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My Noo Bed!!

January 11th 2008 11:20 am
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Mercy's Mom made me a beddie, just like my frenn Mercy's!! Well, da color iz diffrint, and mine haz pikshas of a Princess cat and a Big Phat Cat on it, and funny wirds like "I'm Not Fat I'm Fluffy!" -- (hey dat's me!!)

Dis iz da best Biskit Makin Fluffalishuss Soft, purry fuzzy, beddie of ALL!

SkewZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz me while I get comfeeee.......

(Thankyew verry verry muchly, to Mercy and her Mom!!)



January 8th 2008 7:22 am
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Oh Mercy Mercy!!

Mercy and dear Angel Mister Hansum Milo whom I miss vrey much..... (* * hangs hedd, cries a liddle, wipes faiss with paw* * ) , sentid me a pritty card and sum awesum toys, in a Big Bokks, and ..... and......* * Eyes lite up, purrs, duz a liddle danss * * .... in dat Big Bokks ther wuz a BIG BEEEOTIFUL FLUFFY KAT BED made by Mercy's and Milo's Mama!!!

Oh I swooned and reklined and gyrated and wigguled on dat bed -- my very own KOLORFUL beeotiful Fluffalishuss BED!!

Meowmie....will yoo PLEESE delete dose pikshas of SUMWUN ELSE's KAT frum yore FULL camera card so yoo can taik pikshas of ME in MY beeeotiful bed???

Stay tooned, everywun!

Jentul likks and sweet nibbles to Mercy and her Mama and little angel kissiz to my sweet frend Milo, hoo I miss very very much. I will rekline on my noo bed and DREEM of yoo Milo....!!!

Umm.. doant tell ennywun I BBBT, gaiv sumwun jentul likks and sweet nibbuls.. my repewtayshun and all dat, yoo know.....!!


My Hart iz Broken... I am very very sad.......

November 2nd 2007 11:23 am
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My BELUVID Catster Frenn Milo left this wirld Yesturday.

I loved him very very much.

He was a KINGLY kitty -- and a very sweet King indeed.

He wuz only 4 yeerz old.

Dear Mistur Sweet Hansum Milo -- wenn it's MY time to cross Da Brij, pleez be waitin for me on da othir side.



I got TAGGED By Maggie Moo!!

October 3rd 2007 6:39 am
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Snort Snort-- Hey MM -- I just "got" yore naim!! Meowmie luvs yore Icy Kreems!!!

Okie Dokie-- Heer are da rules: "Each player starts with five random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write the five facts and the rules in their diary. Then you choose five cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to p-mail them that they have been tagged and to read your diary."

Five random Fat Facts about MOI -

1)I am a very bad gurlie gurl. I like to HIT peepul and boss them arownd (har har! Just ask da Cat sittur and da Vettie!!!) but I am yewshually circumspect with my Meowmie -- becuz aftur all if I boss hur arownd NICELY, I get lots of neat things!! Like treets and snuzzles and my HAIRDO-- wicch I luv, and did I say I awlso get Treets?!!!!

2)I love to lissin to Dolly Parton singing and I like other types of mewzik as well.

3)I have to put up with dat Stoopid skary Harpeece named Cee Cee !! Ack! Blech!! Ugh!!!

4)I like to talk -- I look at my Meowmie and I say "MeowmeowMEOW????!

5)I LUV TO EEET!!! Dat's wy da Vettie puttid me on a Dye-itt-- not dat I wuz free-feeding cuz we don't free feed here-- but she made my Meowmie REDOOSS My PORSHUNS!!! Ack! Blech!! Ugh!!! and I lostid One Elbee already -- but I need to looz 2 more ElBeez....pooh.....

So now, Hoo do I tag dat has not awreddy been tagged???

If I tag dat Stoopid skary Harpeece named Cee Cee, she will think I LIKE her -- Oh!!!-- Ack! Blech!! Ugh!!!



October 1st 2007 6:41 am
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Taday iz MY BURFDAY !! Happy Burfday Too Me!!!

* * puts on da Beetulz "Burfday" song and Danssiz To it, shakin her butt and dansin' on her liddle furry laigs * *

Wadda yoo know Bout dat!!!

Well. ..!Meowmie bettur bring me home a TREET tonite!! like mebbe a LARGE JOOOCY Feelay Meenyon steak!!!! Ok, like mebbe a new toy...or..... a SMALL Feeelay Meenyon!!

