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July 9th 2008 12:37 pm
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ok at first when they put me in the same cage as Louie, i hated him. i growled and i ffffffffftttttttt at him. for three days i tried to to stay away. you know mom was just holding him all of the time and trying to get him to eat, so i guess i was just a little jealous. but only a little jealous. then one time mom let him walk on the floor i watched him, from the leg of the cocktail table,and i swatted him. oh he could hardly walk but he got around. don't let him fool you he is a spoiled rotten kitten. then by the next day i was playing with him . mom said be nice, he's still little, but i did not listen to her! he is a little bigger now and we have so much fun!! when he sleeps and i am not tired i can always pick on Curly. he's bigger but he's still a kitten. at least that is what mom says when she sees me running after Curly. you know my mom says i have really long legs like a ballerina. i can stretch them out really far. that is so i can play with them. try it it's fun! oh and guess what i can now get on the chair. that chair can put me on the table where mom eats and i get in trouble. i don't know why because my dad lets me be on the table and he says " what's going on little girlfriend?" sometimes my mom calls me girlfriend and i don't mind!


i am the baby

June 17th 2008 2:45 pm
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jinx is coming along just fine. most of our kitties leave her alone unless she bats their tails. the kitties don't like that. at first she stayed on the big chair but she learned how to get off real quick she is all over the place. she wants to eat her food by the big kitties and she knows where her water is. of course she plays with everything! she follows everyone and my son does not like that. he is autistic,22 years old, so i have to hold her when he comes in the room. she is a really cute kitten.



May 29th 2008 12:45 pm
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when i found jinx she had a bunch of bug bites and fleas. i cleaned her up and she was a little scared. today she is a very happy kitten. she is clean and i now know that she hates a bottle. i brought some soft kitten food and thought she would be just fine but she was not eating. i put the kitten food in it's mouth but she kept spitting it out. i just kept putting it in her mouth and she finally started eating it on her own. she likes to play with me. she bites my face and she likes to play with my hair.she is very good at stretching her back legs really high in the air, just like a ballerina. she sits on my neck but sometimes walks around the chair on her own.her legs are wobbly and she loves to meeeeew. she already like catnip toys. her favorite is a toy shaped like a sock.she already had a good personality but she has this really sad looking face. she looks really cute when she cleans herself. yesterday i took her in the car and she sat on my shoulder. she is really going to be a good addition to any family.

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