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Who Meeee????

BBBT had a Hevvinly Holiday AdBenchur!!

December 17th 2013 8:10 am
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It is getting close to Krissmiss Eve in Hevvin. Da kitties gaze in awe at da sparkly gold sky (A Liddle Voyss sez : ”Looks like wunna BBBT’s faymuss (notorious!!!) sparkly tablecloths!”, and…

All eyes turn to look at da LIVING NATIVITY!! How BEEOOTIFUL it is!! Figures are moving, Lambs are resting in da Fields, Anjuls are singing and making Mewzikk and……

And Heer comes da Three Wize Men on their Camels (Hmm.. izzit Wednesday???) Suddenly.... HUUH!!! UH OH!!!” All da camels come to a screeching halt and EVERYWUN’s I’s get BIIG and ROWND. . . Wha happened???

A Liddle Voyss sez “St Pete!! Wunna dem sheepies IZ HISSING at da Three Wize Men!!!” St Pete wisely slaps his forehedd and sez “Wicch wun….(like I don’t know what da Liddle Voyss iz gonna say?)”

Da Liddle Voyss sez: “Da Wun wif da big Phat White Buttiuss wif two blakk spots on It!!!”

Meenwhile, BBBT, who REMOTELY rezembullz a phat sheepie, sighs, stops hissing, smiles and settles into da sweet hay to go to sleep. “Meowmie DID YEWSTA call me her Lambie Pie!” she wiss-purrs as an ekksplanayshun just before she sweetly snorez, and….

Da Three Wize Men and their camels SLOOWLY TIPPYTOE past BBBT on their way to see Da Wun Hoo LUBS US ALL (inclewding BBBT) so very very much ., All iz Calm – All iz Brite….

BBBT’s gentul snoring attracks the attenshun of two spiky tailed kittins! “There is ower HERO!!” sez wunna them skweeky baybees. (Hero AND Bad Eggzampull!) They runn ovur to BBBT, and, being kittinz, have NO qualms abowt waking her up!!

“Sir/Maam! Lookit wat we FOWND!!” say da kittnz as they drop POWNSSIZ and toys at BBBT’s feet. (BBBT gets up and STREETCHIZ and summa dem lambies reclining behind her gasp "Huuuh! Wotta HEWJ Buttiuss!!") BBBT smiles at dem kittinz and sez: “Oh! Yoo must not carry these for too long or they go bad!” sez BBBT hoo eets all da Pownssiz. “Where did yoo find them?”

“They are GROWING on a TREE dat has STARS all over it!!” skweek da innercent liddle baybees.

BBBT gets up and follows da kittins hoo, wif their spiky liddle tails held high, bounce and jump and wiggul ahedd of dis BUIGGIUSS fuzzy wite cat hoo pittypats after them while her fuzzybellyflap swings rite and left, rite and left as she walks with her tail prowdly held high in da air.

She follows them into a room dat smells like a pine forest wif warm lights and singing. And she stops… wif her eyes getting BIIG and her purr getting REEL REEL lowd. For there, in dis rume, covered wif lites and cat-safe ornaments and toys and POWNSSIZ — is da Hevvinly Krimssmiss Tree!! She shyly (shyly? Dis iz BBBT?) creeps forward, wif a biiig smile on her faiss, wif da liddle kittinz and their furrends following her. And then . . .

A few minutes later, a SILENT alarm (all da alarms were newly installed after BBBT walkt into da Purrly gates and settled into Hevvin) rings in da nooly built Anjul Security Rume (ditto). Da HEWGEist Anjul looks at wunna da TV monitors, sighs, ges up and walks owt da dore. A liddle voyss whisspurrs: “What? Another “borrowed” Sparkly Tablecloth inssident?” We shall soon find owt.

Da Anjul striiides down da hall – EVERYWUN knows hoo dis Anjul is going after and they giggul. As da Anjul approaches da Krissmiss tree rume she heers MAJOR sownds of Cat Revelry. Da Krissmiss tree is gyrating. Stuff is FLYYING owt of its branchiz. Cats and kittens are on da flore, playing wif toys, rolling over Nip, eeting Pownssiz (da nice thing abowt eeting Pownssiz in Hevvin is dat yoo DON’T frow up afterwards), And the Anjul goes up to da tree, rolls up a sleev, and stikks hir arm into da tree – and (pulls out a plum? Not a chance…) emerges wif a large furry white shaip wif a BIG smile on hir faiss and big phat cheeks (on da faiss, on da faiss dis time).

Da Anjul sighs but s/he is trying hard not to laff. BBBT sez “Oh deer – I just wanted to find owt if they put an ANJUL on da top of da Krissmiss trees in Hevvin. Did I knock off all dat stuff on my way up? Hmmm….?”

Da kitties in Hevvin hoap that their peepul on Urth are also having a joyous if not riotous time, and dat THEY too have Anjuls looking after them (or running after them, in BBBT’s case)

"HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" they all eek skweek purr and meow!!


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Purred by: Queen Tallulah Angel Dreamgirl (Catster Member)

December 17th 2013 at 3:26 pm

Oh my what a wonderpurr story from heaven BBBT, it sounds like you are having so much fun...I think I will come by and bring some beautiful pink butterflies for the Krssmiss tree!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family!!!

Angel hugs and butterfly kisses
Purred by: Big Bad Baby Twinkle (Catster Member)

December 19th 2013 at 8:41 am

Oh! Pink! (shhh doant tell da uthir kitties but dat is a FAVRIT color of mine)--and BUTTAHFLIES!! WHEEE!! Come on by!!!

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