Hey if I get a Feeelay Meenyon, I wil mowdem summa it to Miss Mercy!! Okie Dokie? ONLY on da condishun dat Miss Mercy Mowdems sweet Hansum Mistur Milo ovur to me and he and I.... * * bats I-lashiz * * can sit side by side and Mew and Chew and then snuzzle togethur for a sweet nap... sigh...........

Ah.. well...dis gurl can dreeemm......

I notiss dat there are SEBIN HUNDRID and NINETEEN uthir kitties on Catster hoo have Burfdays today!!! Wow-- wat a partay we cudd have!!! Har Har-- Unroll Toylit tisshoo, eet EVERYTHING we want to eet, ordur Pownss Peeetsa, sleep WAREVUR WE WANT TO!!! and danss danns danns!!

Well, all yew uthir BRUFDAY KITTEEZ, Hav a Splendefurruss day!!


BBBBT (Burfday Big Bad baby Twinkle!)


IHateYooMeowmie, IHateYooVettie, IHateYooKatSittur

August 31st 2007 8:49 am
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Yesturday morning, I was begging and Ackin and pleeding for FOODIES!!!

Meowmie just brusht me and klipped my klaws and FED CEE CEE!! (in da Kat Rume) and ignored me!!!

THEN she finally gave me WUN TEASPOON (oh how Jenneruss of yew, Meowmie!) of Kat Food with some Pink krunchy lookin' stuff in it and I ATE da foodies and it tirned owt to be foodies with vettie-approved TRANKWILIZURS in it (1/2 a tab).

Then Meowmie left me in da rume but kept chekkin on me and I wuz rekilinin and after a wile, Meowmie cudd see my Third Eyelid wicch ment I was gettin Trankwil (oh yeah???), and she puttid me in da KAT KARRIER! and we wentid to da VET!!

And Meowmie realized dat she cudd not bring a Fecal Sampul with her becuz I had not pooped dat morning -- BUT -- by the time we gottid to da Vet she had my Fecal sample...... ugh..... Iyam lukky -- Meowmie puts Doggie pads in da carrier becuz I usta pee puke and poop in it ......(but rarley now, cuz she duzzint feed me after midnite wenn we hafta go to da vettie da nekkst mornin), So I was dry and ok -- 'sept for a poopy-butt.....

Ennyway, da Vet put me on da skail and becuz I have been on a vettie -approved dye-it, I LOST ONE ELL-BEE!!!!! Iyam now 13.8 el-beez. I sed "OBOY NOW I CAN EEET AGAIN!!!" and da Vet sed to Meowmie, "Yoo hafta bring it down to 12 el-bees".

Then I GROWLED most feersumly at da Vet and meowmie and Meowmie sed to da Vet "She iz abowt to swat yoo!" and da Vet whoo is a BIG lady-- jumped bakk!! har har!!! I skared da BIG Lady Vet!!!

Umm.. Then Meowmie ast me to go bakk into my carrier and I did (but I tride to swat hur) and I thawt we wuz goin home -- YAY!!! But NO-- da Vet took me into da uthir room so they cudd taik summa my blud!!

Then they broughtid me bakk and Meowmie asked da Vet-- "Did she give yoo enny trubbul?" (ME???!! ) and da Vettie sed "Oh, no -- we got that MUZZLE on her before she could do anything!"


THEN we finally wentid home!!

Wudd yoo beleev, they are still talking abowt Miss Princess there at da Vet's!! They loved hur very muchly.

Then Meowmie took me home in da carrier (I wuz GROWLIN all da way hoam!), flee-combed me, wiped my butt , washed da carrier, gave me a LIDDLE bit of wet foodies, LAFFT at me (nicely) as I walked arownd like I wuz...tipsy...... then she put more little bits of foodies (wet) into da timed feeder dishes, SHUT THE TOPS!!!, tirned on da timer, left a note to da Cat sitter, and WENT TO WIRK!!

Da Cat sitter caim to maik sure I was still ok, and she left a note to Meowmie. It sed "I opened up one of the timed feeder dishes for BBBT and she ate her food. Then she meowed at me to open the OTHER dish, but had I set it for 2 hrs as you had asked me to, so when BBBT saw that I was NOT going to open that other dish of food, she came over to me and Swatted me."



Whew!!! Da life of a sell-ebrittee!!!

July 22nd 2007 6:40 pm
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My word!! Evrywun was so nice to me Friday!!

They all wantid to reed my Diree and many wunnerful kitties contacktid me and wanted to be my frennz!! I wuz SO happy!!

I made alot of noo frennz and had sum wunnerful conversayshuns with them!

Miss Mercy and Sir Hansum Milo korrispondid with me ALL day and their nice Meowmie sent MY Meowmie a skreen shot of ME being honored on my speshul Diary Day!! Are Catster Peepul Nice or what!!!!

