fight by clapping my hands and saying "break it up girls".

Cam couldn't run fast enough to catch up with Torbie Sue who flew over the chain link fence and was gone.

Cam gave up. And she's not giving up staying at home more often to GUARD her turf. I don't think she wants Torbie Sue scarfing down the rest of her food anymore either.

Well, this weekend will tell if she shows up. Maybe Torbie Sue is hoping that Cam will "get over it" and is giving her a couple days to wind down.

We'll see.




September 2nd 2008 5:56 pm
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This morning was not a good one. I was strolling through the lady's backyard in search of food . All of a sudden, and unexpectedly, I was confronted by Cammie Rose.

She wasn't a happy camper. She howled and got about 2 inches away from me. Her ears were flattened, back arched, and tail poofed up. She was ready to lunge at me when the lady came out of the back door and said, "break it up, girls". Cam kept howling and didn't back down. Neither did I. I played it cool by not howling nor flattening my ears. I stood my ground and stared at her.

Again, the lady said, "break it up girls" and clapped her hands this time. I bolted as fast as I could with Cam hot on my tail. I felt her swing at my butt, and I kept running. I saw the neighbor's chain link fence and jumped over it with no problem. Cammie Rose, because of her age, knew she couldn't make it over the fence as fast as I could and gave up before trying. I looked over my shoulder and saw her walk toward the house.

I think I'll stay away from that place early in the morning or in the alternative, I'll peek through the neighbor's fence to see if the coast is clear.

I don't want that to happen again. Cammie Rose, even for an old gal, has a mean streak. I know she didn't want me on her turf and was defending it.

Again, I have to be more careful where I walk.

Well, that's about it from me today.

Purrs & Meeps to all,

Torbie Sue



September 1st 2008 2:27 pm
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By now, everycat as heard about Cammie Rose's and my confrontation near the back porch. It was about her breakfast.

She told me I could have it, but only after she left the porch. She didn't want me walking on her turf while she was there.

"Oh well," I told her and did an about face and crawled under the neighbor's wooden fence. I sat and waited on his front lawn 'cause I knew the nice lady would show up with some fresh food for me.

Sure enough, she did. She gave me a whole can of Fancy Feast cod, sole, shrimp. It was PAWSOME!

Also, after I had eaten, the lady picked me up and cuddled me. I looked at her with my emerald green eyes and sniffed her chin. She told me that I was a very nice girl.

She then put me down and stayed outside with me for a bit and then she had to go in 'cause the mosquitos were getting to her. They don't bother me, thank goodness!

Anyway, I stayed long after the lady had gone back into her house. I like that little sunny portion of her backyard and decided to sunbathe. Let's say, I call her yard my private beach 'cause there's a lot of sand toward the back portion.

Well, must go now. I hope to drop by tomorrow morning.

Purrs and Meeps,

Torbie Sue



August 31st 2008 4:48 am
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At first I thought she was a stray
Now evidence points it's not that way
The beautiful girl stops by to grab more food
because she knows it tastes really good
Wherever her home is, she'll never say
But she's welcome to visit here any day.

Torbie Sue is a visitor and because of this, she and I have agreed to change the title of her diary to: THE BEAUTIFUL VISITOR'S JOURNAL.

I hope she drops by again today. I'll keep a lookout between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. That seems to be when she wants more food.

FURTHER UPDATE: I didn't see Torbie Sue during the times noted above. At 12 noon I looked out the window and found Cam's dish empty. Somecat ate it. Cam never cleans her plate.




August 30th 2008 8:43 am
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I stopped by again Friday morning as the lady was getting into her car. She had to go to work and only had time to say "hi". Of course, she mentioned Cammie Rose left some "stuff" for me.

As to today, I gobbled up the rest of the food in Cam's dish. The nice lady saw me again and opened the door. To be safe, I ran.

Again, she met me in the driveway of the neighbor's yard. I let her pick me up and put me in her yard. Of course, I stayed until she came out with some moist food. This time it was some egg/chicken souffle which I devoured the whole 1/2 can she gave me.

Anyway, I posed for a few more pics and stayed in the sunny spot in the back yard for about 10 minutes and left . . .


Torbie Sue

MY NOTES: Torbie Sue had a fresh greasy spot at the back of her neck this morning. This is real proof that she has an owner somewhere in the neighborhood. I don't know who it is. One thing for sure, I'm not going to catnap her. Of course, she's welcome here anytime to get handouts as she's very hungry.





August 27th 2008 5:14 pm
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My "mommy on the side" as I've been calling her, was leaving for work as I ran from her back yard into the neighbor's front yard. She called me, "Torbie Sue" and I stopped near his sidewalk and sat down. I uttered several hearty, 'MEEPS". She told me she was on her way to work. She said there was extra food in Cammie Rose's dish and for me to help myself. I meeped again in response.

Anyway, I watched as her car drove off. I circled back and found the food still in the dish. I gobbled it all up . . . .

This lady truly believes I'm a moocher and not a stray.

