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Just Call Me The King

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It's Special Zealie Days

August 22nd 2010 5:41 pm
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Hey Furries,
Mewomy and I were talking and decided that since Gleek, Charlie, Guido, and Yolo are all on the mend that we would spend that next two days sending zealies to friends fur no good reason! Juat to do it fur some fun.
So watch may get a treat when ya least expect it. Hehehehehehehehhehe!!!

Zealie nutty
King Henry


Crystal...I Do Not Want Her!

August 19th 2010 5:29 pm
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Furries, All the boy kittehs are having problems peeing! I am fine but NOW meowmy is worried. As I am the KING and must be comfortable at ALL TIMES! Even when it is Un-Comfortable fur meowmy. So she's watching me like a hawk and even cheering when I pee! (GROAN)
So what's a King kitteh to do but play along....

King still peeing Henry


A Busy week fur Ma BUT Not ME!

August 17th 2010 7:28 am
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Hey furries!
I just accidently ERASED my text..MOL! Boy mewomy was mad. I guess because she has to rewrite everything!
My human has been running nonstop since she got back from vacation. I have been sleeping and re-marking my home since I came back from Heartbreak Hotel. I just lurvs to rub my face against everything meowmy touches. Then it smell like HER and ME.
We also have a porch visitor with purrttyy markings and big blue eyes. Meowmy has left food and water fur him or her. We hope they find there way home soon. The heat is BAD in TX and animals outside should have water and a cool place fur rest.
Not outside alone!!!
Other than eating more Fancy Feast appetizers I'm doing really good and purring fur Adam Dylan to eat his food and medicine. His meowmy needs him!

King Henry


Aloha!! I'm HOME!!!

August 10th 2010 11:16 am
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Hey Furries!!! The King is in the building!!
Meowmy came back a day earlier from Maui, Hawaii because she missed my furry pantaloons so much! MOL! Also she has to be at work Wensday and wanted to get her time change back in order too.
The boarder gurl who took care of me said I was SSOOOO SSWWEEETTT!! (Aww shucks)They said I gave them no problems and was just a great cat. Hheheheh tricked them didn't I!
I got my back nails trimmed, was furminated , and they trimmed my back pantaloon area so when I do my buisness it doesn't follow me around! MOL!
I slept with meomwy close last night and I have been following her around ever since. I just do not want my food giver to leave me for that long AGAIN! Thanks fur all your safe purrs and fur the little kittehs mewomy saw along the way. I just know you sent them there to let her know I was safe and happy!!

LURVS and Headbonks
The King


What would Samoa say? Or I've never been boarded before...

July 26th 2010 9:10 am
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Hey Furries,
The only reason meowmy let me party at Newmies is because she leaves for Maui in August and the GUILT is setting in! MOL! She won't be gone to long only 7 days BUT she's always taken me with her in the metal driving machine or let me take care of myself for about two days.
Any suggestions fur making this easier fur her and me? leave them in comments or pawmails.

King Henry


Rainy Hot And gettin Ready to Clean

July 19th 2010 10:24 am
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Mewomy has decided that she can't take my floofs of hair everywhere anymore! She's bringing in the vacum cleaner AND the FURMINATOR!! I don't mind being brushed for a long period of time BUT I do not like that vacum, she says she's dusting and washing the bathroom too. No fun fur her 'cause I'll just sleep in the closet till the coast is clear. MOL!
Still kinda stunned about Mercy's trip to the bridge and sad about Calvin's first birfday at the bridge. I must say they must be throwing a HUGE party because of all the booming clouds and lighting going on up there....
Mewomy still gets work stress so we play together more when she gets home. I just lurvs my new feather and bell toy. When it jingles I jump up high and bunny kick it till I run out of breath. Then Mewomy and I laugh and laugh. I do's lurvs my mewomy.

Lurvs to Gleek and his bladder. I hope it feels better soon.

King Napping Henry


Zealies and It's HOT!!!

July 12th 2010 9:43 am
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Hey Furries,
It is SUMMER time in the city. The AC is rocking on high and Meowmy keeps the water dish cold and clean. I likes it! I tend to nap more due to my long hair keeping me hot. I also crave my wet food more because it's COLD and has water in it. That means yes...I pee more too. MOL! Meowmy says I'm making her clean the litter box more on purpose. It's just what a King does to stay COOL!
Vannesa that purrtty kitteh sent me a sunny sun and I got a flag from Smilo Milo and family to celebrate the 4th.
I heard from mewomy that she is checking out a SPA to take me too when she vacations in Hawaii with her family. She says I need to stay close to home and putting me on a plane would make me cry harder that being in a car!! The fact that we may be seperated for more that three days worries her. It worries me too! Who will bounce on her head and sing "Good Morning"?? It better NOT be another CAT! I'll be furry mad if that's true...Ohh I'm more like the Cowardly Lion and run and cry in the corner till th Dorothy comes to find me...
Well off to stalk the birds near the windows then napping in the closet.
King Henry


Pop goes the 'Puter!

June 29th 2010 9:05 am
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Hey Furries,
My meowmy's computer went Pop@@@ Blink &^&%$$ Thunk.....
So she went off to wild blue yonder to see if she could get it fixed. Alas, the computer went to the bone yard in the sky. I know lots of goggies are having fun recycling and refitting it for the internet room at the Rainbow bridge where Calvin is...
But mewomy didn't leave that store empty handed. She picked up a new LAPTOP. Smaller, chicer, and sleeker it has given my meowmy more room. She's still learning how to use it and it was not CHEAP!! So she's off to move more money from savings and be grateful she still has a job.
But I heard she's getting out BAFF STUFF!! Ohh Noeesss...when she gets that cleaning bug she nit only cleans the HOUSE but me too.... So excuse me while I go hide in the closet...

Hugs and LURVS
King Henry


Heat and Hope

June 22nd 2010 8:57 am
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Hey Furries,
Thanks again fur all the hugs and zealies when I was a DDP. I'm just so grateful!
The heat has been bad anf the humidity worse here in Texas. Someone asked if my hair frizzes when it get wet or humid and it does!! So I spend most evenings on meowmy's lap getting brushed and cooed at.
As fur all the drama on catster..............
Meowmy says it has meade her spend more time with me! We've been playing and cuddling more and I've been letting her learn more cat secrets. Like the fact that if there's more space in the bed the more me cuddle close fur sleeping. And that the closet is great fur peace and quiet.
In the end gang she knows that I lurvs her and she lurvs me and we can get through anything together.

Gotta nap
King Henry


TANKEESS!! As Margo would Say!

June 16th 2010 9:22 am
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Fur all the nice pawmails and prezzies..I plan on playing with them all while meowmy's at work. What she dosen't know won't hurt her right? Heheheheheheh
King of the World

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