Thankyew Miss Mercy for speshul menshun of my speshul day, in yore Diary.

And sinss yoo sed "I've often wondered what it would be like to sit in a room while BBBT, Skeezix, and Jeter Harris were having a conversation with one another! Wouldn't that be fun?!?"

Yes I too can imajin all da fun we wudd hav:

3 oddly attired kats are hunkered under a tabul, staaring.....

"Is she gone yet?"
"Yep!! my Meowmie walkt owt da door and will be owt huntin for my dinner for EIGHT hours!!!
"OK--lets set up da table and get owt da cards"
"Heer'z da munny"
"Kool Beenie, Skeezix!"
"Lov yor Modor-sykull hat, BBBT!"

Da doorbell rings.... Rocky walks in and sez:
"Tirn on da TV- I wanna see sum Spie-see Vicksinz"
Spie-see Viksinz iz overruled - Da Yankees iz playin -- da TV blares da play-by-play.

"Wats in dat bole-- Fish n chips?"
"No sillee - FISH chips"

"Kare for sum tar-tar control?"

"Izzat water fresh??"

Da air gets THICK wit da smell of premium 'Nip. Cards are shuffled. Chips get stakked. Wunss in a wile sumwun yells "BIRDIE!" and evrywun runss to da window -- still holdin their cards, of corss.

Wotta day! Meowmie comes home to find 3 cats asleep in a 'Nip indoosed Haze at da card table, and wun lyin on his bak, snoring, in frunta da TV.


Oh Meeee!!! Diary of da Day!!!! Jooly 20, 2007 -- A Day to Remem-purr!!!

July 20th 2007 6:18 am
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Oh ThankYew Catster for Feechuring my Largiuss Biography as da Diary of da Day!! A BIIIG Snuzzle and a Wet Nosie Bump to Yew!!!!

Dis is like winning da No-bell Prize for Litter-achure writtin by Cats!!!!

I welkome ALLA yoo hoo gathir heer today to read about Me, and the illustraitid story of my Humbull life, frum skinny sheltur kitty fresh off da streets, to Humungous Largiuss Biggiuss Kittiuss.

Sooo -- Welkom to my humbull aboade (nice doggers are allowed too)!! We can play with my toys or look owt da window or hunker down and look under da Door Sill to da Cat Rume and hiss at Cee Cee in dat there Cat Rume -- then we will Call Up for A Pounss Peetsa Deelivery and then sleep it off on da Soe-fa or Meowmie's very very cushy bed (I am kind enuff to leave sum rume for her on it at nite) and then wenn yoo Absolootely Paws-itively HAFTA go bakk home, I will give yoo eech a snuzzle and Pleeze take a treet or two before you leeve!!!


Biggiuss Happiuss BBBT!!!



July 19th 2007 9:01 am
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They came all da way frum Miss Mercy to MEE!! (fugheddabout playin wit MY toys, Cee Cee!!! snort!!).

And....* * blushiz * * Sweet Mistur Milo tucched them before Mercy sent em to me!!! (Dat's why I yam hugging them...hee hee!!!) * * blushiz again * *

Dear Miss Mercy and yore Familee -- THANKYEW for being My Frenn!!!!


Me an my Plushie SKONKER Frennz!!!

June 21st 2007 12:32 pm
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Do yew like my new SKONKER frenzz???

Pleez Repeet after me ... "They are PLUSH"

They smell Danety and Sweet - like moi.

Meowmie likes Skonkers VERY VERY muchly but she lives in a State dat will not allow peepul to own Skonkers as pets (lukky for me -- she alreddy cawls ME hur "Reverss Skonker"!!!!).

She alreddy belongs to a Yahoooo Skonker Groop and she tellz me dat Skonkers are VERY VERY speshul animals to have as pets and they take ALOT of wirk AND Patiensss!

She bought dis Mama, Papa, and Baby Plushy Skonkers from:

Kritters in the Mailbox

Meowmie sez "Obviously, la BBBT likes em as much as I do! She even tried to wash one of da Plushy Baby Skonkers, but her 200 grit sandpaper tongue" (skewz me????) "got stuck on the plushy baby skonker's plushy tail and she sent it FLYYING over her head."

Umm Meowmie -- I DOAN see YEW kumplane-in wenn I lik-lik-lik YORE hedd with my 200 grit sanpapurr tung. (Oh, BTW-- dat Cee Cee Thing awlso likes ta lik-lik-lik MY Meowmie's hedd...Da NURV!!!!)

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