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Aphrodite, former feral

New home!

October 14th 2004 10:30 am
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My grey and white girl kitten just left for her new home! She is going to live with a couple who lives a minute away in the same complex! She is going to have a new sister named Kitty. I wish her well!


Kittenz in the closet!

October 16th 2004 8:41 am
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The three kittens learned how to climb up the clothes in the humans' closet. I kept calling and calling for them to come out but they wouldn't. Kahlan is the ringleader. So meowmie finally got tired of my making noises and she grabbed them. The kittens climb up meowmie's nice cat shower curtain too. Now it's got snags in it. ):


Kittens on the kitty tower!

October 17th 2004 3:04 pm
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The three remaining kittens learned how to climb the kitty tower today. They had fun watching the cars go by. Then they fell asleep. Nigel was sleeping in his box and Isis was mad because we were all climbing on the tower and she had no place to go. She wanted to go in the box, but Nigel takes up the whole box. I finally trust Nigel with my kittens; I'm not sure about Isis yet. My tuxedo boy just went to his new home. He will be missed very much!


One kitten left!

October 27th 2004 9:28 am
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My last female kitten, Little Aphrodite(in the first pic with me), went to her new home on Sunday, October 24th. We all wish her well in her new home. Meowmie was very upset when she left, but knows she is going to a good home. Handsome(the marbled stumpy manx in the pics above) is still with me. He started sleeping in the humans' bed right in between them. He is not as shy as he was before. Kahlan went to the v*t yesterday to be spayed. She is still tired and is recuperating. Meowmie says that I'm next. O.O



November 3rd 2004 6:27 am
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My male tuxedo kitten's name is Tux, my humans found out the other day. My grey girl kitten's new name is Pippin(even though she's a girl). I haven't found out what Little Aphrodite was renamed yet. I am having fun playing with and chasing Handsome and Kahlan all over the house every morning. It has been cool outside and rainy lately. I am grateful to be warm and dry inside this winter instead of being cold and hungry.
Purrs to all,


Little Aphrodite!

November 7th 2004 9:20 am
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My humans found out that Little Aphrodite was renamed K.C.(short for kitty cat). She is doing well in her new home and sleeps in the bed every night. heehee Meowmie warned all the new owners that we were all trained to sleep in the bed. And she still loves Fancy Feast!


I feel great!

November 18th 2004 9:02 am
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I feel so much better! The first few days after my spay surgery were really tough. I stayed in hiding. Now I am out and about playing with Kahlan and Handsome. My appetite for those Temptations treats has returned. (Meowmie better buy me some more)! I am vaccinated and my kitten days are far behind me!


I love the indoors!

December 9th 2004 12:31 pm
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I like to look out the bedroom window! I look around at where I used to live for a year and I think that I wouldn't want to live out there anymore. It sure is nice being inside. I don't even go by the front door anymore when it's opened. The sunny window is great to sleep in. Kahlan and Handsome join in with me sometimes, too. Meowmie played this strange cd she called "Jingle cats ". We all had to inspect the thing that the noise was coming from. (:


Meowy Christmas!

December 24th 2004 7:10 pm
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Meowy Christmas to every kitty and their human(s)! I am glad to be inside for Christmas this year. I remember last year before I befriended Laura and I was outside in the cold. I was still a kitten. I wish good luck to all the kitties who are unfortunate to be outside this time of year.

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