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Getting Ready To Fly Today!!!

August 3rd 2009 1:39 am
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I'm taking Jazzy wif me. Furst we are gonna pick up Paris and Presley and go fur a spin in Presley's pink cat-illac!!! This is gonna be great fun, that gurl knows how to pawty!!! And Paris is so sweet and shy. Then the 4 of us are going over to Smokey and Pumpkin's house. We are all gonna put our paws together and massage Momcat's hurting back. It's gonna be a busy day!!! I have healing hugs to give Smokey and Jazzy is gonna kiss all over her husband!!! She is chasing her tail fur joy right now at da prospect of seeing her Pumpkin!!!

After spending da day with them we are gonna stop and see Kibbles, Francis and Yoda before we come back. Meowmy doesn't want us back after dark but we have so much to do!!!


Oh Happy Day!!!

August 2nd 2009 5:37 am
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FINALLY!!! All my nails are cut, done, finished, finito!!! Meowmy is sooo happy and purroud of me!!! We all celebrated wif treats, except of course meowmy didn't eat any. I wonder why not......

Whta happened was this, meowmy was tired of trying and failing so she called over our neighbor Frances. Meowmy held me in her arms and told Frances to cut the middle 3 nails on my left paw. I wiggled and squiggled but meom had me in a good strong grip. I hissed but the ladies didn't seem to notice. And just that quick, the whole ordeal was over. Meowmy gave Frances the treats to give to me, I guess so I wouldn't be mad at her.

The best part is I HAVE MY FLYING PRIVILEGES BACK!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!! I am going over to Smokey and I am bringing Jazzy to see her husband. We also want to massage Momcat's back!!! And while we're in Ohio we are gonna pawty wif Paris and Presley!!! That Presley knows how to have fun!!! I can't wait to see effurybody. I told my brofur I'll take him to see Precious on da next trip. He doesn't mind staying home alone wif meowmy cause he's a big momma's boy anyway!!!


I Weally Miss Flying

August 1st 2009 4:01 am
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and I know she'll let me go if I cooperate wif the nail cutting, but I am a stubborn kitty and I just can't give in! Effury time she tries to cut those last three nails I squiggle and I wiggle and I hiss (which she said she doesn't care about because she's not scared of me!) but wif me moving so much she can't cut my nails. She just told me that this is one fight I am NOT going to win because we are going to go thru this several times a day until those final nails are cut!


News Flash

July 30th 2009 7:02 am
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Meowmy just made a deal wif me. She says if I let her cut the nails on my right paw I will be off punishment and can go out and fly. I weally don't know what I'm gonna do. I HATE her cutting my nails, and she already ruined my left paw. Now in da morning when I stand up and put my paws on her leg (during her toilet time!) she can only feel my right paw digging in. I WANT her to feel me!!! On the other hand (paw), I weally miss flying and need to go see Smokey ASAP, plus visit wif Kibbles and Presley and Paris. Whay should I do? (Isabelle walks away shaking her head.)


I'm On A Break From Flying

July 29th 2009 3:36 am
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Meowmy put me on time out because of yesterday's bad behavior, and she said she will let me know when I am allowed to go out and fly again. It's such a shame cause there's a weally cute birdie outside wight now and I wanna go make furiends and do some flying together. It's a pigeon, mostly black, and it has white polka dots!!! It's a cool looking bird. But all I can do is wave from da window. Pawrents!!!!


They Are Not Gonna Cut MY Nails!!!

July 28th 2009 5:21 pm
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Furst of all, oh, around 6 p.m. I noticed the carrier was out. I had no idea who it was fur. Turns out, it was fur ME!!! So when meowmy started to put me into it, I got halfway in and started backing out with my butt all up in the air!!! She gave me some treats and tried again. I did the same thing, this time including a couple of well placed hisses. So meowmy went next door to Frances to see if she had another type of carrier, cause all of ours are the same. Frances came back wif two more carriers, and by now I was hiding behind da couch. Meowmy coaxed me out wif some lunch meat. (effurybody had some.) She tried to put me in da big black carrier, I pushed my way put and made a run fur it. Frances tried to put me in a carrier where you drop me in from da top, no go wif that either. Plus I tried to scratch Frances! OK, so now I went back bewhind da couch, and meowmy went around da corner to the groomer's house and said she was so sorry and she paid her anyway. Monica the groomer didn't wanna take da money but meowmy insisted, after all time is money and this is her business. So Monica said after she groomed a doggie that was coming over she would come to MY house.

Guess what? hehehe She came here and put a muzzle on me!!! Of all da nerve, and in MY house too!!! So I gave Monica a run fur her money and started squirming and squiggling. She told meowmy to get a towel quick and meowmy got her a towel and she put it around me and I SCRATCHED MONICA and I tossed that muzzle offa my face and my collar went flying and I zoomed inside and went back behind da couch!!!
That'll show them!!!

Anyway, Monica says I acted crazy cause I'm in my own house and I need to come to her house, so I heard them making plans fur Saturday, wif Monica telling meowmy to put me in da carrier real quick. She told meowmy to call her when she gets me in da carrier. I have news fur her, she's gonna be waiting a furry long time fur that phone call!!! In da meantime, keep da treats coming!!!


Bad Flying Weather

July 27th 2009 2:32 am
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We have been getting a whole lot of rain lately, sometimes furry hard and big fat raindrops. So I promised meowmy no flying in da bad weather. But as soon as this clears up I'm going to visit my Smokey again. So if you are a birdwatcher or you just happen to look up and you see a flying cat, that would be me.


Just Got Back Home

July 25th 2009 6:31 am
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Early this morning I flew over to see Smokey and spend some time wif him.It was kinda a big deal cause it was da furst time meowmy let me fly by myself, but I talked her into it cause it was real important to me to see him and my bird furiends were not around. And I had no real problems except coming home I made a few wrong turns and kept winding up in New Jersey instead of New York. But I called Smokey's house and Momcat looked on the poota and gave me good directions. I didn't want my meowmy to know I got lost my furst time out on my own!!!

It was WONDERFUL seeing my grouchy baby!!! He did not hiss at me, and I licked his face clean and gave him a million kitty kisses!!! Well I can't count but it felt like a million!!! Momcat gave us some catnip tea and treats and we spent a lovely time on the porch and we even sat side by side in da swing!!! I cried when it was time to go, but I told Smokey I'll be back weal soon. I know it's his image to be big and bad but I think I saw a tear roll down his face, he turned his head so quick so I'm not sure.

It was truly a wonderful morning!!!


Flying Over To See Smokey

July 24th 2009 12:24 am
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I am gonna give him some healing licks and kisses. Poor baby seems to spend a lot of his time hiding these days. Well, I am going there to find him and give him some lovin'. He can hiss all he wants to, I love him and I wanna be near him. Please purr fur my sweet baby to feel better.


I Need To See The Birds

July 23rd 2009 12:55 am
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The ones who help me fly, Tootie and Robin. They stopped by yesterday and Tootie had a worm in his mouf!!! It was wriggling around and then he ate it!!! But they didn't have time to take me fur a fly over to Smokey's house so I can give him a great big hug and lick his lovely face. I couldn't go yesterday because my bird furiends have a nest wif little baby birds in it and they had to get back there and feed them. Robin said Tootie may be back by himself this morning and he can take me to Ohio to see Smokey. I can't wait!!! So I helped meowmy throw da broken up pieces of bread to da birdies that came to visit. They make such a fuss when they eat, funny noises that sound like squawks. Oh I love them so!!!

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