Torbie Sue

MY NOTES: When I got home, Cammie Rose's dish was licked clean like it is every evening when I get off work. I don't think Cammie Rose ever eats all that stuff. I believe Tobie Sue comes here most of the time after I leave for work. When she dropped by last Saturday she came around 9:30 a.m. Today she was here 8:40 (and that's when I leave for work).

With the three day weekend coming up, I wonder if she's going to pay me more visits.




August 25th 2008 5:05 pm
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I haven't seen Torbie Sue Sunday or Monday. She may have stopped by while I was at work today and finished off Cam's crumbs.

While I was with her Saturday, she was very friendly toward me. It could be that I won her over when I fed her some chicken the last few times I saw her.

She purred, gave me leg rubs, and let me pick her up. If she were wild like Yingy was, she wouldn't have let me come close to her that soon.

Anyway, enjoy the few new pics I took of her. She's very beautiful and photogenic.




August 23rd 2008 5:06 pm
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The great gray ball of fluff was staring out the kitchen door window at me while I gathered up a few crumbs from a bowl on the back porch. Cammie Rose, the nice girl kitty that lives there, always leaves me some of her food. She's really sweet to me.

I looked up with a start when I heard someone at the door besides the gray fluffmonster. It was that nice lady who fed me the chicken a couple weeks ago. But with my being cautious, I took off running before she could open the door.

I heard her coming and calling me "Torbie Sue" and "Pretty Girl" and so I decided to wait for her on the grass next to the neighbor's driveway.

She called me again "Pretty Girl" several times and I "meeped" in response. She walked up to me and I remembered her very well. I gave her headbonks on her hand and rubbed back and forth on her legs. She petted me and then she actually picked me up.

I let her do it too. She carried me and pet me while she told me I was a very pretty girl.

She carried me toward her backyard and I struggled a bit. I didn't scratch or bite her.

She then set me down on the grassy portion of her backyard and told me to wait as she had some food to give me.


When she came back, she had some stuff called Fancy Feast trout. I ate most of it. It was pawsome stuff!

When I got done eating, this lady took a lot of pics of me. Everycat, once you see my new pics, don't get put off by my tongue sticking out. I'm not saying "thffft" to anyone. That trout was excellent and the juices in it made me want to groom myself. It's just like eating tuna.

I'll try to stop by again real soon. I'm known as the "visitor". This nice lady believes I have another Mommy in the neighborhood. My job is to keep her guessing since she likes a good mystery.

Bye-Bye for now and of course MEEPS!

Torbie Sue a/k/a Pretty Girl

MY NOTES: I believe Torbie Sue has a home somewhere in the neighborhood. She is a cat that likes the outdoors like Cammie Rose, but since she's much younger, she likes to travel. Also, this little girl's paw pads are not caloused like Yingy's were and are soft as silk. This, to me, proves that she's not homeless. Also, there was a slight greasy spot at the scruff of her neck which shows that she's been getting flea treatment. Also, her ears and the rest of her are very clean.

I don't think the owner, whoever that may be, feeds her enough. Why else would she be seeking food from Cammie Rose or me?

Anyway, I'm not going to catnap this kitty, but will feed her when she stops by. All evidence that I found out today show that she has a home.




August 19th 2008 6:13 pm
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I was going through Sampy's entries and found one entitled, "Torbie". This entry was done on October 22, 2007! In here, he makes reference to the girl I named "Torbie Sue".

"Both Mommy and I saw the big girl kitty on the back stoop this morning. She was eating the remaining crumbs of Cammie Rose's breakfast.

This big girl looked so much like my angel sister, Jasmine Bibette (Beeta), it was unbelievable. For a minute I thought Beeta was back amongst us again.

If you cruise through Jasmine Bibette's page you will see that she is a multi-colored girl. In the cat fancy world, she was called a torbie or a patched tabby or a cali-tabby or a tortioseshell tabby.

Anyway, it's really strange 'cause Mommy told me she was talking about this stray torbie girl yesterday and she showed up today . . .

Mommy hadn't seen her in many months. This is about the third or fouth time she has stopped by. Mommy believes her to be a stray or a feral."

So there you go. This entry is an indication that Torbie Sue is a "traveler". She disappears for longer periods than Yingy ever did. She makes the rounds in the neighborhood.

I'm praying that nothing serious has happened to her, and hope that she visits me again soon.

I'll write again.




August 16th 2008 8:40 pm
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I can't figure out Torbie Sue. She was around for three days last week and was very friendly. I thought she would come back. She had me fooled.

I keep looking in the backyard for her. The leaves and the bare ground where I took many photos of her reflect the sunlight and when the wind blows slightly, I think she's there. After I take a closer look, she's not there.

Torbie Sue is a light rust color with a little black here and there. Her nose and forehead have the most unusual markings. It looks like a moth with folded wings is perched there.

Anyway, I keep praying that she's alright and will show up soon.

I noticed today that Cammie Rose was sniffing in the area where Torbie Sue sat on those three days last week. She, more than likely, picked up her scent. Perhaps Cammie Rose knows if Torbie Sue has stopped by while I was at work . . . .

Torbie Sue, please come back.


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